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Free Screen Recorder - is a free screen recorder application developed by ThunderSoft. If you are looking for a screen recorder app that is light, simple and easy to use then this app could be the right choice for you. By using this application you can record full screen or only certain windows. Apart from that, this application can also save videos in various formats including MP4, AVI, FLV and so on.

Besides being able to record screens, Free Screen Recorder can also record sound from computer applications or microphones, so you can also use this application to make tutorial videos or other instructional videos.

What's even more interesting is that users can also activate the mouse click effect, whether it's a sound or visual effect, so viewers can see what you click on the screen.

Advantages of Free Screen Recorder

Actually there are many screen recorder apps that you can use on Windows, but this app is one that is quite popular. The number of people who prefer to use this application is certainly not without reason. Here are some of the advantages of Free Screen Recorder that you need to know:

1. Record full screen or specific window

By using this app you can record full screen or windows in certain apps only. In addition, if needed the user can also record images from the webcam.

2. Can record audio from a computer or microphone

Free Screen Recorder is also equipped with a feature that allows you to record sound from a computer or microphone, so the recorded video will look more alive and realistic.

3. Supports multiple formats

Recorded videos can be saved in various formats, ranging from MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, H264 and so on. If you are using Windows 10, you can shoot 4K video at a higher FPS value.

4. Available mouse click effect

This feature will be very useful if for those of you who want to make video tutorials, by activating the mouse click effect, the viewer can see what you click on the screen. In addition to visual effects, this feature can also provide sound effects.

5. Several shortcut keys are available

The app also provides several shortcut keys to start recording, pause, and stop recording. With this feature, the process of pausing and stopping the recording will not be recorded.

6. There is a feature to add a watermark

Worried about your recorded video being duplicated by someone else? No need to worry, because this application is also equipped with a feature that allows you to add a watermark in the form of text or images.

In short, if you want to use a free screen recorder app that is light, simple and easy to use then Free Screen Recorder is the right app for you.

Download the Latest Free Screen Recorder

  • Latest Version: 10.8
  • Publisher: ThunderSoft
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Application Category: Multimedia
  • License: Freeware

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