How to Fix Printer Damage

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Having electronic goods specifically for printers, or often using printers for special needs, for example, office reports or others, must often be related to problems that affect print quality. A printer is a piece of hardware that can be used on a computer device to print text or images.

Like humans who can get sick, the printer can also experience damage in printing matters. To overcome the problems that usually arise, we can do it ourselves. So there is no need to ask a repairman but take the initial action but the result is still minimal, so do the service to the experienced. To make it easier to solve problems with your printer, you can understand several ways to fix printer damage below.

How to Fix Printer Damage

How to Fix Printer Damage
How to Fix Printer Damage

1. First Problem

The writing is intermittent, where this problem can occur because the printer ink is starting to run out. There is still ink, there is still a lot of meaning. The problem is the surface of the cartridge holes. Here are the steps to solve it:
  • Click file >> Print >> Properties >> Maintenance >> Cleaning, do this way many times until the print line is not broken.
  • If this method doesn't work, you can do a deep cleaning by clicking deep cleaning with the aim of pumping the ink out to the surface of the cartridge.

you can also do some of these ways if this method doesn't work:
  • Open the printer cover and take the cartridge, soak the bottom of the cartridge in hot water in just a few minutes. Dry it, and do a refill after that plug it back in.

2. Second Problem

The printer cannot print, check the cable, the printer data is connected to the parallel port or USB port on the computer correctly. Try to use another printer data cable as an experiment to install a USB cable buddy. If on the USB cable there is no problem, then my friend can do a taxi editor application. 

Try changing the printer setting to “Default printer” and experimenting with printing. If it doesn't work, it means the printer needs to be taken to a repairman.

3. Third Problem

The printer can operate but no prints on the paper, this may be a common problem. To follow these steps:
  1. Remove the printer head and cartridge.
  2. Separate the ink cartridge from the head.
  3. Take hot water then.
  4. Dip the tip of the head into the hot water in the boat.
  5. Shake this head until the ink in it melts.
  6. Head dry.
  7. Put it back together with the cartridge.
  8. Reinstall and try to print.

4. Fourth Problem

Incomplete printed pages or strange released characters, These problems often make users feel confused. Here's how to fix it:
  1. Check the printer connection with the computer.
  2. Check the data cable used.
  3. Try changing to another data cable.
  4. Check the driver used for the printer.
  5. If still nothing, do an update or reinstall the driver with the latest version.
  6. Check whether the document is damaged.
  7. Make sure the page settings in the application you are using are correct.
  8. Make sure you still have enough hard drive capacity.

For beginners repairing printers. Even to tamper with it they are afraid of being wrong. With an explanation from regarding How to Fix Printer Damage above, hopefully my friend is not confused anymore and can solve printer problems easily without asking a repairman.

If the damage to your printer has not been approved in the article above, please include the damage in the comments column below...

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