How to Quickly Improve Website SEO with Rank Math

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One of the desires of website owners or managers is that the content presented wants to get a lot of readers and lots of searches on search engines. But, until now your website is actually declining readers? And maybe when internet visitors search for the topics they need, your website never appears in the top searches?

If you do experience something like that, maybe your website SEO is still not optimal. But the articles written have been optimized starting from the title, meta title, meta description etc. Let's find out the problem together and find out how to improve website SEO.

In the world of SEO, apart from optimizing the article, what you need to pay attention to is not only the article. You need to pay attention to the SEO settings on your website. SEO settings can be done with the help of a plugin if you use the WordPress CMS platform.

WordPress does provide technical assistance with the plugins they provide, one of which is a plugin in terms of SEO. Check out the article on how to install this WordPress plugin if you don't know how to install it.

One of the SEO plugins that you can use is Rank Math. In this article, we will thoroughly discuss how to improve website SEO with Rank Math. Check out more below!

What is SEO in website?

How to Quickly Improve Website SEO with Rank Math

Before we discuss how to improve website SEO with Rank Math, it's a good idea to know in advance what SEO is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and SEO is a way of optimizing a website.

The goal of SEO is to increase the website's ranking and organic traffic on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. By getting the top spot on the search engine, the website will get good organic traffic.

As we all know that currently the competition is quite tight in achieving the top of the Search Engine. Moreover, it's not just you who implement various SEO strategies for the website.

One thing you need to pay attention to in terms of SEO is technical SEO, good quality technical SEO will help your website to be at the top of search engine searches so that it can give preference and recommendations to your website when internet users search for topics relevant to your website.

Why is Website SEO So Important?

There are many reasons why website SEO is very important for the progress of the website you manage, below are 3 big reasons why website SEO is very important:

1. SEO can increase Brand Awareness Website

When your website can get the top position in search engines, of course this will be an advantage for the website. When your website is in the top position of a search engine, of course your website will be the first to be clicked on by internet users.

So that internet users will enter your website more often and internet users will also become aware of the website and brands that you offer there. For example, if you sell a product, you automatically have to create content related to that product.

In this content you can later insert an invitation to buy your product, that content can be in the form of product reviews, tips and tricks and so on. Well, when you implement good and correct website SEO. So the chances of your content being in the top position of the website are greater and internet users will open the content and buy your product.

2. SEO is One Part of an Effective Strategy Today

Until now, SEO is still considered an effective way to increase website traffic. But with a note that you have implemented SEO techniques properly and correctly, especially in terms of user experience.

As long as the digital world and websites still exist, SEO will still be very effective and might not even end in the near future. Why? Because search engines are always developing and internet visitors are still dependent on these search engines.

Therefore if you are a website manager or owner, SEO will definitely always be needed to optimize website performance.

3. SEO Can Bring in New Customers

When you have a website and the website has been optimally optimized, the chances of your website being accessed by many internet users are very large. Usually customers will first search for products via the internet.

These customers will compare products reviewed on the internet, after the references they get are sufficient. Only then will they buy the item.

Now this is the importance of SEO, if your website is in the top position of search engines, then the chances of these customers buying products through your website can be even greater. How do you know why website SEO is so important?

Come on, let's find out how to improve website SEO with the Rank Math plugin, see the discussion below!

How to Improve Website SEO with the Rank Math Plugin

You already know about SEO and the reasons behind the importance of SEO for the sustainability of a website. And now is the time for us to implement website SEO, which will be discussed in detail in this article.

How to improve this website's SEO using auxiliary tools in the form of the Rank Math plugin. Rank Math is a plugin developed by WordPress to help its users optimize their website.

The reasons for using the Rank Math Plugin as a Website SEO Plugin include:

  • In easy and practical use.
  • Easy and automatic settings/configurations.
  • The best plugins.
  • Trackable keywords.
  • There is complete and easy-to-understand documentation.
  • Compatible with the WooCommerce Plugin.

Those are some of the reasons why we recommend Rank Math as the best SEO plugin available today, now let's learn together about how to improve website SEO with the Rank Math plugin.

1. First Preparation, First Install the Rank Math Plugin

When we are going to improve SEO on a website by using the Rank Math Plugin, the first preparation is definitely to install it first. The installation method is quite easy, namely by searching on the Plugin> Add new page.

On that page there are several other plugins that you can use. But we will be looking for the Rank Math plugin, therefore in the search field enter the keyword 'Rank Math' and enter. Check out the picture below!

How to Quickly Improve Website SEO with Rank Math

After you do a search and WordPress will provide search results with the keyword Rank Math earlier. To install the plugin, click Install now, which is located next to the writing WordPress SEO Plugin – Rank Math.

Look at the picture below!

How to Quickly Improve Website SEO with Rank Math

After you install on the WordPress website, now you activate the plugin by pressing the Active button.

2. It's time, Configure SEO in the Rank Math Plugin!

After you have installed the Rank Math plugin on the WordPress system, now is the time to proceed to the next stage as a step on how to improve website SEO with the Rank Math plugin. This stage is the configuration of the Rank Math plugin, so that the Rank Math plugin can be used for website SEO needs. 

Then you need to do some configuration as follows: The first step in configuring the Rank Math plugin is to first create an account at

After you register there, you will get 3 settings options. As an example, this article will explain the settings for the Rank Math website SEO plugin for the Easy configuration option, then click Start Wizard.

How to Quickly Improve Website SEO with Rank Math

Next there are four steps to configure the Rank Math plugin, which are as follows:

  • Your Site: Here you will be asked to fill in the type of website, logo and images for social media sharing.
  • Analytics: In this step the function is to connect with Google Search Console, Google Adsense and Google Analytics.
  • Sitemaps: This step functions to activate the Sitemap of a website, such as News Sitemaps and Video Sitemaps.
  • Optimization: This step enables or disables existing features automatically. These features are like not being indexed for empty categories or empty tags and automatically nofollowing external links etc.

If we look at the basic settings above, they are very friendly for novice users and website optimization with the Rank Math plugin makes optimization very easy. Even Rank Math also provides advanced settings that you can adjust to your needs.

These settings include the following:

  • 404+Redirections.
  • Schema Markup.
  • Role Manager.

In the future, all you have to do is activate or deactivate every feature in the Rank math plugin. How easy isn't it?


So, that was the discussion on how to improve website SEO with the Rank Math plugin and up here, you are sure to already know several reasons why SEO is very important and how website SEO can be optimized using the Rank Math plugin.

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