How to install the Epson L3250 Printer First Installation

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How to install the Epson L3250 Printer First Installation

First Install Epson L3250 – Just bought a new printer from Epson? If yes, then this is how to install the correct Epson L3250 Printer so that it can run properly. As we know that this Epson L3250 printer has several interesting features, especially its WiFi which can make it easier for users.

Epson L3250 is a series twin which is higher than the L3210 series. So most of the features that exist in the L3210 series must also be present in the L3250. For those of you who are still confused because it is the first time using a printer, you can refer to the following review on how to install it properly.

How to install the Epson L3250 Printer

Generally, if you make an official purchase of the Epson L3250 printer online, when it arrives it should still be sealed.

Please do unboxing first and place the printer as you wish. As a tip, place this Epson printer in a room that is quite easy to access by people who want to use it later.

After placing the printer, you can start filling the tank with ink bottles first. Because you need to know when the condition of the Epson printer is still new, the ink tank is usually still empty.

Video Guide How to Open the Printer and Fill Ink the First Time

How to fill the ink tank is very easy, you only need to open the front right side of the printer. Then there are the four ink tanks, each of which has a valve that you have to open one by one.

Open the tank valve and fill it with the ink bottle by plugging it upside down. Wait until the tank is full, one bottle can fill the tank to the brim and you can see it from the sign on the front of the printer.

Fill in the printer according to each color, namely Black, Cyan, magenta, and yellow. If so, don't forget to close the valve again along with the outer cover of the ink printer.

Next you can look for the power cable and data cable on this Epson L2350 box. Connect the power cable to the printer and the power outlet. Then also connect the data cable to the printer section and to the computer equipment section.

Well, because this Epson L3250 printer already supports wifi, you can use it without using a USB data cable again.

The process of installing the Epson L3250 driver

From your laptop or computer, please open a web browser and access the official Epson website to get the latest drivers. Or download the L3250 driver which we have distributed for free on our website at the following link

Select the Epson L3250 driver which is the latest version then download and install it to the operating system on your computer. If so, then you can turn on the printer by pressing the green power button.

When it lights up for the first time, you will see an orange indicator with a droplet icon that you have to press and hold. This aims to drain the ink that you just filled for the first time to fill the hose to the head.

After that, turn on the printer's wifi by pressing the wifi button along with the button next to it and holding it until the indicator light doesn't flash anymore.

After the wifi indicator is on and doesn't blink anymore, you can open your computer, which of course also has to support wifi. Run the Epson driver that you downloaded earlier and then connect it to the same network.

If you have successfully connected then you can then try to print the first one. Fill the printer with paper, then open MS word and print as usual by pressing ctrl + p on the keyboard, done.

That's the review regarding this printer on how to install the Epson L3250 printer for the first time by following the guide above, of course, now your printer can be used to print documents or images, hope it helps.

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