Various Epson L3110 Printer Errors, Explanations and How to Solve Them

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Using a sophisticated printer such as one of the inkjet printers from the Epson brand, the Epson L-3110, there are times when you experience printer error problems so that the printer has problems.

For example, the indicator light does not turn on or the printer does not respond to print commands from the computer. Or also other most frequent errors that cause system damage which results in the printer being unusable. If not handled properly and appropriately, it will certainly hamper productivity.

Now in this article, Erzedka also found things related to office printers, so trying to find a solution because as far as I know this printer is the latest release, maybe many readers also want to know, Here are various kinds of L3110 printer error problems and how to handle them.

Various kinds of Epson L3110 Printer Errors

Various Epson L3110 Printer Errors, Explanations and How to Solve Them

a. Printer cannot pick up paper

From several sources we found this error that most often occurs on this printer, the solution that can be done is, turn off the printer power first. Then disconnect the USB cable and power cable. Clean the roller and paper feeder or first remove the remaining paper (if there is a paper jam) slowly if it cannot be cleaned immediately. *read more here

In addition you also need a clean cloth or tissue as well as masking tape for this cleaning process. if when checking there is dust, dirt / gravel that is difficult to reach.

After cleaning, plug in the USB cable and power cable again, then turn on the printer. The printer is ready to use.

Another way you can do this is to check by turning the printer upside down and shaking it (this method if you have made sure the printer and ink are tightly closed) to remove any small objects that might be blocking the paper pick-up roller.

b. Ink and paper lights flash together

Actually, there are various causes for this error, the possibility of the first flashing light error could be a foreign object on the printer that hinders the printing process, the second Epson L3110 printer that you have has reached the max printing limit so it needs to be reset so that the printer can be used again.

So the way to overcome this condition, the steps that must be taken are, first of all, try turning off the printer power then turning it on again and then repeating the printing process, whether the problem appears when the printing process is running or while it is still in the process of sending a print command to the printer. epson L3110 asks for a reset below,

c. Black or Color Ink Not coming out

The solution that can be done if the Epson L3110 printer does not issue black ink during the printing process is to run the head cleaning procedure. You can perform manual cleaning procedures or use a cleaning program by connecting it to a computer.

For manual cleaning procedures for the Epson L3110 printer, press and hold the button with the triangle icon until the indicator light flashes before releasing the button. Leave it for a while and when the flashing light stops, press the Test Print button. Meanwhile, for head cleaning using a PC, the steps are as follows.

When the printer and PC are turned on and connected, click Start then click on Devices and Printers. Select Epson L3110 then right click and select Printing preferences from the drop down menu. Then click on Maintenance > Head Cleaning > Next > Next and leave it until the process is complete. You can do this head cleaning procedure two to 4 times to make it really clean and function normally.

d. Printer does not want to print

First of all, make sure that your printer and computer are turned on and connected. If it's not a good idea to check this connection first, whether the usb 2.0 printer cable is not installed or it could be that the Epson L3110 printer driver has not been installed.

After making sure the printer and computer are connected, it could be that the printer is currently in the print process position but stopped, the way to fix it is by following these steps

Select the Epson L3110 printer icon in the Menu bar. Double click it to display a notification window listing the print commands in progress to be executed. Usually the message that is displayed is the status of a pending document. Select it on the list of pending documents, right click and then click Cancel. Repeat the steps to print from the beginning.

Reset Printer Epson L3110

If it turns out that the steps to overcome various kinds of L3110 printer errors above don't work, it's time for you to do a reset.

Previously you need to download and install the Epson printer resetter program which can be obtained here, download the Epson L3110 printer resetter.
  • Run the resetter program.
  • Click on Adjprog.exe.
  • Tthen click Particular Adjustment Mode.
  • Then click on Waste Ink Pad Counter.
  • Then Check & Initialization.
  • Check the Main Pad Counter and Platen pad counter options.
  • The next step, click Check then Initialize then Finish.


The steps above usually succeed in overcoming problems that usually occur with Epson L3110 printers, if they still don't work, it means there are printer components or hardware that are worn or damaged. Please buy spare parts for the Epson L3110 printer or buy a new one. Before buying a new one, my advice is to go to the nearest Epson L3110 printer service center in your area.

Those are some of the error problems that often occur on the Epson L3110 printer, hopefully it can help provide a little picture of the cause of the error and how to solve it from the explanation above, so that your printer can print normally again.

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