Epson L310 Printer Ink Light and Paper Flashing Simultaneously

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For most of the Epson printers in the L310 series, a problem like this arose which was remedied by continuous alternating ink and paper lamps. Even if the printer has been turned off, this problem will not be solved this way. Before the problem occurs, a message will usually appear as “The printer's ink cartridge life is about to end. Contact Epson support.”

If a message like this appears, the printer can be used before the “printer life is over” message, in which case the printer cannot be used to print or print again. Here's a summary of a tutorial on how to deal with the Epson L310 Printer, Ink Lights and Paper Flashing Simultaneously, which you can easily follow:

Epson L310 Printer Ink Light and Paper Flashing Simultaneously
Epson L310 Printer Ink Light and Paper
Flashing Simultaneously

Changing to an Epson L310 series printer is quite easy, you can do it yourself at home. So you don't need to visit a handyman service so you don't spend your pocket money. Please download the Epson L310 download program at the end of the article. After that, see how to use the following steps:
  • Step 1: lick the previously downloaded Epson Epson 2x file.
  • Step 2: Select Choose
  • Step 3: Select the model name according to the type of printer used. Here because we discuss the type of Epson L310 printer then select L310. Then click ok.
  • Step 4: Then click the specific adjustment mode
  • Step 5: Select Basic Waste Paper Counting > ok
  • Step 6: Check Main pad counter and do Initialization

Now your printer can be used again to perform other tasks such as buying other important documents. To solve this problem, it's a bit complicated and you need to understand a little printer beforehand, if you can't afford to buy a printer and service for it because of a dirty encoder sensor problem too.

To fix this, you have to launch the case from your L310 printer. In this type of printer the Epson encoder sensor is on the bottom left.

What you need to try first is this encoder cleaning sensor, maybe this dust or payment sensor and make an error. Clean in a white mill with a clean tissue. After testing the paper and ink light is no longer on. If so, your printer is back to normal.

However, if that doesn't work, it hasn't been resolved, maybe this sensor has been damaged, my friend try to replace it with a new one. But after you change it with a new one but still flashing it might happen to other mechanical parts. However, this problem can usually be resolved after repairing the encoder sensor.

Now, how to solve the Epson L310 printer turning on paper and ink alternately or flashing simultaneously, hopefully this post can be a solution to your problem. Manage the use of your printer easily so that your printer remains durable and long lasting.

Thus the tutorial on overcoming the Epson L310 Printer, Ink Lights and Paper Flashing Simultaneously that we have provided. Hopefully this information can help solve the problems that you are currently experiencing. Good luck!

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