Download the Latest Free Google Earth Pro App

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Download the Latest Free Google Earth Pro App

Google Earth - is a software for viewing the earth's surface, through imaging satellite images. Currently Google Earth is an application for recording satellite imagery with high resolution, which can be used by everyone to view images of the earth from the air, with the help of this application we can see the location of our homes, the shape of buildings, the morphology of an area, geographic location or search place by using the location search feature.

With the development of the era, Google always updates existing features to provide the best information that can be given to its users, as for one of the features is to open the Primary Database and view photos, at some locations we can see the condition of the area in the form of a panorama or by viewing a 360 view. when a user uploads it.

The benefits of Google Earth Pro are certainly huge. Suppose you want to calculate the shortest distance traveled from 2 different routes. Example you have 2 alternative roads, and want to calculate which route is closest. Or you like to exercise, and want to calculate how much distance you actually cover while running.

Can be used to calculate a distance, and the calculation of data from Google Earth is more precise because it uses real images via satellite.
In fact, you can see the alley in front of your house by using it. You can also see the depth of an ocean by using this software. The sea will be depicted in different colors according to its depth.

Some of the advantages of Google Earth:
  1. Seeing Pictures of the World in the Past
  2. Measuring Boundaries/Distances
  3. A very complete Layer menu
  4. Take or Make Guided Tours
  5. Play Flight Simulator
  6. Create and View Maps
  7. Build 3D Buildings
  8. Exploring the Ocean
  9. Exploring Outer Space

To register as a Pro, please enter your email address as a user name and license code: GEPFREE

Download the Latest Google Earth

  • License : Freeware 
  • Developers : Google Inc Developer
  • Operating System : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

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