Best Ink Recommendations for Brother MFC J430W Printer

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Some time ago the team from found one of the new keywords that is quite interesting among several choices of printer information seekers here, namely regarding the title that we raised this time, namely "brother printer ink MFC J430W".

Things like this are often done by those who may not know the information on the ink used on their printers, besides that printer users may be looking for other brand ink solutions that can replace the original cartridges for various reasons.

Finding a replacement for the ink used by the MFC-J430W brother printer is actually quite easy because there are several brands that see the popularity of this printer because it has a cartridge model that has infusion technology.

Best Ink Recommendations for Brother MFC J430W Printer

Several brands of ink apart from the original ink that are known by are Amazink, Aiflo and also ivoryfill. First, before we discuss in more detail about the two other ink brand recommendations, we will discuss the original ink cartridges from Brother first.

How to choose printer ink

Even though choosing printer ink seems easy, there are several points that you might miss. Therefore, we will provide several points that you should pay attention to when choosing printer ink.

1. Ensure ink compatibility with the printer

The most important thing to pay attention to when choosing printer ink is its compatibility with the printer. Choose ink from the same brand as your printer. Apart from that, you also need to pay attention to the type of printer you use. Even though they come from the same brand, the ink used for each type of printer is generally different.

You should also note that the viscosity level of one ink is different from another. Choosing unsuitable ink will damage your printer. Therefore, you need to be careful when looking at the ink packaging. The printer ink packaging will usually say the brand and type of printer that is compatible with the ink.

2. Select the ink filling form that fits the printer

There are various types of printers, such as inkjet, ink tank, and laserjet printers. The difference between these printers can be seen in the form of the ink. Inkjet printers are printers that are mostly used on a small scale, for example at home. This type of inkjet printer generally uses ink cartridge form.

Recently, various printer brands have started competing to produce printer products with an ink tank system. Ink tank printers use a type of ink that can be refilled. The ink price is more economical because it does not require cartridge replacement.

Another type of printer, namely laserjet, also uses a cartridge system. However, the type of cartridge used is larger than in inkjet printers. The cartridge in a laserjet printer is also called toner.

3. Understand the type of printer ink according to the final result

Besides choosing ink that is compatible with the printer, you also need to understand the various types of ink. The type of ink will affect the printout of your document or image. We will introduce the three most common types of ink sold on the market.

a. Dye based ink

Dye based ink is a type of ink that is water based. As a basic ingredient, water is mixed with water-soluble dye so that it blends well. This type of ink reduces the possibility of clogged printhead cartridges.

Dye based is the type of ink with the most economical price, but the printed results still have bright colors. It's just that this ink fades faster. Apart from that, dye based ink easily fades if it comes into contact with water.

b. Durabrite pigment ink

In contrast to dye-based ink, durabrite pigment ink provides sharper and water-resistant printing results. You can use this ink to print on various media, from regular printing paper to photo paper. Unfortunately, durabrite pigment ink can clog the nozzle head. If you don't use the printer for a long time, this might happen.

c. Solvent ink

If you often print banners or banners, you must be familiar with the distinctive aroma of these objects. The aroma comes from the solvent ink. Solvent ink is more resistant to water and UV rays so it doesn't fade quickly. Therefore, the prints from this printer ink are strong enough to be installed outdoors.

It's just that this ink has a strong aroma. Apart from that, there is also eco solvent ink. Eco solvent ink is more often used for indoor printing purposes. The aroma is not as sharp as solvent ink, but it will fade more quickly when exposed to UV light.

4. Choose original ink

You might be tempted when you see the very low prices for printer ink. Be careful with these products because the ink could be fake.

Some ink manufacturers often mix ink with alcohol to make it dissolve more quickly. Well, the alcohol content can damage your printer. Original ink of course does not contain alcohol so it is safer for your favorite printer.

5. Pay attention to the colors offered

Some types of printer ink are sold individually per color, but there are also printer inks that are sold in packages with other colors. So, pay attention to choosing printer ink colors so that they suit your needs.

Buying ink in package form is cheaper. However, if you only need one color, you should choose ink that is sold individually. Storing printer ink for too long will cause the ink to settle and become unusable. What a shame, right?

Original MFC-J430W cartridges

Original MFC-J430W cartridges

This LC400BK Black Ink Cartridge is original ink with Black color recommended by Brother with a market price of around 130 thousand.

Meanwhile, for original ink needs for color, use the code LC400Y Yellow Ink Cartridge, LC400M Magenta Ink Cartridge, LC400C Cyan Ink Cartridge, the selling price is at some online shops and also at the nearest printer shop around 135 thousand each color.

Several choices of brands of ink / cartridge MFC-J430W

Brands of ink and cartridges from these various brands are eyeing the interest in printing needs with the need for quality ink by producing good prints, some of these ink brands have more affordable prices than the original, and sometimes they also provide refillable ink fill before the ink in the ciss/infusion model cartridge they provide has run out of ink

1. Amazink Ink Infusion

Amazink Ink Infusion

This amazink brand ink is quite widely used by Brother printer users and is priced at around 300 thousand rupiah, at that price you can get 4 complete color inks, with almost the same contents of about 90 millimetres, with the cartridge from amazink it has the advantage that it can refilled repeatedly as needed. The vision of the AMAZiNK brand is to make your brother printer prints more optimal, sharp and durable.

2. Ivory Fill Infusion

This cartridge brand also has the same advantages that can make prints sharper, maximum and last longer. from some information, this brand has a smaller cartridge model size that can adjust to the original cartridge size found in the printer, the cartridge size provided has a size of only 15ml-20ml to accommodate ink, but this type of cartridge can be easily refilled with ink over and over time.

3. Aiflo LC400 Infusion

Aiflo LC400 Infusion

Similar to many of the brands above, this printer cartridge brand also has the advantage of good and sharp prints, with an ink capacity of 70 ml for each color, the price tag is also much lower at around 240 thousand.


Those are some lists of cartridge/ink brands that can be considered when you are going to change the type of printer ink used by the MFC J430W brother printer, of course, with the list above we cannot determine which one is better for use in print, maybe among readers who are have experience with that ink brand can share it in the comments,

It also needs to be known by Brother printer users or all other printer brands, when you are going to replace or change the type of ink/cartridge from the first one that has been installed there is a risk of blockage/error in the printhead. 

Various reasons usually may be that one ink does not match another, and many other reasons. Hopefully useful and can help increase your knowledge.

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