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Download AnyDesk 7.0.10

Anydesk is Remote Desktop software that can be used to help us remotely other computers/laptops using the internet. The high intensity of the main resources makes the level of management must be carried out at all times, including taking up holidays and time with family. The advantage of using remote access software can make connectivity easier, without having to be on the side of the main resource device directly.

For users of IT practitioners or office administrators, of course, they really need this application, because remote computers have become commonplace at work, especially friends who work in the field of information technology.

Want to find an alternative remote PC remote software other than TeamViewer or VNC Viewer because the remote desktop application that is currently being used is very slow and heavy?

Currently the world of technology makes it very easy for humans to carry out work activities wherever and whenever you are. Remote desktop using Any desk is a remote desktop software that is used to be able to use the user's computer in another place.

Where the application made by Philandro Software GmbH based in Stuttgart, Germany is known to be lightweight and also responsive to remote computers via the Internet. AnyDesk Remote desktop can be run on almost all Windows Operating Systems. If you are used to connecting with the Team Viewer application, there will be no difficulty when using this software.

With files that are only small in size, you can perform tasks like a professional network administrator. You can run the software with a direct click without installation because this application is portable. However, if you want to install it on a PC or laptop, when you exit the program there will be an option to install it or not.

AnyDesk is very Powerful with several options and menus that can be used such as Running Task manager client, Remote restart, Screen Shot, automatic speed detection, chat menu with clients and file transfer.

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