Easy Ways to Download and Install Instagram on PC / Laptop Quickly

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Easy Ways to Download and Install Instagram on PC / Laptop Quickly

Instagram is one of the social media that must be owned by the millennial generation today. Because Instagram is a place where you can share your daily moments and want to show them publicly online.

By using Instagram, you can share photos, videos, or Instagram stories. An Instagram story is a 15-second snippet of video that can be viewed for 24 hours. That's because the story is only a clip of our daily lives that we want to document.
Not only that, you can also do various things using Instagram, for example, such as live and also IGTV. You can provide interesting content through IGTV so that other people can see the videos that you have made in a longer duration.

Did you know that we can now access Instagram using the desktop? This is very helpful if you want to open an Instagram account using a computer, PC, or laptop. You can see Instagram stories, photos and videos that have been uploaded by other users.

There are actually two ways to access Instagram on a PC, first by using the website and the second by using an application that was installed on the PC first. But if we open an Instagram account on a PC, we will be bothered by having to log in first every time we want to open it.
Meanwhile, if we open it using an application that has been installed first on the PC, we can open it automatically. Well, in this article, I will explain to you how to download and install Instagram on a PC.

  1. The first step is to download the Instagram application on a PC. And to download the Instagram application on PC, we will use the Microsoft Store. So, click on the Microsoft Store icon on your desktop.
  2. After that on the initial Microsoft Store screen, click the search engine and type Instagram. After the Instagram application appears, click the application,
  3. Then the Instagram application description will appear on your Microsoft Store. To download it, click the blue Get button as shown below. What you should pay attention to when downloading applications on the Microsoft Store, make sure your Windows Update runs automatically. Otherwise, you will not be able to download any application in this Microsoft Store.
  4. Wait a while until the application is successfully downloaded on your PC. And when the application has finished downloading, click the Launch button as shown below.
  5. After that you have to wait a few more moments until the Instagram application is successfully launched. If the Instagram application has been successfully launched, then the initial display will be like this. And that's a sign that you can use your Instagram application.

The trick is to log in first, you can log in using your Facebook account or log in using the Instagram account that you previously registered.

Some of the things that distinguish the Instagram application on a PC from Android and iOS are when you upload something to the account. On Android and IOS we can upload photos, videos, IGTV, stories, and can even do Live.

While using the Instagram application on a PC, it still doesn't do that. We can only see content that has been uploaded by other people and ours that we uploaded before. But using an application on a PC, you can now chat via DM.

That's the article that explains how to download and install Instagram on a PC. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.

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