Download Intel Processor Frequency ID Utility for Windows

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Download Intel Processor Frequency ID Utility for Windows

Intel Processor Identification Utility is intended to identify Intel processors. This software will try to access the internet but can continue to function properly even if you block the access. In other words, this software can be fully run in offline conditions.

The benefits of this software, apart from treating curiosity about the details of the Intel processor installed on a computer, a

Intel Processor Identification Utility Features and Benefits

Intel Processor Identification Utility can be considered as simple software in terms of its features. The goal is only one as mentioned above. This small software is provided as a form of Intel support for its processors.

More Guaranteed Accuracy

The Intel Processor Identification Utility is developed by the processor manufacturer Intel itself, so its identification results are more reliable than third-party software. The size does not take up much storage space.

Practical, Efficient, and Effective

A lot of software is full of features which, unfortunately, some of them are irrelevant so they end up being bloatware. Unlike the Intel Processor Identification Utility. The features are few but they are all relevant and work well.

The time needed to identify the processor and display the identification results is also fast. You also don't have to close all running software because the identification process doesn't burden the system.

Even so, you should still pay attention to the situation before running it. If you are multitasking with some heavy software, it is advisable to stop one or two of them.

Short, Solid, and Clear Information

The Intel Processor Identification Utility organizes its identification results in three parts. The first, Processor Frequency. This section displays information about the actual and active processor frequencies. So, you can compare between the two to find out whether the processor is overclocked or not.

The second part is CPU Technologies which reports on features detected on processors such as Intel Virtualization Technology, Intel Hyper Threading Technology, Intel Advanced Vector Extensions, Intel VT-x with Extended Page Tables, Intel 64 Architecture, Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology, and Intel AES New Instructions.

The third section displays information about the processor type, processor model, CPUID, L1 cache, L2 cache, L3 cache, chipset, and graphics card.

Download Intel Processor Frequency ID Utility

We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available Intel Processor Frequency ID Utility features. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements.

By using the Intel Processor Identification Utility, you can find out whether a genuine Intel processor or not. Download the latest and free Intel Processor Identification Utility for Windows via the link below:


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