4 Ways to Install Printer To Laptop (Immediately Can Print)

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4 Ways to Install Printer To Laptop (Immediately Can Print)

Install Printer Into Laptop – The use of digital media nowadays helps a lot of people's lives both in terms of education, work, and other daily needs. One that is often used is a printer to print various necessary documents such as paper, invitations, posters, and even photos. You can use the following methods to connect your laptop or computer to the printer you have.

Actually, for you laptop users with Windows 10, you don't need to be confused if you only want to print to a printer, because in Windows 10 when you connect a laptop to a printer using a cable like in the picture, the printer's default program will automatically be installed and you can print!

Remember, it's only printing, but if you want to use other features and facilities such as scans, photocopying, etc. that your printer has, this requires a complete driver installation process.

Installing Printer to Laptop Using CD Driver

The first and easiest way for those of you who have just bought a printer and want to install the printer to your laptop is by using the Printer Driver CD that you got when you bought the printer in the box. When you want to install a printer device, you can use the Driver CD that has been provided or also download the driver according to the type of printer purchase on the official website.

This method is easy because you only need to have a driver CD that matches the printer brand you have. You can use the following methods to install certain types of printers:
  • Prepare the driver CD to install the printer
  • Insert the CD into your Laptop or computer Driver ROM
  • Click on CD Drive and go to the installation page
  • Follow the installation instructions in the manual
  • After the installation process has been completed, you can remove the CD. Before using it, make sure the printer application is completely installed and does not fail.
  • If the printer application has not been installed properly or there are problems during the installation, then you can reinstall it with a new Driver CD.

You can also ask for help from the services of a printer manufacturer who deal with problems experienced by printer users of a certain brand.

1. Using Downloaded Drivers

In addition to this method, you can use the driver download from the official website. This way you can do to install the printer of your choice:

  1. Open the official website of the software provider to install the printer.
  2. Download the appropriate software for the type of printer you have.
  3. Usually the installation file that has been downloaded is in the form of winrar which must be extracted first.
  4. To extract it, right-click the winrar file and select Extract here.
  5. Open the extracted folder, look for the file that has the .exe format to install your printer.
  6. Follow the instructions according to the instructions provided during the installation process
  7. When finished, you can restart the computer so that your drivers can be installed properly..
  8. Before using the printer, you must check whether your printer can be directly connected to the computer or laptop you have. If your printer's connection system uses WiFi, make sure your device's WiFi connection is turned on and connected to the WiFi connection that connects the two devices.

2. Install Device Printer Using USB Cable

This method is effective for those of you who do not have the Driver CD. You can use a USB cable as an alternative to install the printer on the device you want. You can follow these steps to get the printer application on your laptop or computer:
  • Prepare a printer, laptop or computer device, and a USB cable
  • Connect your printer and device using a USB cable
  • Turn on the printer and the next process will appear indicating the printer installation process is in progress.

However, in the process, the installation process does not appear immediately so you need to take other steps to bring it up, namely in the following way:
  • Click Start on the screen and select the Devices and Printer menu
  • Then select Settings then Device, select Printers and Scanners
  • After that, you can select Add a printer or scanner at the top of your screen. Then, your device will scan for printers that you have previously connected.
  • Select the name and model of the printer that matches the one you installed.

Another problem that often occurs at this stage is that the installed printer does not appear. You can do the following ways to scan the installed printer:
  • Select the link The printer that I want isn't listed on your computer screen
  • Click the search button to scan the printer driver that is already installed
  • If still not found, you have to download the software on the internet
  • Follow all the processes that have been instructed including restarting your laptop or computer.

Installing Printers from Your Local Network Printer Sharing

Another way to install the printer without using the Driver CD is to use a local network, either via Ethernet or WiFi. The following are the steps to install the printer using the local network:

1. Open the start application and go to the settings button on the start screen of your computer or laptop.

settings button

2. Select in the Devices section (Bluetooth, Printer, Mouse)

3. Select on printers & scanners

4. Click the + sign in the printer & scanners panel on your laptop or computer screen.

the + sign

5. Then a new window will appear containing Add New Printer, click and wait for the process to run. 

6. Now your device will search for printers that can be detected on the local network.

7. Then the targeted printer will appear, click Add.

8. After that, the installation process will run to completion.

Those are the various methods and steps you can take to install the printer on the device you have. You can adjust these steps to your needs and conditions. Before installing the printer, make sure you know the brand and type of printer that you will use to make the installation process easier.

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