Domain Names and Their Impact on SEO Optimization

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It is undeniable, the domain is referred to as the brand or identity of a website in the online world. In choosing a good domain for your business, don't just buy it after paying for it, but you have to do some research first to get a good and right domain. 

After doing the proper research, you will find out how domains affect Google search results. Many people ask when they want to buy a domain name, such as: what effect does the domain name have on SEO? How can a new domain help search?

A new website is like a blank slate in the eyes of Google and other Search Engines and is treated the same as any other new website. If two new domains are registered, they will be given the same weight in the ranking as long as they are identical.

Domains such as .com, .id, .blog, .info, .net can make it easier for visitors to find out what the website might offer. With this, it will certainly be easier for visitors to remember your website. Here are the things you need to pay attention to when you want to buy a domain:

The domain contains the desired keywords

Domain Names and Their Impact on SEO Optimization

Advertisers often forget the importance of "keywords" to help them get customers. Getting the right keywords is crucial, because if your keywords are not right, then the SEO process will not work optimally.

Keyword as the First Word Domain Name

If the domain starts with the target keyword, of course it will be superior compared to a website whose domain doesn't start with the target keyword. In other words, it will be easier for visitors to remember your website because the keywords are already listed.

Domain validity period

Basically, domains that have a long lifetime, will be more valuable. Because if the domain does have good value, then the domain will be used for a long time.

Generally, domains that have a longer lifetime will have a better value. It's not surprising that if a domain is used for a long time, it will have its own readers or loyal visitors compared to new domains or those that appear in a short time.

History of Domains

The history of the domain owner has an influence on search rankings. Domains that often change owners or expire indicate that Google has deleted data and index.

The history of the domain owner is also quite influential on Google search results. The reason is, domains that often change owners or are no longer valid because they are not renewed will indicate that parties from Google have deleted the index and data.

Domain Age

Among the several weighting factors considered by Google when ranking websites is the age of a domain, as domain age relates to Domain Authority. In other words, how long the domain has existed is important.

Domain age doesn't refer to how long you've owned a particular website name, but rather how long it's been since Google first indexed the domain. That's why many companies prefer to buy "old age domains" that have been around for a while to add a bit of Google SEO elements.

You also need to know, if a domain was registered about 10 years ago, it doesn't mean that Google thinks it's 10 years old, Google has to index it. That is, if a domain has been registered for 10 years but has not been "optimized" (at least registered with Google webmasters), then it's the same as if you bought the domain just yesterday.

There is some debate about how the age of the domain affects your site's ability to rank better. SEO testing and experience paints a clear picture that older domains prove to be slightly better when competing for rankings.

If the domain you have is old enough, it will be more difficult to search. That is, the older the age of the domain will affect the ease of searching the domain.

Spammers Domains

Domains that are banned or penalized by Google due to "spam". If someone is proven to be a spammer, then the domains owned by that individual will most likely be penalized.

How Does a New Domain Help Search Ranking?

The method is quite easy, when you decide to buy a domain beforehand, make sure that the domain name is rich in keywords that are relevant to the business and industry in which your business is located.

So it will be easier for users who visit your website and can immediately guess what you are offering on the website, thus making the website domain easier to remember and trustworthy. This certainly further helps users get clicks when users start appearing in organic search results.

The following will explain how a new domain can help rank on the website:

1. On-topic Backlinks

You must already know that backlinks on websites that are trusted and credible can help website owners to increase SEO rankings. One aspect of backlinks that helps rankings is the anchor text (blue, underlined, clickable text within the hyperlink). Because the more relevant the anchor text to the links it supports, the better it will be for SEO.

2. User Perception

Keywords containing domain name information can help in building a positive brand with users. Search engines really care about users. So, if users like a website, search engines will like it too.

3. Voice Search

#MWNers Have you ever searched using voice? If not, it's time for you to try it. With a search system like that, it means that it is very important to have a domain name that is easy to find. This is useful so that it is easily understood by virtual search assistants such as Alexa and Siri.

Having a new domain extension that has a short domain name will provide benefits for your business because the mention of a short domain name will be easily understood by these artificial assistants. So you don't need to add letters, numbers, hyphens, or anything else. Simply creating a new domain extension is simpler because the keyword-rich domain names in the new extension are easily available.


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So, you already know about SEO and Domains, right? Hopefully this article is useful for you advertisers, or for those of you who are curious about SEO and domains! Register your domain immediately!

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