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Conversion Rate: Guide & 10 Ways to Optimize It

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    Websites must have high traffic and conversion rates in order to work optimally. Therefore, both are very important and must be optimized properly. Conversion rate is usually used as a parameter to measure the success of digital marketing. So, if you are curious about what a conversion rate is, let's find out together in this article!

    What is Conversion Rate?

    Conversion Rate: Guide & 10 Ways to Optimize It

    Conversion or conversion is when a visitor has completed the desired activity/action on a website. Actions, in this context, can take many forms.

    Meanwhile, conversion rate is a metric that measures the percentage of actions taken by users or potential customers after interacting with a digital marketing campaign, such as clicking on an ad, filling out a form, making a purchase or other action.

    A high conversion rate indicates a successful marketing and web design strategy. This means people are interested and want what you have to offer, and can easily get it.

    Conversion rate can determine the success of a company's sales and marketing efforts. However, in practice, this percentage often does not match expectations. So, how do you increase the conversion rate effectively?

    Apart from traffic, conversion rate also has an important role for a website. If you want to optimize website use for business, then you have to know what the conversion rate is.

    Conversion rate is a digital marketing term that describes the percentage of website visitors who take actions that benefit business owners out of total website visitors. A high conversion rate can be an indication of a successful marketing strategy and website design.

    Why is the conversion rate important?

    Conversion rate has an important role in reducing customer acquisition costs. The trick is to increase the interest of web visitors to the company or business and the products offered.

    Those of you who use digital media to do marketing should also start studying Social Media Marketing Strategies. This will help you choose the most appropriate strategy for you to use on various social media platforms.

    Just imagine if the landing page on your website has 4500 visitors every month with a conversion rate of 10%. This means that you get 450 new conversions without having to do anything.

    By optimizing the conversion rate, you have a greater chance of getting new customers or clients. However, this is not an easy matter because you have to do various research and trials and fail. Here are some reasons why the conversion rate is important:

    1. Increase Understanding of Customers

    In order for you to better understand your main audience, you must optimize conversion rates. Conversion rate optimization can also help find what language or message suits their needs.

    2. Better Return on Investment (ROI)

    A high conversion rate can provide opportunities to earn more income. In other words, you get a better return on investment than what you put in.

    3. Optimal Scalability

    As your business grows, conversion rate optimization allows you to grow without running out of potential buyers, customers or clients. It will be easier for a business to grow if you can turn visitors into potential buyers without having to increase costs and effort for marketing.

    4. Improved User Experience

    Users who feel helped when accessing the website will usually tend to stick around. The conversion rate will help you learn what influences the success and failure of websites. By developing a website, users will get a better experience.

    Finally, website users or visitors will take more in-depth actions such as buying products or services or filling in data. Not infrequently they are willing to become loyal customers who recommend your product.

    For those of you who want to reach a wider target audience, you can advertise your business via Facebook. Let's start learning Facebook Ads through this one article!

    What factors affect conversion rate?

    Before optimizing the conversion rate, it would be better to know what factors affect the results of the conversion rate. The following are the factors that affect the conversion rate of a website page:

    1. Value Proposition For Visitors

    The value proposition is the functional offering that visitors get when they take an action on a website. The goal is to show visitors that the site not only offers products, but also benefits them. These benefits can come in various forms such as free content, offers, or other useful things for website visitors. There are several examples of value propositions that are widely used, including:

      • Get discounts for purchasing products or services offered
      • Provide more benefits by offering special software for customers
      • Free ebook downloads offer to become an expert in a particular field..

    Usually the value proposition is synonymous with persuasive sentences so that potential customers can be more interested in taking certain actions. If you are still unsure and don't know how to make a value proposition sentence, you can learn copywriting from this article.

    2. Relevance to the Target Market

    The value proposition created must be in accordance with your goal, which is to attract the attention of visitors so that they become customers or clients. The possibility of conversion will be higher if you offer value that matches customer needs.

    For example, if you provide Facebook Ads advertising services, you can provide tutorials or ebooks on how to master Facebook ads.

    3. Offer Clarity

    Another important factor in the conversion rate is supply. You must make a clear and detailed offer so that visitors can be sure to take the action you expect, for example to make a purchase. Make sure that the message on the landing page about what is being offered is very clear.

    4. Content Quality

    One of the parameters that influence visitors to determine their view of your business is the quality of website content. Poor quality allows little conversion. So, you have to create quality content in terms of information, grammar, spelling, and ease of reading.

    Apart from that, you also have to learn what content marketing is and how to successfully optimize the content that you use for marketing, including content on your website or blog.

    5. Website Design

    Website design is an element that has an important role in optimizing conversion rates. Various elements from color combinations to Call to Action (CTA) have a significant impact on how site visitors will interact with the site.

    For those of you who plan to create a website that suits your goals and type of business, try to find out examples of suitable website designs.

    How do you do conversion rate optimization?

    Generally, every website owner or administrator wants to always get a high conversion rate. Even though this is a challenge, you can make it happen. Try some of the conversion rate optimization methods below.

    1. Create a CTA in the form of Text

    CTA stands for Call to Action, which is an invitation to visitors to take action such as subscribing or buying a product or service. You can create CTAs in various forms such as text, images, or buttons. However, CTA in the form of text will look simple but can produce high conversions.
    Create a CTA in the form of Text

    2. Optimization of Potential Blog Articles

    By implementing a content marketing strategy on a blog, some articles have the potential to generate high conversion rates compared to other articles. Try to start identifying which articles are capable of bringing in high traffic but the conversion rate is still not optimal.

    It could be that the articles you wrote last year still haven't resulted in the conversions you hoped for. Not only that, you also still have to optimize articles that have resulted in high conversions.

    So that the articles are always relevant to the needs of visitors, don't forget to always update the content of these articles. For those of you who want to display certain blogs or website pages in Google search results more quickly, take advantage of Google Ads.

    3. Add Customer Testimonials

    Trust is one of the factors that affect conversion rates especially for new visitors. You can convince them by posting portfolios, reviews, or testimonials. There is nothing wrong if you also install a money back guarantee to attract visitors.

    4. Using Pop Up Messages

    When visiting a website, we often encounter pop up messages. You can also use pop up messages to optimize conversion rates or conversion rate optimization. The trick is to first set the appearance of the website. Use an attractive design and complete a pop up message that you can set when it should appear. You can pop up messages when visitors signal that they want to leave your website.

    Still confused about how to increase the number of website visitors? If so, carry out promotions or advertisements on various social media including Facebook. Find out more about how Facebook Ads will help people find your website here!

    5. Do a Landing Page Test

    Landing page Is a website page that is specifically designed to increase the conversion rate. Usually, the link from the landing page is made slightly different from the homepage so that the visitor takes an action such as purchasing, subscribing to the newsletter, or something else.

    Just like any other website page, you need to test the landing page. See if the landing page has resulted in conversions that are in line with expectations or not.

    To make landing pages easier for internet users to find, use advertisements or promotions such as Google Ads. Find out how much Google Ads costs so you can maximize the existing budget for these needs!

    6. Make it easy for visitors to contact customer service

    Website visitors sometimes want to ask a number of things even though information about prices, specifications, and terms & conditions is already on the web page. You have to understand those needs by providing customer service.

    If you want to optimize conversion rates, then make sure you make it easy for visitors to contact customer service. You can display a help chat icon like a live chat on all website pages so that customers can easily contact customer service. For more details, see also the article on how to create a live chat on the following website!

    7. Promote via Help Chat

    Apart from offering promotions on the website, you can also try to do promotions via chat support. In some cases, visitors are not aware of attractive promotions on the websites they visit.

    Therefore, you should take advantage of chat support such as live chat so that they don't miss the promotion they are waiting for to get a product or service at the best price. You can offer promotions while interacting or replying to website visitor messages via the live chat.

    8. Do Remarketing

    You have done your best to increase the conversion rate. Unfortunately, reality says otherwise because many visitors leave the website without taking any action according to the targets and goals you set. If this happens continuously, then this can be a sign that you have to do remarketing. Remarketing allows you to show ads directly to people who have visited the website.

    When leaving the website, visitors will start seeing your business advertisements in various media including applications and social media that they access afterwards. This is an opportunity for you to advertise including on Facebook. Do you know how much Facebook Ads costs for each ad posted?

    9. Implement Easy Initial Process

    If you want to optimize a website's conversion rate, make the initial conversion steps as easy as possible. Avoid asking visitors to fill in too many fields such as name, telephone number, and so on.

    Instead, you can just ask for an email address. Too many fields to fill in can make customers discourage them from accepting your offer. Most internet users will be careful in providing personal information to parties they do not know.

    10. Create a Sense of Urgency

    Creating a sense of urgency will make visitors make decisions quickly, especially purchases. You can use the countdown or countdown to get offers. This is known as a marketing method that uses FOMO or fear of missing out.

    Some examples of FOMO that you can use are flash sales, year-end promos, new year promos, Saturday-Sunday promos, and so on.


    Conversion rate or conversion rate has an important role in increasing sales and business development. Therefore, you have to pay close attention to every website that you run. If some pages or even all of your website pages have a low conversion rate, this means you have to do optimization now.

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