Call to Action (CTA): A Great Way to Direct Audience Action

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Do you know what CTAs are? CTA stands for Call to Action, which is a digital marketing term that you will encounter when marketing products online through various media. The term is very popular because it has an important role in helping to increase the conversion rate of a brand..

On this occasion, we will try to review everything about CTA or Call to Action so that you can maximize the results of the Digital Marketing Strategy that is implemented.

What is a Call to Action (CTA)?

What is a Call to Action (CTA)?

You may often hear the word CTA but don't know what it is and what is the function of CTA in marketing. CTA or Call to Action is an image, text, or speech that will encourage customers, website visitors, or audiences to take certain actions.

Actually, the action is not always in the form of buying or ordering the products you offer. You can adjust the CTA itself according to the goals you want to achieve. Some CTAs are usually in the form of reading further articles, subscribing to services, or subscribing to newsletters from websites or blogs.

CTA usually has a link that will direct the audience to go to the intended page. CTA placement must be clear so that the audience can access the link. The use of attractive colors will be able to attract people to take further action according to your expectations.

What is CTA Type?

With its important role in the world of digital marketing, CTA comes with various types that businesses or companies can choose according to their marketing needs. The types of CTAs are as follows:

1. Social Sharing

One of the simplest forms of a Call to Action is a call to share content. You can try this method by providing social sharing buttons. This will help to find out how customers can engage with your brand. Users can share content on several platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and so on. 

With more and more visitors sharing your content on various social media, your website traffic and conversions will also increase. Also read articles about Social Media Marketing Strategies that will really help businesses that want to do marketing through various social media.

2. Lead Generation

CTAs are very useful for generating leads on a website. Leads are a term used in the marketing world to describe a group of people or companies who are interested in what your business has to offer.

They will show it by entering personal data ranging from email to cellphone numbers. To get leads, you must place CTA in a clear and visible place for website visitors. You can use Call to Action so that site visitors register or become members on the website.

3. Promotional Events

The next type of CTA is event promotion or event promotion. The purpose of using this type of CTA is to increase visitor awareness about the event you will be doing while at the same time encouraging ticket purchases.

You can place this type of CTA in various places such as the dashboard, visitor login page, or in the sidebar.

4. Invitation to View Products or Services

Someone usually wants to get to know the product or service offered before deciding to buy it. Your job is to invite them to see a list of these products or services.

You can add a CTA button that visitors can see immediately when accessing your website. This type of CTA will influence visitors' interests and actions because of attractive offers. By clicking on the CTA button, they will visit a detailed information page regarding the offer given.

5. Read More button

You don't have to display content in its entirety. You can invite or persuade readers to click the read more button. This is also one of the most widely used types of CTAs. With the complete button, website visitors can read content or get more complete information. Inside the button, a link is usually included that will direct visitors to the intended page.

The writing in the content must be made interesting and make the reader curious to read the article or content further. Also learn what content marketing is and how to make it so you can create interesting and quality content. This is necessary because the content you share must be able to interest readers.

Functions of CTA in Marketing

Functions of CTA in Marketing

Another important thing about Call to Action that you should know and understand is the function of CTAs in marketing. Because you want to focus on marketing via the internet, you also have to know what types of digital marketing are. In marketing, CTAs have various functions, some of which are as follows:

1. Increase Leads

Leads are also known as prospects. You can use a combination of CTA with promo or discount information as a way to increase sales prospects. However, you must first determine your target audience. After that, you also have to promote or advertise your business so that more people know it.

One way of promotion that is still the choice of online businesses is Facebook Ads Indonesia advertising. As the name implies, you will advertise your business through Facebook, a popular social media platform with many active users.

To be able to carry out promotions or advertisements through this social media, you can choose Erzedka which provides Facebook Ads according to different customer needs.

2. Increase Conversions

With good and interesting CTAs, you can increase conversions. CTA makes it easy for visitors to find short information that can lead them to make a purchase.

3. Helps Build Email Contact Lists

CTA is not always about buying because there are many forms of CTA that you can make according to your needs and goals. CTA is also very helpful in building an email contact list. For example, create complete and interesting content or articles and add CTA at the end of the article to invite them to become blog subscribers. 

That way, they can receive the blog's latest articles regularly. Use copywriting skills in making CTA so that readers of the article or content will be interested in clicking on the CTA that you have installed.

4. Evaluation

CTA also functions as an evaluation so you can find out what are the deficiencies in the marketing or promotion that you are doing. With CTAs, you can analyze why people don't buy products after clicking the cart button or icon.

You can also find out why not many people are interested in registering or subscribing to the newsletter even though they have clicked on the CTA that you display. Also find out what digital marketing mistakes are that will affect the end result of the marketing you are doing.

The quicker you find flaws and mistakes, the quicker you can make improvements. As a result, you can optimize every marketing strategy that is executed for maximum results.

How do you Make a CTA Effective?

Apart from you, competitors also use CTAs in their marketing content. However, you may get different results. For maximum results, you also have to maximize your efforts in making CTAs. Here are some tips that you can try to produce an effective CTA.

1. Place CTA in the Right Area

There's a lot of space on a website, but not all of them are good locations to place CTAs. The location of the CTA placement affects the traffic that the CTA gets. The right CTA placement, especially one that is easily visible when visitors access the website, will affect their chances of taking further action.

On the website, you can display CTA at the top, middle or bottom of the landing page. You can take advantage of sidebars, popup windows, and areas under blog content.

2. Create Attractive Designs

Attractive design is one of the keys to the success of CTA. The design must look harmonious with the overall appearance of the website or email. Apart from that, you also have to pay attention to the contrast between the CTA and the website page. Color selection, font type, and text size also influence CTA design, so use those components that are easy for your audience to read and recognize.

3. Use Numbers

You can also try using numbers so that the CTA content will attract more attention. This can provide certainty to customers how much profit they will get by making this conversion. Price copy information or discount amount is a form of CTA that brings in a lot of prospects.

4. Optimize Sense of Urgency

To encourage the audience to click on the CTA as soon as possible, try to optimize the sense of urgency. An example is adding a statement that the offer time you provide is very limited or there is not much stock available. You can choose the right text according to your needs. For example like in the image above where you encourage your audience to immediately move or migrate hosting.

5. Tell Why Your Audience Should Make a Call to Action

You are free to make the CTA content as attractive as possible, but don't forget to tell your audience the reasons why they should do the CTA. Tell your audience that they will get a free consultation when they contact your business immediately.

You can also tell them that the discount or promo given is limited in time so they will be interested in doing a CTA.

Common Mistakes with a Call-To-Action Button?

Confident that CTA results will be optimal? Yes, you can get optimal results if you avoid some of the mistakes below in CTA design.

1. Button Without Text

Usually CTA buttons are supported by text, so make sure that you have prepared powerful text for each CTA on each website page. Unfortunately, there are still some that don't display the text on the CTA button.

2. Multiple CTAs on Each Page

With so many CTAs on one page, website visitors will be confused about which CTA they should choose. To avoid this situation, limit the choices so they focus on the targeted CTA only.

3. Improper Background Selection

One of the reasons why audiences don't pay attention to CTAs is the use of inappropriate backgrounds. When creating a CTA design, you must apply a design principle that should not be forgotten, namely contrast. For a sharp look on screen, elements such as backgrounds, graphics and text need contrast.


Because CTA or Call to Action has an important role in marketing, you shouldn't miss it. However, creating an effective and attractive CTA is not an easy matter. Therefore, you must have basic knowledge about CTAs.

Call to Action will help businesses get maximum marketing results. CTA is also very useful for evaluating and finding weaknesses and deficiencies so that your business can make improvements in the future.

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