Canon IP2770 Printer Driver Download

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A cheap printer with many advantages, especially if it's not the Canon IP2770. No wonder this device is known as the printer of a million people because it is pocket friendly.

Here we will review the advantages as well as the Canon IP2770 driver download link.

Advantages of Canon IP2770

1. Fast Printing Process and Clear Image

Compared to other brands in its class, the Canon IP2770 offers a faster printing process. Print speed up to 7 ipm for monochrome, and 4.8 ipm for color.

The print quality of photos and images is very good and clear because the Borderless Printing option is available, namely printing without margins.

This printer also comes with Fade-Resistant with cartridges that are able to provide more prints and last longer. Image quality is supported by Print Head Fine technology. Professional class photos without having to sacrifice the speed of the printing process.

2. Sturdy spare parts

This Canon IP2770 has sturdy spare parts. Users will not find problems, such as damage to Roll Paper, Vacuum, sensors in the mainboard printer, or other problems.

Canon IP2770 is even more durable if the user knows how to apply the infusion properly, this printer cartridge can last for more than one year.

3. Easy Connectivity

According to user reviews, the Canon IP2770 is easy to connect with new devices. To download the Canon IP2770 driver is also easy. Apart from getting the built-in CD, users can visit Canon's official website.

4. Excellent USB Speed

Canon IP2770 has a very satisfying USB speed. Users can experience seamless, consistent full-speed transfers between devices and printers.

Disadvantages of Canon IP2770

1. Expensive Cartridge Prices

If the cartridge is damaged, the cost needed to replace it is around $27,82 – $31,29.

Even though the price of the printer is only $41,73 – $51,46. This is what Canon IP2770 users often complain about.

2. Infusion system is less supportive

Printers often have errors because the infusion system interferes with the running of the cartridge unit, and the original ink is replaced with ink that is in the infusion tube.

Not only this type, other Canon brands often have problems with infusions and cartridges.

Canon IP2770 Printer Driver Download

Canon IP2770 Printer Driver

Well, for those who want to use the Canon IP2770 printer, of course, you have to download the softfile driver first. Here's a download link that can be used to download it:

Canon IP2770 Instalasi Installation Guide

  1. Open the Canon IP2770 driver application that has been downloaded, or open it directly via the built-in CD.
  2. Double click on the file with the name MSETUP4, then click “YES” to continue.
  3. Select “Asia Continent”, then click “Next”.
  4. Select the country of residence, for example "Egland".
  5. Next, select “Easy Install” to select the recommended installation.
  6. Click “Install”, then click “Yes” as approval.
  7. Click “Next”, and wait until the stage 2 installation process is complete.
  8. Connect the device to the printer, once detected, wait until all processes are complete, then click "Next".
  9. After the setup is complete click "Next", then click "Agree".
  10. The installation process is successful, then click "Exit".

No need to hesitate to buy a device that has many of these advantages. The Canon IP2770 driver download link included in this article can certainly help those who need or want to use the printer.

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