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Printer Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Printer for Home Use

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    Printers have now become a necessity for many people considering that almost all aspects of life require documents. Printers are used to print various purposes such as student assignments, photos, and other important files and are expected to be durable and long-lasting even though they are used continuously to print various kinds of documents.

    This article will discuss tips on choosing a good and durable printer for home use that you can read to the end.

    Tips for Choosing a Home Printer

    Tips for Choosing a Durable Home Printer

    1. Adjusting Needs With Printer Type

    You can buy a printer that suits your needs. Before you buy a printer, you should know the purpose of buying a printer and the uses that you will get because printers have different types and qualities. Therefore, you need to study in terms of the type, use, results, and price of the printer that you can get.

    By knowing your needs, the allocation of funds that you have made to get a printer is definitely more mature. The estimate you have to make consists of its use whether it is only for personal use or for business capital in your home. You should do some research first about the type of printer that suits your needs.

    An example of consideration that you can do is to know what type of document you will print. If your document needs are few, you can use a laser printer.

    However, if you have to print various documents and need a more multifunctional printer, you can use an all-in-one inkjet printer that already provides various purposes such as printing all types of documents, scanning, and copying various types of documents (copying). ).

    2. Choose Printers With New Conditions and Official Brands

    You can choose a printer that has a new condition and good quality. Printer equipment is an investment that you should consider. By choosing a printer that is careless, it can be damaged quickly and you have to spend money again to get a new printer again.

    Buying a new printer is definitely better than a second hand printer. Although the price is more expensive, but you can use it for a longer period of time because the quality is still good and no equipment has been replaced.

    In addition, new printers usually have an official warranty that you can claim when your printer experiences problems from the factory for a certain period of time.

    If you buy a used printer and it keeps getting damaged, you will still spend some money to fix it. So, it's better for you to spend a little more money at the beginning but the items you get can be used for a long time.

    3. Pay attention to the warranty provided by the manufacturer

    Pay attention to the warranty provided by the manufacturer

    You can check the warranty provided by the manufacturer provided by the distributor. If the warranty is only valid for a short period of time, you should change your choice with a printer that has a longer warranty. The time period given is the seriousness of a manufacturer or distributor for the quality of the products offered.

    The product warranty provided is usually used to ensure that the purchaser of a product has the right to ask a printer manufacturer to deal with any problems experienced with various pre-defined terms and conditions. This guarantee shows the manufacturer's attention and dedication to the quality of the products sold, thereby increasing customer satisfaction with the product.

    In addition, you can feel safer from the risk of damage that occurs such as errors or manufacturing defects. Even though they have to pay more, customers are usually willing as long as there is a guarantee for a printer brand.

    This guarantee also serves to support the quality control system in accordance with the terms and conditions set by a product. You should consider products that come from companies that have a good reputation because they usually provide a longer warranty and of course provide the best product quality.

    4. Choosing a Printer Type From a Trusted Brand

    Trusted brands usually issue quality products. Therefore, you can choose printers issued by brands that have been proven to have good products. You can first consult the brand that you can consider in buying a certain type of printer.

    When you decide to buy a printer from a certain brand at a lower price, it's not necessarily better quality. You have to dig deeper into information about the best printers that you can use to for your daily needs.

    Printers with poor quality will definitely harm you because of many things, such as short service life, components that break down quickly, or the material for making the printer machine is not made with good materials so that the results are not of high quality.

    5. Considering Printer Purchase and Maintenance Costs

    One of the crucial things you have to consider is the cost of buying and maintaining a type of printer that you will buy. Some printers have low prices but the maintenance costs are very large, so you are still at a loss. But there are also printers that are more expensive, but rarely damaged and durable in use.

    Maintenance costs that you should consider such as ink usage, ink tank replacement, cleaning ink from machines and tanks, and routine maintenance carried out. Choose a printer that you think is of high quality. Not only the purchase cost, but you also have to calculate the average expenditure for maintenance and the price of the components if they are damaged.
    It doesn't matter if the printer you buy is more expensive, but because the maintenance required is easy and the components are rarely damaged, you can consider it. In the end, a quality printer will be cheaper than a printer with a cheaper price but must be serviced continuously.

    6. Checking the Condition of the Printer to be Purchased

    Before bringing the printer home, you must check its condition carefully. Even if the printer you are going to buy is in new condition, there is still a possibility that a factory error or scuffs occurred during the trip to the store which could cause a printer defect.

    Therefore, you must check it properly to avoid losses due to operational errors. You can physically check the printer and make sure it is working properly and optimally according to the claims displayed.

    You can try testing the printer's performance at the place where you bought the printer. In addition, you have to check that the printer components such as cartridges, inkjets, ink tanks and others are in very good condition so you don't have to worry about your daily use later.

    Check After Sales Distributor Printer Service

    7. Check After Sales Distributor Printer Service

    The last step you should consider is paying attention to the after sales service from the distributor of a printer brand. Choose a distributor that provides good and quality after sales service because this is very closely related to the warranty claim later and the service process that you will do when damage occurs.

    Those are tips for choosing a durable home printer that you can do when deciding to buy a printer. Before buying, make sure you have sufficient information about the type and brand of printer that you will choose later to avoid losses that may occur.

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