Cause Epson L3110 Paper Jam Easily

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This time Bysnis provides an article about the 'Cause of the Epson L3110 Paper Jam'. We hope this article can be useful for users and fans of this printer series.

The Epson L3110, L1110 and L3150 printers are the latest printer products from Epson that carry new technology, namely Eco Tank. This Eco Tank is an infusion tube that is designed in such a way that it has an anti-spill capability. 

Cause Epson L3110 Paper Jam Easily
Cause Epson L3110 Paper Jam Easily

With Eco Tank technology, now you don't have to worry about spilling ink when taking the printer to another location.

The Epson printer has a paper jam, out of paper, or incorrect loading; The causes are many and some of them are explained in the article below.

Causes of the Epson L3110 Paper Jam and how to fix it
  • Paper Path Covered With Certain Objects. For example, what usually happens in the field is the entry of pens, pencils, paper clips, coins, etc.
  • So the solution to overcome this is to remove these objects by turning the printer over or if you can't force it to disassemble the printer.
  • The ASF-section gum take-up roller is worn or thin. Usually this happens because you are an old user. The solution is to replace the rubber roller or immediately replace the ASF roller with a new one.
  • ASF lock paper drive roller. This happens because the roll has broken parts in certain areas. The solution is the same, which is to replace the ASF paperclip roller.
  • ASF roller gear teeth are broken. For damage to this part due to errors during use. For example, pulling the paper firmly and firmly when the printer is not pulling the paper while printing. The solution is to replace the ASF roller gear with a new one.
  • Faulty paper feed motor or PF paper feed
  • Faulty paper sensor on motherboard
  • Motherboard is broken. If the Miniboard is damaged, it is usually difficult to repair and the only solution is to replace the Mainboard with a new one.
That's what Doctor Printer friend wrote this afternoon Cause Epson L3110 Paper Jam. May be useful.

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