How to Reset Canon MP287 Printer

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Reset the printer performs a popular step and is usually the choice of the canon mp287 printer to solve the problem so it can't work. Of course this is annoying, for beginners who fail this makes them worried, afraid that the printer will be damaged and serviced at an expensive cost. 

How to Reset Canon MP287 Printer
How to Reset Canon MP287 Printer

For friends, regarding printers who want to know how to reset a Canon Mp287 Printer, follow the tutorial below:

How to Reset Canon MP287 Printer

Tutorial 1: Set the service mode to the printer

Before doing a reset, the first step that must be done is to make the canon printer into service mode. With the condition of the service mode, the process will run smoothly. Here are the easy steps into service mode:
  • Turn off the printer with the power of the button, if the condition of your printer is still on.
  • Press the STOP or RESET button when the printer is turned off. Then press the power button together with the STOP or RESET button.
  • Release the STOP or RESET button and hold down the power button.
  • In the position of the power button that is still pressed, you also have to compensate by changing the STOP or RESET button up to 6 times then release it completely with the power button.
  • If you really do the installation above to reset the MP237, then the computer will approve the existence of a new device if the service mode is successful. otherwise if the process fails then the detection will not appear.

Tutorial 2: Reset Printer Canon MP237
  • Get Canon MP237 resetter Tools, you can search on Google easily, then download.
  • Once you get the Canon MP237 resetter tool set, start doing it by INSTALLING the MP237 resetter software, make: Extract and start the MP237 resetter by 2-clicking the v3400.exe service tool flie.

After your Canon MP237 Resetter Tools are run, follow the instructions as in the image below:
  • Sub Tab Remove Ink Counter click Main
  • Ink Absorber Counter sub tab click play
  • Click EPROM then the printer will start printing a sheet of paper.
  • Turn off the printer and turn it back on, if the resetter process is successful then the printer will return to normal.

In addition to how to reset the canon mp287 as shown above, it is proven that resetting the MP287 printer can be done without resetter software. The following is how to reset the Canon MP287 printer without software:
  1. Turn off (off) your canon printer first
  2. Unplug the printer power cord from the electrical outlet
  3. Press the printer power button and don't let go
  4. While activating the power button, plug the printer power cable into an electrical outlet
  5. Wait 2-5 seconds then press the printer resume button 2 times (marked in green) then release the printer power button that you pressed earlier
  6. Go to Control Panel and look for printer settings, a new printer will definitely appear.
  7. Usually marked with the name Copy printer behind it. For example, if the printer you reset is Canon IP 2700 then what appears like this is Canon iP2700 series
  8. Make the printer the default

That's information about the tutorial on how to reset a Canon Mp287 Printer that can provide this time. Hopefully the above article can be useful and can help solve the problems that my friend is currently experiencing. Good luck and good luck!! comment below guys

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