Canon PIXMA iP7270 Wireless Inkjet Photo Review

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Many printer users today ask for instant things, so Canon has launched a Pixma iP7270 series printer. One of the brands that had this cheap but quality product then returned to a well returned product for text. 

Not only that, Canon also equips it with a wireless connection to provide compatibility from a variety of mobile devices. This time will provide information about the Canon PIXMA iP7270 Wireless Inkjet Photo Review.

Canon PIXMA iP7270 Wireless Inkjet Photo Review
Canon PIXMA iP7270

Canon PIXMA iP7270 Wireless Inkjet Photo Review

One of the advantages of the Pixma iP7270 is by presenting 5 cartridges consisting of cyan, yellow, magenta, black, and black pigment. In addition to stable ink capacities, compatible cartridges are also available with larger capacities. A special black pigment ink is used when printing photos in order to get more concentrated and last longer. 

By adding FINE (Fullphotolithography Inkjet Nozzle) technology, the Canon iP7270 Printer can produce microscopic ink with a size of 1 picoliter with very impressive photo quality (using plain paper).

In addition to printing documents, this printer provides convenience for those who like to print photos, both from their computers and mobile devices. The convenience mentioned above has provided the My Image Garden application and Print Your Days. 

Second supported app and group photos by date, event, even people. My Image Garden can also integrate other creative applications such as Fun Filter Effects, Creative Garden Premium and Full HD Movie Print.

With this application, you can be more creative in changing photos to look more attractive before they are changed. Photo collections on Facebook can also be printed directly through the Print Day feature. The Direct Disc Print feature is also a companion. With this feature, you can print an image on a CD or DVD, which has a sticker attached to it using a special tray.

a. Five ink

This product uses five types of ink consisting of cyan, yellow, magenta, black, and black pigment consisting of a large capacity (XL).

b. Minimalist button

There are only three buttons on the front, namely power, resume, and alarm. While underneath there is a Wi-Fi indicator light that will be activated when the device is switched on.

c. Paper holder

The upper tray is devoted to storing twenty sheets of photo paper collected 4 × 6 inches. While the bottom is used to accommodate 125 papers that are used up to A4.

Advantages of Canon PIXMA iP7270 Wireless Inkjet Photo

  • Prints are good, has a variety of applications for printing photos with wireless connection support, print support via iOS and Android, prints on both sides and back and can print on CD / DVD / Bluray.
  • The wireless connection makes it easy for users to print directly from notebooks, smartphones, tablet PCs, or from digital cameras with Wi-Fi features.

  • The wireless connection requires an intermediate access point.

For those who like to buy photos, the Canon Pixma iP7270 offers a choice of various applications to facilitate the process of printing photos. Printing facilities Wirelessly will make it easier for users to use Android or iOS devices without the help of a computer anymore. 

Thus the Canon PIXMA iP7270 Wireless Inkjet Photo Review that can be conveyed about the printer this time. Hopefully this information can be useful for all readers.

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