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MorphVOX Pro - is a free application for Windows PC that can be used to convert your voice into any voice from robots, children, monsters, to male to female voices or vice versa. By using this application your voice will be changed in real-time while speaking into the microphone so that the other person will not recognize your voice. This application can also be integrated with chat applications and streaming games such as Skype, Twitch, Discord and so on.

This application is often used by gamers during live streaming to entertain the audience or disguise the sound. If it's your first time using this app, you don't have to worry about any trouble, because this app is packed with a simple and intuitive interface.

Advantages of MorphVOX Pro

There are many free applications for Windows PCs that you can use to change your voice, these applications are usually the favorite choice of many users, especially gamers. The number of users who prefer to use this application is certainly not without reason, here are some of the advantages of MorphVOX Pro that you need to know:

1. Various sound effects are available

By using this application you don't need to bother setting various audio parameters to produce the desired sound effect. The reason is, the application made by Screaming Bee Inc. provides a wide selection of sound effects that can be directly used such as the voices of men, women, monsters, robots, small children and so on.

2. Background sound effects

Not only is it able to change the sound of the microphone, this application is also equipped with a feature that allows you to add background sound effects. For example, you can add the sound of a traffic jam to make the other person think that you are on the road.

3. Equipped with a 10 band equalizer

If the sound effects provided by this application are lacking, you can also adjust them through the 10 band equalizer provided in it to get the sound effects that you want.

4. Using voice-learning technology

Sound quality is one aspect that is quite important to note, there are many applications that are able to change the sound of the microphone but the quality is decreasing. By using this application you don't have to worry about that happening, because MorphVOX Pro uses an advanced voice learning algorithm that can produce high-quality and realistic sounds.

In short, if you want to turn your microphone into a unique sound then MorphVOX Pro is one app you should consider. Apart from being rich in features, this application is also easy to use.

Release Notes

  • Fixed background not showing in add-on manager.
  • Fixed the custom install path issue.
  • Fixed bugs and improved other features.

Download the Latest MorphVOX Pro

  • Latest Version: 4.4.87
  • Publisher: Screaming Bee Inc
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Application Category: Multimedia
  • License: Freeware

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