What Is Digital Marketing Strategy and Why it is Needed?

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Do you know any examples of digital marketing strategies? Through this article, you will get important information about various digital marketing strategies that are popular in 2023. But before getting into the main discussion, let's first understand the meaning of digital marketing strategy.

Simply put, digital marketing is a type of marketing that promotes, sells products and services by utilizing digital media such as social media, Google, and email. So what makes digital marketing important?

First, by using digital marketing, Erzedka friends can reach a wider market. This is because many people are already connected to the internet. Second, the costs required are not as big as traditional marketing such as advertisements on television/magazines. 

Third, Erzedka friends can create marketing materials in various forms (videos, images, writing) and has many easily accessible media options. However, this cannot run automatically. It takes various processes to make a business grow well. One of them is using the following digital marketing strategy.

What is Strategy Digital Marketing?

What is Strategy Digital Marketing?

The digital marketing strategy is a series of plans to build Erzedka friends business presence in the digital world or the internet through various digital channels such as social media, PPC, SEO, and so on. In other words, Erzedka friends carries out various planned and consistent activities that are carried out online at the right time to achieve certain business goals.

The purpose of creating a digital marketing strategy is to increase awareness about the Erzedka friends business and attract new customers to the Erzedka friends brand. A strong digital marketing strategy will help Erzedka friends businesses achieve certain digital goals through the right media.

The complexity of the digital marketing strategy depends on the size of the business and the long-term goals of each business. For example, when Erzedka friends just launched the Erzedka friends business, Erzedka friends might need to try several digital channels to see the effectiveness of each channel. Unlike when the Erzedka friends business is well known by many people, Erzedka friends only needs to focus on bringing in conversions continuously.

What are the 8 Marketing Strategies?

Once upon a time, business people used a marketing strategy by promoting their business through word of mouth. Along with technological developments, marketing strategies began to change. Businesses can be marketed through print media such as newspapers to electronic media such as television and radio.

Entering the 20th century, the internet became the latest technology that began to be used by the wider community even today. The presence of the internet also of course changes the way of marketing into digital form. This is what is called a digital marketing strategy.

1. Implement SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, namely the method used to make a Erzedka friends website or blog in the first position of search engines like Google.

This SEO aims to drive more traffic or people towards the Erzedka friends website. One of the basic things in SEO practice is optimizing the use of keywords and page updates.

For example, when people enter the word “buy pet food” in Google search, using SEO, the Erzedka friends page can be in the first position so that more people are likely to click on it and sales of Erzedka friends products can also increase.

Usually search engines like Google use keywords, phrases, algorithms, website updating, and language clarity to rank a website on the first page. Therefore, you needs to understand the implementation of SEO in its use on your business pages.

For Erzedka friends who want to use an SEO strategy, here are some ways that Erzedka friends can try applying it to business pages,

  • Use of special keywords (most searched for) on page pages or content on the blog
  • Inserting links from one page to another in one page (internal links)
  • Make links to your page appear on other pages (backlinks)
  • Use assistive tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console to analyze page traffic..

In addition, you can also learn to read data from these Google tools, such as the number of new visitors and the number of clicks on each page of the Erzedka friends page.

In implementing this strategy, you can actually learn it so it can reduce costs. However, if Erzedka friends business is growing rapidly and has sufficient funds, you can form a special team to handle SEO on pages and blogs.

2. Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click, or PPC, is an internet marketing model in which advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked on. Usually these ads can be found on Google search pages using the Google Ads service. Pay-per-click or PPC aims to reach more people who search on Google with a keyword. For example, "buy shoes". Then on the Google search page ads will appear from your page.

For Erzedka friends who are just starting to use digital marketing, PPC is a very useful online marketing strategy. This pushes your page to the top of search results, which can also help Erzedka friends acquire customers directly. However, if both places the page in the top position of Google search, then what's the difference with SEO?

Simply put, when using PPC, Erzedka friends pays Google for every ad Erzedka friends places on the search page that people click on. Meanwhile, SEO is not advertising in nature, but is achieved in several ways, such as targeting keywords and optimizing the pages themselves.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing has the goal of reaching, involving, and connecting with consumers through various content so that brand awareness from businesses increases. Erzedka friends can provide content in the form of videos, articles on blogs, infographics, and more.

For example, if Erzedka friends has a traveling equipment business, Erzedka friends can make an article about the equipment needed when traveling for the first time. Apart from that, Erzedka friends can also create video content regarding recommendations for travel bags that are suitable for backpackers.

However, this content will be even more effective if Erzedka friends can combine it with SEO methods. By using SEO, the content that Erzedka friends produces will be easily found by people on Google searches. One of them is by entering keywords in the content that Erzedka friends creates. For example, in articles on traveling equipment, Erzedka friends could include keywords such as "Tips for Caring for Picnic Equipment".

Apart from that, the main part of content marketing is how Erzedka friends creates content that can make an impression on the audience. Of course, this can be done by providing quality and interesting content. So that in the end it can increase their sense of trust in the business.

4. Utilize Social Media Marketing

Quoting from the Buffer.com page, social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect with audiences to build the brand of the Erzedka business, increase sales, and drive website traffic.

Do you know? It turns out that 71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are more likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family. This makes the use of social media cannot be underestimated in business and marketing.

You can also use various social media, starting from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, what you cannot forget is that content creation must be adapted to its social media. Because every social media has characteristics and different types of users. For example, Instagram is suitable for visual content and is dominated by users aged 25-34 years.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing focuses on retaining existing customers, as well as acquiring new ones. Email marketing is an excellent technique for building brand awareness, keeping Erzedka company top of mind, and driving repeat purchases.

Quoting from the webfx.com page, the main goal of email marketing is to build relationships with customers and provide useful information to them. Such information can include the latest product news and discount coupons. So that they can keep coming back to buy the product.

According to (DMA, 2019), email marketing is the most profitable direct marketing channel, generating an average return on investment of USD 32.000 for every 10,000 spent. For Erzedka who intend to use email marketing, Erzedka can use the following 2 types of content.

a. Promotional emails

This email can contain promotions that Erzedka friends is currently campaigning for. Erzedka friends can notify customers of special offers, new product releases, and discounts.

b. Email Information

With this type of email, Erzedka friends can provide content in the form of various kinds of information, such as tips and tricks, or updated information about Erzedka friends business.

6. Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented reality is the latest technology that you can use in your digital marketing strategy. This strategy is perfect for you to apply if your main potential customers are young people who are generally more receptive to new technology.

In its application, you can use augmented reality so that potential customers can try virtually the products you offer. For example, if you sell cosmetics, you can simulate the appearance of a face when someone uses the cosmetics you sell.

Or, you can also create some kind of animation that can guide customers to understand your product in more detail. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can use this technology to help customers preview the interior of your restaurant before visiting it.

7. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing itself is a combination of various types of marketing strategies. In simple terms, an inbound marketing strategy is a digital marketing strategy that works by providing relevant, interactive and solutive content to make recipients interested in using your product or service.

Inbound marketing is generally done using digital media, such as websites, social media, email, to other people's websites, such as forums or blogs.

8. Call-to-Action Marketing

Call-to-action marketing (CTA) itself is actually part of other types of marketing in the digital era. In short, CTA marketing is marketing that uses persuasive or imperative solicitations to make the recipient of the message interested in using their product or service.

For example, Erzedka friends can use sentences similar to 'Get limited promotions on our website right now' or 'Watch this video for complete information' and so on.

What is the Importance of Marketing Strategies?

What is the Importance of Marketing Strategies

In the midst of increasingly tight business competition, the products being marketed must have advantages over other brands. For this reason, a good marketing strategy is needed. Marketing is basically a strategy that business people must think about to increase the added value of a product.

Marketing is also one of the things that has an important role in business growth. It will be difficult for a business to develop if business actors do not know how to market it. Below are a number of reasons why marketing strategies are important for the business you run.

Marketing strategies are useful for communicating product information to consumers starting from its advantages, features and a number of detailed information about the product.

Without a good and planned marketing strategy, it will be difficult to achieve maximum sales results. With marketing, consumers will know our brand, what our brand's products are and what their advantages are. 

Marketing strategy plays an important role in maintaining business growth in the long term. Business over a long period of time is largely determined by the strength of a brand and the quality of the products produced.

Seeing the importance of marketing strategies, you may need to know several marketing strategies that will become trends among online business people in 2022. Here is the information for you.

1. Superior Customer Experience

The shopping experience is important for consumers. Business people who can provide a better experience than competitors can make their brand superior to others. For this, companies must target three important aspects, namely helping customers achieve the desired results, serving customers in the way they want and providing end-to-end service.

2. Omnichannel Strategy

Now, business actors must utilize all sales channels they have, whether offline stores, websites, mobile services or social media. Everything is integrated and does not stand alone. These various services must always work together to form an omnichannel strategy. This method is more effective in encouraging purchases than marketing channels that are not integrated with each other.

3. Inspiring Purpose

Currently, some consumers do not buy products based on their function alone. However, it is also based on certain goals, for example to improve the quality of life or because you want to participate in creating a better environment. For this reason, business owners must also be able to provide inspiration and added value to their consumers.

4. Collaborative Marketing

In this case, business actors can collaborate with other parties for certain purposes, for example to carry out digital marketing. Business people can collaborate with DigiAds which provides several types of digital advertising to help promote your brand. What services can be used on DigiAds?

  • Messaging: Solution for sending targeted promotional messages in the form of text (SMS), images (MMS), or voice (IVR).
  • Display: A solution to attract consumers through stunning images or videos for the things you offer when customers use Telkomsel's network and services.
  • Reward: Solution for interacting, retaining and attracting new customers using rewards such as Telkomsel data packages.
  • Programmatic: Programmatic advertising solution that can connect advertisers and publishers with Telkomsel affiliate inventory using direct sales, private marketplaces, and Real-Time Bidding.

How do you Create a Digital Marketing Strategy?

How do you Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

As mentioned above, each business has its own strategy according to the needs and objectives of the business. It's just that, there are some general steps that you can use, namely:

1. Set Goals

Before you begins to formulate a strategy, the first step that Erzedka friends must take is to set goals. Whether it's business goals in general, or campaign or marketing goals in particular. Erzedka friends must ask themselves what it is that Erzedka friends wants to achieve with Erzedka friends business and marketing strategy. It sounds simple, but this step required Erzedka friends to set a very detailed and specific set of goals.

This goal or goal will help Erzedka friends stay focused on the steps Erzedka friends will take. It also helps evaluate the performance of Erzedka friends campaigns. Without goals, Erzedka friends may never know what successful marketing looks like.

2. Do Deep Research

No business can survive long without doing in-depth research. This research includes market research, needs research, and other research. A series of research conducted can develop understanding and facilitate Erzedka friends  decision-making. 

One of the research steps that Erzedka friends can do is ask people closest to them to provide feedback on the Erzedka friends business, and what they want to get from the your business or product. Even though Erzedka friends  will not get a full response, you will gain a lot of new insights that can be used in digital marketing strategies. 

3. Collect Data on the Audience You Want to Go to

After doing research on Erzedka's business needs, the next thing you has to do is target audience for Erzedka friends products or businesses. The target audience is a specific consumer group that is most likely to want a Erzedka friends product or service.

So it is these people who must see the Erzedka friends campaign because the chances are they will buy or use your products. The question is, how can Erzedka friends find out who will be the potential target audience?

Erzedka friends can create and develop buyer personas or portraits of Erzedka friends regular customers. This includes data about their preferences, behavior on the Erzedka friends page, to their habits as consumers. From here, you can combine assumptions with real data collected using Google Analytics, for example.

All the data that Erzedka friends collects can help Erzedka friends create highly relevant display ads, use personalized email campaigns and perform behavioral segmentation.

4. Understand the Digital Marketing Funnel

The digital marketing funnel is a model that represents the entire customer buying journey, starting from those who don't know, so they know, until finally they are interested and become customers. The digital marketing funnel helps Erzedka friend understand your target audience, which means Erzedka friends can have many opportunities to connect with Erzedka leads at the right time and platform.

This digital marketing funnel applies to almost any customer interaction. Whether Erzedka is looking to sell online, generate traffic, or collect clicks as an affiliate, you needs a funnel. This is a powerful way to bring visibility into every stage of the Erzedka friend customer relationship.

5. Create a Content Plan

The content plan is a document that consists of all the marketing assets and data collection functions needed to achieve the goals set out in Erzedka content strategy. In addition, the content plan also consists of a work timeline and what you will do in a certain time and what type of content Erzedka needs to achieve Erzedka digital marketing goals for each channel.

At this stage, Erzedka will develop a specific marketing strategy for each channel that attracts Erzedka subscribers. To keep things organized and consistent, Erzedka requires a special editorial calendar for Erzedka content plans. This is a daily map of the creative workflow for producing each content asset in the content plan.

6. Perform Analysis and Evaluation

Evaluation is an important thing in Erzedka's digital marketing strategy. After you has a strategy, practice this step regularly. How do customers interact with what Erzedka shares with them? How is Erzedka progressing towards the goals of Erzedka.

Apart from that, you also needs to analyze all the digital assets and channels that Erzedka has used, including websites, blog content, social media accounts, Google Adwords, paid advertisements, and so on.


So, that's a digital marketing strategy that can be an idea for marketing your business. Make various promotional activities in your digital marketing strategy.

Promotional activities through digital can help you increase sales quickly and significantly. However, you certainly need additional capital to carry out promotional activities in digital marketing.

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