Download ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2023

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Download ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2021 for Windows

ACDSee Free is a free and minimalist image viewer software. When compared to Windows Photo Viewer and Photos, ACDSee Free has its own advantages such as relatively better speed than Photos in Windows 10 and slightly more varied features than Windows Photo Viewer.

Image files are one of the most frequently opened file types on a computer, so it's no wonder that every operating system has its own built-in image viewer feature. Windows has it too. However, perhaps you will prefer ACDSee Free.

ACDSee Free Features

Displays images quickly

ACDSee Free's speed at displaying images is roughly equivalent to that of Windows Photo Viewer. The difference is that ACDSee Free can display images in full screen mode with a changeable background color, while Windows Photo Viewer displays images in window mode with a background that is always white.

File associations

There are three options for associating image files with ACDSee Free. You can find all three of them in the File Associations submenu.

All image file types is an option that you have to check if you want all images to be opened directly with ACDSee Free.

Image file types not currently associated with ACDSee Free or another program is an option to select image files that have not been associated with any software at all.

Choose the image file types myself is an option to choose the image file format you want.

Window and full screen modes

Windowed mode, or we call it window mode, is a mode that displays an image along with a toolbar and status bar. In the toolbar area, there are buttons for zooming in and out, for deleting an image, for rotating an image left or right, and for displaying the next or previous images.

In the status bar area, there is information such as file index number, file name, file location path, file size, file dimensions, file format, zoom size, and file modification date.

To switch from window mode to full screen (and vice versa), you can press the letter F key on your keyboard or click the mouse wheel.

Set a picture as wallpaper

Any image you find interesting, as long as it can be opened with ACDSee Free, you can display it on your desktop screen as wallpaper. Wallpaper that you installed through ACDSee Free can be canceled at any time by selecting the Restore option.

Download ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2023

ACDSee Free is also equipped with various hotkeys as shortcuts to access its features. For example, Alt + W to cancel the wallpaper, ESC to close the ACDSee Free window, Ctrl + Alt + Left to rotate the image to the left, and so on.

Based on all the features it carries, it can be concluded that ACDSee Free has a speed that is not inferior to Windows Photo Viewer in displaying images, but with better flexibility such as background colors that can be adjusted according to personal taste...


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