How to Increase Brand Awareness with Influencer Marketing

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Digital marketing seems to be no longer a foreign term in the ears of today's internet users. In fact, many social media users are very familiar with influencers, including the number of followers, activities carried out, and how to use their services.

This can actually be an opportunity for online businesses to be able to carry out marketing through influencers. You can do influencer marketing to achieve certain business goals. Want to use influencer marketing to increase brand awareness?

What is influencer marketing?

How to Increase Brand Awareness with Influencer Marketing

With the increasing need for digital marketing, currently there are more and more digital marketing strategies available. So, online businesses have more choices. One of them is influencer marketing which can be done to increase brand awareness. Have you ever heard of this digital marketing term before?

As with various other types of marketing, influencer marketing can be used by businesses to improve marketing, especially in the digital era like today.

Influencers have the ability to attract a wide range of target audiences. With their credibility, influencers can grow the interest of their followers on certain social media to find out more about the products they advertise.

What exactly is influencer marketing to increase brand awareness? As the name suggests, influencer marketing is a marketing strategy that online businesses can do using influencer services. Where influencers will help market the products or services of a brand or business.

Influencers themselves are people who are able to influence other people or social media users. The opinions of influencers will usually be listened to by their followers because they are considered to have abilities in certain fields, such as culinary, fashion, beauty, gadgets, and so on.

With a high level of trust from followers to influencers, of course influencer marketing to increase brand awareness is very possible for you to do when you are running an online business. Even so, you have to understand what kind of influencer can provide high returns so that it can provide benefits for the brand or product you are marketing.

In short, if you want to reach a large audience to be interested in the products or services you offer, influencer marketing can be the right choice. There are many factors as well as reasons that make influencer marketing increase, including:
  • A wide variety of content choices
  • The growth of influencer marketing agencies
  • More and more influencers

Also take a peek at how to build a digital marketing strategy that can help businesses get more profit.

What are types of influencer marketing?

After knowing what influencer marketing is or marketing using influencer services, of course you also have to know what the types are. Here are several types of influencer marketing to increase awareness and achieve sales targets:

1. Mega Influencers

Mega influencer is one of the types of influencer marketing available today. In the digital era like today, the role of influencers will be very helpful in marketing products or services. This one type is an influencer who has more than 1 million followers.

Usually come from artists, Instagram celebrities, or YouTubers. When choosing this type of influencer for digital marketing needs, there are several advantages and disadvantages.


Here are some of the advantages that online businesses can get when choosing this type of influencer marketing to build brand awareness on this one:

  • Mega influencers have a wide reach
  • Known by many people or internet users, including social media users
  • Help make it easier for businesses to get prospective customers or clients in a relatively short time


Despite offering many advantages, mega influencers also come with drawbacks, including:

  • The cost of using mega influencer services is relatively high
  • Possibility to reach less targeted clients

2. Influencers macro

The next type of influencer is macro influencer, namely influencers with more than 100 thousand to 1 million followers. This type of influencer generally comes from bloggers or vloggers. Even though they don't have as many followers as mega influencers, macro influencers also offer various advantages but are also not without drawbacks.


So, here are a number of advantages of using macro influencer marketing services to increase awareness and achieve sales targets:

  • The number of followers is in the hundreds of thousands to a million
  • Can reach potential customers or clients in a more targeted manner
  • Opportunity to get more customers or clients


Unfortunately, this type of macro influencer also has drawbacks, including:

  • Not everyone knows this one influencer
  • The range is not too broad or only a few areas

3. Micro Influencers

Micro influencer is a type of influencer marketing that you can choose for your digital marketing needs. Compared to the previous two types, the number of followers of this type of influencer is certainly less, namely one thousand to one hundred thousand.

However, those who fall into the micro influencer category usually have expertise in certain areas. So choosing this type of influencer can provide various advantages.


By choosing a micro influencer, there are a number of advantages that you can get, namely:

  • The level of customer or client trust is high
  • Marketing costs are more affordable
  • Drive closer relationships with customers or clients
  • Able to reach more targeted audience
  • It's easier to connect with these types of influencers


Like the other two types of influencers, micro influencers are also not without drawbacks, including:

  • Relatively small number of influencer followers
  • Not everyone is familiar with influencers with a limited number of followers

Intrigued by the differences between micro influencers and macro influencers? Come on, see the full review in this article!

What is the benefits of influencer marketing?

What is the benefits of influencer marketing

Are you sure that influencer marketing is the right choice to increase awareness? Basically, every type and strategy of digital marketing can provide benefits if executed properly. 

Therefore, not a few choose to use digital marketing services from Erzedka. Curious about the benefits of influencer marketing? Check out the following reviews!

1. Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness or audience awareness of a brand entering an online business is certainly a challenge and task for businesses that are just entering the online world. Therefore, the business requires the right marketing strategy.

Influencer marketing to increase awareness is one of the benefits that can be obtained by choosing the right influencer according to the type of business and target audience.

2. Effective in Reaching Target Audience

Apart from influencer marketing to increase awareness of a brand, this one digital marketing strategy can also reach the target audience effectively.

For this one purpose, you can choose influencers with followers that are almost the same as your business target audience. That way, your marketing will be much more effective.

3. Build Trust Fast

By utilizing influencer marketing, it will be easier to be able to build trust in a relatively shorter time. Internet or social media users will more easily believe in what their role model influencers are doing or promoting.

4. Increase Sales

The main goal of any business that is run offline or online is to get sales that impact as much profit as possible. If you want to increase sales and even exceed the target, you should consider using influencer services in marketing your product or service.

To be able to get more benefits from digital marketing, you should also study other types of digital marketing besides influencer marketing.

What are the steps involved in running an influencer marketing campaign?

To ensure that influencer marketing is able to help businesses achieve their goals, of course you have to have the right steps and strategies, right?

Here are some steps you can take when you want to implement influencer marketing to increase awareness and achieve other business goals:
  • Make sure you have defined who will be the target audience according to the product or service being sold and know the audience well
  • Determine the marketing goals you want to achieve whether to increase brand awareness, trust, or sales
  • Choose the right marketing media like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or others
  • Make a budget according to business capabilities
  • Consult with the influencers you want to choose
  • Construct, execute and evaluate campaigns appropriately

You can also follow influencer marketing trends so you can stay up-to-date and choose the right strategy.


Influencer marketing for awareness means that a business will use the services of an influencer to introduce a brand or product. The aim is to increase awareness of a brand so that people will know the existence of the brand.

Since people tend to easily trust influencers they idolize, of course, businesses can build brand awareness more easily. However, that does not mean that influencer marketing is the only choice for the right digital marketing strategy. There are many strategies you can try.

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