Download EarthDesk Free for Mac

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Download EarthDesk Free for Mac

EarthDesk for Mac transforms your desktop into a beautiful, real-time image of  Earth from space, continuously updating in the background as you work. Configure the map, sit back and enjoy the amazing view! Imagine looking out the window of an orbiting spaceship. 

Now imagine this view on your screen. This is EarthDesk. The app has real-time near-cloud features, accurate sunlight, moon and city features, and more. 

The show is not just a pretty picture. As it moves throughout the day, representing live data, it is a great source of information. With so many options at your fingertips, viewing Earth from space has never been easier! 
Still images on the screen, although beautiful, often lose their luster in a short time.EarthDesk, with its multiple, real-time updated Earth views, represents the perfect replacement for the old, static images on your screen. In addition to the beautiful view of the Earth, the program also provides many options to configure the map image, giving you full control over the map on your screen. 
  • Note: Upgrading from version 5.0 costs $12.95; Update from version 1.0-4.0 is $17.95. 
  • All new city database with additional data. 
  • Displays the current sun and moon position.
  • Displays the grid lines (graticule) on the map. 
  • Create a collection of named  settings (presets). 
  • Adjustable slider for shadows. 
  • follows the International Space Station. 
  • New Ball and Bearing Positioning Controls.
  • Additional moonlight shadow options. 
  • Reorganized user interface improves usability. 
  • Locate user-selected cities on the map. 
  • Updated political map with current borders. 
  • Support adding, editing, deleting cities.
  • Mountain Lion-ready (OS X 10.8). 

Download EarthDesk

We love the many 3D views and  renderings of the globe as seen from space. Maps can also  be focused on a specific city. 
For example, you can observe that the map is stationary while the sun and moon move around your home  as the center point. EarthDesk's customization options and ease of use make it not only educational, but enjoyable for anyone interested in our planet.


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