How to Solve the Epson L210 Printer Blinking Ink Lights

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In general, Epson L series printers calculate the ink level by counting the printed pages. One of the Epson L series printers is the Epson L210. Like the other L series, the Epson L210 has also been programmed to recognize a full tank at around 4,000 pages. 

This means that when the L210 has printed over 3500 or 3600 pages, the printer will give a warning with a blinking ink indicator light. And when the count reaches 4000 pages, the ink light no longer flashes but lights up permanently. In addition, the printer can take longer to print. 

The question is whether after the ink is filled with the indicator light will stop flashing and can print again? The answer is no. For information on how to solve the Epson L210 Printer, the Ink Light is Blinking, please follow the tutorial below:

How to Solve the Epson L210 Printer Blinking Ink Lights
How to Solve the Epson L210 Printer Blinking Ink Lights

Solve the Epson L210 Printer Blinking Ink Lights

  1. Use an Epson L210 resetter. Please download it first if you don't have it.
  2. Run start tool Click Select, Select L210 (for port, Auto Select).

  3. Click the custom adjustment mode.
  4. Select the ink paper pad counter, then click Settings.

  5. Check the main Pad counter, then click Initialize.
  6. Several notifications will appear, when the OK button is clicked, the initialization is done, then the command to turn off the printer. The command returns the printer again, reads and starts asking for approval according to what appears.

  7. After the tool / software is complete, now the switch to the physical printer is to replace the button (Continue / Stop button) which is above the activated ink indicator.

The steps to start the Printer Resetter program are complete. After this we do the second step directly on the physical printer. Please look for the Continue button located above the currently opened indicator light. Do the following three things:
  • Press the button and hold for 5 (five) seconds then release
  • Pause 2 seconds then press the button again and hold for 3 seconds then release
  • Finally, the button again, but don't let go immediately

And it doesn't work try using this last method:

Ink Rinsing

1. Open the printer program and select Maintenance
2. Then Select and run Flushing Power Ink
3. Then wait until the process is complete and the compilation is complete try using the first reset method, namely:
  • Press Red/Pink Button with Triangle for 5 Seconds
  • And quickly Press Back for 3 seconds
  • Then quickly or without pause 1 click
  • Turn the printer off and on again
4. Done

Finally finished the two steps of resetting the printer. If successful, the successful lamp will turn off. But still not working, try this one more time, but first unplug the power cord from the printer, let it sit for five minutes, then plug it back in. 

Hopefully the information about the tutorial on How to Overcome the Epson L210 Printer Blinking Ink Light can help friends around the printer in solving the problems that are happening. If there is another way, you can share it in the comments column. Hopefully this article is useful, thank you for visiting.

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