How To Install Canon iP2770 Printer To Laptop Without CD

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This time will discuss the steps for How to Install a Canon iP2770 Printer To a Laptop Without Cd. But before installing the printer, prepare the CD driver that comes with the iP2770 printer purchase package. This CD besides containing drivers, there are also other supporting software. 

This software includes automatically purchasing from the default printer application and performing printer maintenance or cleaning if problems occur later. Canon Inc. default software. consists of a website service application from Canon to be made with the Canon iP2770 printer.

How To Install Canon iP2770 Printer To Laptop Without CD
How To Install Canon iP2770 Printer To Laptop Without CD

If you don't have the Canon iP2770 CD Driver then you can download it on the internet easily and for free. But you must need a data package, besides that you can ask a friend or relative who has the software. The following is how to install a Canon iP2770 printer to a laptop without a cd, which has been summarized around the printer and you can follow it easily.

How to Install a Canon iP2770 Printer with Driver CD
  1. For those who already have the Canon Ip2770 Driver CD, then insert it into your laptop or PC DVD Room buddy. The USB printer is not connected to the Laptop / PC first so the installation process runs fast. As for the power cord, plug it into the mains and turn on the printer.
  2. Please open the driver CD, and my friend will see MSETUP4.EXE in it, then open it by double clicking it, then select YES if there is an approval window that appears. Then click NEXT for the next process.
  3. You can choose Regional with Asia, then Indonesia for the country. Then click Next so that the process runs.
    click Next so

  4. There will be an option of Easy Installation (Easy Installation) or compatible installation (Custom Installation), if you don't want to worry, just install it.
  5. Wait a few moments until the License Agreement window appears, then click “YES” and please wait for the process to end.

  6. This process takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Then wait for it to finish. When finished, if a ready window appears, connect the USB cable to your PC or laptop, then plug in the USB.

How to install Canon iP2770 printer to laptop without CD
  1. Make sure you check the USB cable and the power cable is properly installed and fits into the port, don't reverse. When the USB is ready, your laptop/PC will automatically convert the new device from the printer. Just wait until the installation process is complete and a “Complete” window will appear.
  2. Click Finish, and now the printer has been successfully installed on your Windows laptop system.
  3. For the second way, install the Canon iP2770 printer driver without using a CD. This method can be used if you don't have a CD, and you can also have a PC that doesn't have CD space.
  4. To install with a CD, you can download the Canon iP2770 printer driver first on the internet, please open the Canon iP2770 Driver Download or Canon iP2770 Driver.
  5. Plug the power cord into the printer and connect it to the mains, leave the USB cable not connected to the laptop, then at the end of the new installation is installed.

  6. After the download is complete, you don't need to extract it because it has already been created as an exe, just open it by double-clicking on the previously downloaded file.
  7. Security Warning window will appear, just need to click Run button, then the driver will be automatically setup for a few seconds and after that click Next.
  8. The Residence dialog box will appear, then select Asia (because it is still in the Asi region) then click Next. A new approved window appears (License Agreement), no need to read it for the sake of exhaustion, just click Yes.
  9. After my friend moved Yes, the installation process will run. Please wait for it to finish until the command appears to connect you with a USB printer cable to your laptop or PC.
  10. Connect the printer's USB cable to your laptop or PC and turn on your printer. Then the laptop / pc will automatically connect the installed printer device. If you have a message, it means that you have successfully installed the Canon iP2770 printer on your PC / laptop.
  11. Click “Complete” and your printer can be used to purchase the app. To understand better, you can check Devices and Printers via the start button.
  12. If you find the printer that you mean is already in that folder, then you have successfully installed Canon iP2770  on your laptop / PC device.
Thus a complete tutorial on How to Install a Canon iP2770 Printer To a Laptop Without Cd that friends can do easily and quickly. Hopefully this information can be useful and help

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