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WinToFlash - is a software commonly used to extract the contents of a Windows installation and transfer it to a bootable USB drive or more familiarly called a Bootable USB. This application is usually hunted by PC users who want to reinstall Windows, especially if the PC used is not equipped with a CD-ROM.

The reason is, by using this application you can install Windows without having to use a CD-ROM, just plug in the Flash Disk and you can install it right away.

Not only that, this application developed by Novicorp can also help extend the life of Windows installation packages stored on a CD, considering that CDs are more sensitive than USB flash drives, a single scratch can damage your Windwos installation data.

Advantages of WinTo Flash

Actually, there are many applications that we can use to create a bootable USB, WinToFlash is one of the applications most often used by most people. Of course, many people prefer to use this application not without reason, WinToFlash has various advantages that can make it easier for you when making it bootable. Here are some advantages of the WinToFlash application that you need to know:

1. Multiboot USB

WinToFlash can not only be used to create one bootable program, but you can also create several programs at once, whether it's Windows, Linux, antivirus, and so on.

2. Cache and automatic download

Not just a bootable USB creation application, WinToFlash can also download any ISO image automatically. Not only that, if the download URL is corrupted this application will offer you to visit the download source website using a browser to download it manually.

3. Wizard mode available

If it's your first time using this application, you don't have to worry about having trouble using it. Because this application is equipped with a wizard mode that can guide you to create a bootable USB easily and quickly.

4. Format USB

When you create a bootable USB especially for Windows installation purposes, of course the Flash Disk or USB Flash Drive needs to be formatted first so that the installation process can run smoothly. By using WinToFlash, you don't need to delete all USB data using other applications, because this application is also equipped with a feature to delete all data stored on the USB.

5. Supports various files

WinToFlash can not only be used to create bootable ISO files, but you can also extract them from ZIP, RAR, CAB files, and so on.

6. Bootable USB Test

To confirm whether the extracted file is executable or not, you can test it by double-clicking the file. With this feature, of course, you can find out quickly if the file is damaged.

7. Support various formats

WinToFlash can also convert your USB format into various formats, such as FAT16 CHS, FAT16 LBA, FAT32 CHS, FAT32 LBA, NTFS, exFat, and so on. In short, WinToFlash is an application that must be considered if you want to install Windows via USB or Flash Disk. Besides being equipped with a variety of interesting features, this application is also very easy to use.

Change Note
  • Improved compatibility of Windows Iso images in multiboot mode.
  • Fixed Windows Vista auto boot issue.
  • Supports Windows 10 x86 and x64.
  • Other problem fixes.

Download the Latest WinToFlash

  • Latest Version: 1.13.0000
  • Publisher: Novicorp
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Application Category: Utilities & Tools
  • License: Freeware

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