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SHAREit is an application that can be used to send and receive files quickly. By using an application developed by SHAREit Technologies Co. Ltd., you can send and receive files 200 times faster than bluetooth.

Although the file transfer process is carried out at high speed, the risk of file damage is also very small, so you don't have to worry about data sent via SHAREit being damaged because this application can send it perfectly.

Because the file transfer process is done via a WiFi connection, users also don't need to activate Bluetooth or an internet connection when sending or receiving files. In addition, SHAREit can also be used to send various types of files ranging from documents, music, pictures, videos, applications, and so on.

The advantages of SHAREit

1. The data transfer process is very fast

Many people choose SHAREit because it can send files quickly, even to send a file of only 20 MB, SHAREit can complete it in one second. No wonder the developer claims that SHAREit is claimed to be the fastest data transfer application in the world.

2. Cross-platform support

SHAREit is available for various types of operating systems including Android, Windows, Windows Phone, Mac OS, and iOS. By using SHAREit you can send data from one operating system to another, for example from Android to Windows.

With cross-platform support, of course, you don't need to bother using a data cable anymore, just activate the WiFi connection on the sending device and the data receiver can be sent directly.

3. Can be used to send more than one file or folder

Besides being fast, SHAREit can also be used to send more than one file or folder at the same time without any capacity limitations. Regardless of the size of the file or folder that is sent, SHAREit can still do it well.

Even when the file or folder sent has not been completed, you can also directly send another file or folder to be added to the next delivery queue list, so you don't have to wait for the sending process to complete.

4. Wide data exchange radius

You can exchange data using SHAREit over a wider range than bluetooth. As long as the WiFi connection can still be connected between the receiving and sending devices, the transfer process will run, but the farther the distance, the slower the speed will be.

In short, SHAREit is a data transfer application that must be considered by users who rely more on speed. In addition to the various advantages that have been reviewed above, SHAREit also comes with a friendly and easy-to-use interface. It's no wonder that currently, especially Android users who want to transfer data, they no longer ask for a Bluetooth connection when sending files, but the question that arises is "Is SHAREit activated?".

Download the Latest SHAREit
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