Easy Ways to Install Android on Windows For Beginners

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On cellphones, we usually often install applications and games. These applications and games can be easily downloaded via the Google Play Store. Google Play Store is the default application / mandatory application on Android phones today. So, on a PC, where are the applications to download software or games from?

Actually, PCs / laptops also use the Microsoft Store to be able to download some of the applications and games that you need. Did you know that if you want to access or make it easier to install Android on a PC/laptop, you can use an LD player (to make it easier to run games, because some games downloaded on a PC don't support Windows devices and so on).

How to instal Android on Windows?

Easy Ways to Install Android on a Complete PC For Beginners

The use of LDPlayer is an android OS emulator that is used for PC users who like to play games on Windows. In addition to Android games on PC, you can also use the Google Play Store to install other applications you need, such as Instagram. The multifunctional design of LDplayer and its good settings make it easy for us to use it.

Next, we will explain the tutorial for installing Android on a PC, namely installing the LDPlayer emulator and installing applications via Google Playstore (Instagram), let's look at the tutorial on how to install Android on a PC!

1. Installing LDPlayer Emulator

The following will explain the tutorial to install LDPlayer on a PC:

  1. Download the LDPlayer application on the website www.ldplayer.net
  2. Once downloaded, click the LDPlayer file then Run. And a command will appear to install, then click Install.
  3. Wait until the LDPlayer setup installation process is complete (takes a little longer). After the installation is complete, click Start.
  4. Wait until the LDPlayer installation process to the device is complete.
  5. After finishing installing LDPlayer, it will look like below. consists of System Apps, LD Store and others. The display appears like the display on android.

You can use the LDPlayer emulator to play games and also to install some android applications on your PC.

2. Installing Applications Through Google Play Store (Instagram)

The following will explain the tutorial for installing applications via the Google Play Store (Instagram) in LD Player:

1. Open the LDplayer software that has been successfully installed on the PC.

2. Click the System Apps menu then select Play Store.

select Play Store

3. Click Sign In to enter the Google Play Store using your email account.

4. When finished logging in to the google play store account, type Instagram in the available search field then click Install.

5. Click Accept to agree to all applicable terms and conditions and the Instagram download process will begin.

6. When finished downloading Instagram, click Open to open the application.

7. To log in to your Instagram account, select Create New Account (to create a new account), or Log In (to enter your old Instagram account).

8. And Instagram can be used on your PC/laptop. It looks the same as the display on Android.

That's the tutorial on how to install Android on a PC: LDPlayer Emulator installation and application installation via Google Play Store (Instagram). Hopefully useful…

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