5 Examples of Email Marketing Newsletters to Inspire You

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Email marketing is the choice of digital marketing strategy that you want to implement? There are many advantages of email marketing which are also the reasons businesses or companies choose this one Marketing Strategy. 

But, why did you finally choose a newsletter to market your product or service via email? Regardless of your reasons, this time you can see some examples of email marketing newsletters which are of course very good to serve as ideas and inspiration in creating email marketing newsletter content.

What is Email Marketing?

What is Email Marketing?

The term email marketing is certainly no longer foreign to those of you who are used to digital marketing. Currently, you can even apply various kinds of digital marketing strategies that are expected to have a positive impact on your business, including sales and branding..

One strategy that can be used is email marketing. What is email marketing? We can interpret email marketing as a digital product marketing method or strategy using email as a medium. With this one digital marketing strategy, marketers and business owners can achieve various goals, such as educating audiences about products, branding, and increasing sales.

To carry out this one digital marketing strategy, marketers can choose one type of email marketing including newsletters.

What Is an Email Newsletter?

Talking about examples of email marketing newsletters, of course, raises questions for some people, what is an email newsletter. Newsletter is a type of email marketing that is currently being used more and more by companies or businesses. Through newsletters, you can introduce products or services and everything about them.

Newsletters are emails that contain information such as important notices, features, promotions or the latest content that are shared with the target audience or subscribers. Usually, people who have registered as a subscriber email will get a newsletter.

Newsletters are a marketing strategy that can help build and maintain good relationships with customers.

1. Components in an Email Marketing Newsletter

In order to better understand how to make an interesting newsletter, you also have to know what the components are in it as well as find and see some examples of email marketing newsletters. The following are some of the components of a newsletter, including:

a. Responsive Display

When creating a newsletter that will be used for marketing purposes, its appearance must be responsive so that it will attract email recipients to open the email and then read it.

Responsive display is also an important point. Currently, people not only open email on computers but also on other devices including smartphones. Newsletters that have a responsive display will still look neat even if they are accessed on different devices.

b. Selection of the Right Words

One of the reasons why you should see examples of email marketing newsletters is so you can choose the right words. In marketing a product or service, of course, the contents of the newsletter must be attractive, simple, and easy to understand.

This will be a plus point thereby increasing the potential to attract more customers. So that email recipients will be happy to take action according to the marketing goals you want to achieve.

c. Attractive Visuals

Another component of an email marketing newsletter is the visuals which definitely have to be eye-catching. This one component can affect customer buying interest. For this, try to play with a color scheme according to the brand.

That way, you can show product identity that can make an impression on customers' memories. The use of icons will help reduce the use of words so that the newsletter looks attractive even with short words. For those who want to get branding guidelines for online businesses, please read this one article.

d. There is a Call-to-action (CTA)

When looking at an example of an email marketing newsletter, you can notice where the marketer placed the CTA button. When creating a newsletter, CTAs are another important component that you shouldn't miss.

CTA (Call-to-Action) can also help marketers find out and analyze the number of customers who open and read email marketing sent to target recipients.

Example of an Email Marketing Newsletter

After understanding what email marketing and newsletters are as a type of email marketing and its important components, are you even more curious about the attractive appearance of a newsletter?

Companies that do marketing through newsletters definitely have their own newsletter design and appearance. These designs are usually made as unique and attractive as possible in order to help achieve targets and goals.

Here are some examples of email marketing newsletters from leading companies:

1. Tokopedia

Tokopedia is an e-commerce that is chosen by consumers in Indonesia. This company actively sends email newsletters. If Tokopedia is usually synonymous with green, for its newsletter, this company uses a combination of several other colors. So that it can give a cheerful impression.

Looking at this example of an e-commerce email marketing newsletter, we can see the information they want to convey is information about attractive offers including discounts and flash sales.

Of course, you can use this example of an email marketing newsletter as inspiration and reference if you want to create a newsletter that aims to provide information while increasing sales.

2. iQIYI

For those who like to watch a wide selection of Asian dramas, including Korean, Chinese and Japanese, iQIYI is the platform of choice. Now this one platform is one of the largest online video sites in the world.


If usually everything about iQIYI, including its application, is dominated by the color green, but in the example of this email marketing newsletter, it comes with a different color dominance. In addition to attractive promotional language, attractive offers in the form of discounted prices for subscription fees and the presence of CTA buttons will attract the attention of email recipients.

The existence of a CTA button with the words "Buy now" will make it easier for the audience or target to buy iQIYI subscriptions in just a few steps.

3. Lifepal

You can see other examples of email marketing newsletters from Lifepal. Where email recipients get attractive offers to be able to get insurance premium costs with more other benefits. By paying 2 years, prospective customers can get all risk car insurance premiums for 3 years.


There, you can also see a code that email recipients can use to make a claim to get this attractive offer within 1 x 24 hours. In fact, Lifepal has also included a CTA button that will help potential customers get more information about the offer.

4. Matahari Department Store

Who doesn't know Matahari department store? We can easily find Matahari in various locations, even while walking around the mall. Now, consumers can shop online by simply accessing the application.

An interesting combination of colors, text, and images certainly makes this newsletter an example of an email marketing newsletter that is worth a try. Especially for companies or businesses that also sell products offline and online.

Apart from that, there is also various promo information and CTAs that make it easier for consumers to be able to shop for their needs immediately.


One more example of an email marketing newsletter is from SEMRUSH. This company offers services that will really help companies achieve their goals, especially for those who have a website or online shop.

Online marketing needs are made easier with the various services offered. The newsletter is so simple but combines several colors to make the email look simple. Even SEMRUSH doesn't forget to include a CTA button that email recipients can click if they want to try the services offered.

6. BCA

Vouchers are one form of offer that can attract consumers. In this email marketing newsletter example, BCA offers a voucher of IDR 50,000 which is valid for a certain period. Consumers can get these vouchers according to the information contained in the email.

Apart from attractive pictures, color combinations, and short but clear message content, this newsletter should be your inspiration. Especially with the CTA button at the bottom, making the newsletter component even more complete.


By looking at some of the examples of email marketing newsletters above, have you started to have an idea of the design and contents of the newsletter that you will use to attract more potential customers?

Apart from the examples above, you can also look for other examples of email marketing newsletters that are no less inspiring.

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