19 Ways to Make Money on Your Phone

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In this online era, how to make money from a cell phone is not difficult. Many programs on various platforms offer money for those of you who want to find ways to earn money from the internet. However, with the proliferation of malicious websites, it is very important that you use caution when exploring the online world.

But don't worry, because in this article we will share various ways to get money from cellphones that are proven to be safe and reliable. Confused about how to pay installments? It seems like the right time to start how to make money from Smartphone even without big capital.

Let's take a peek at a number of ways to make money from cell phones that are suitable for everyone from all walks of life and backgrounds. Only with a smartphone that is always at hand and an internet connection, now you can turn your hobby into a way of making money.

How to Make Money From Smartphone

14+ Ways to Make Money From Smartphone, Without Big Capital

For those of you who are still confused about getting started, there are many ways to get money from Smartphone, which we explain in this article, including the steps. In fact, there are things you can do without capital!

So, for those who are just starting out, here's how to make money from a cell phone to get dollars just from the palm of your hand:

Have talent and ability but still waiting for a job call? Or maybe you are a housewife or student who wants to make money without having to spend a lot of capital? Here are some ways to make money from mobile phones for anyone who is interested and wants to increase their dollar coffers:

1. Become a Reseller

Want to be able to make money but don't have much capital? Does that mean you are interested in becoming a reseller? Resellers are parties who will sell certain products at the same price as sellers or shops.

Usually, individuals who wish to join as resellers must first register. Some are free, some are paid with various package options that can be adjusted according to the capital they have.

One of the advantages of being a reseller is getting special prices, so you can sell products at the same price as the store or seller where you join as a reseller. Apart from that, resellers usually get guides, tips, and promotional and marketing strategies so they can attract customers.

2. Join the Affiliate Program

Apart from being a reseller, participating in an affiliate program can also be a way to make money from cellphones that are increasingly in demand. This is proven by the increasing number of people offering products by including a purchase link in the content they share.

That way, people who are interested in the product can buy the product through the shared link. Then, affiliates will get a commission from every product that is successfully sold.

3. Social Media Admin

14+ Ways to Make Money From Smartphone, Without Big Capital

Becoming a social media admin also includes opportunities and ways to get money from Smartphone. You can choose a job that doesn't require going to an office or workshop. Because work as a social media admin can be done remotely.

This means social media admins can work from anywhere as long as it doesn't hinder their work. Have you ever tried this method to get money?

4. Fill out Surveys

A way to make money from a cellphone that is no less interesting and you should try is to fill out surveys. There are many parties that offer paid surveys so that it provides an opportunity to be able to get enough money through your favorite smartphone and only with internet capital.

5. Selling Credit

Selling credit is also a way to make money from Smartphone. Although it is no longer new, this method is still widely practiced because of the large number of enthusiasts. Not everyone uses m-banking and has a digital wallet. So, they have to go to a minimarket or counter to be able to buy credit.

By offering credit, people can contact you to be able to get credit according to their needs. Of course, this is far more effective than having to go out of the house, especially in certain conditions, such as heavy rain, at night, and hot.

6. Invest

How to make money from Smartphoneby investing does need capital. However, you can adjust the amount of capital according to the capabilities and investment instruments you choose. As a beginner, you should choose the type of investment that can be started with minimal capital but can still provide benefits.

Because investment can now be done via cellphone, it's easier for you to be able to get a return on the capital you invest. It is enough to choose a trusted investment platform and prepare some capital.

7. Become a Writer

14+ Ways to Make Money From Smartphone, Without Big Capital

With more and more online novels, you must have realized that writing can now be done via a smartphone. If you have lots of creative ideas and interesting stories in your head, it's best to turn them into novels or short stories that can attract a large number of readers.

By making money from this cellphone, you can earn more money so you can meet your daily needs. Writing is not limited to writing novels. Currently, many parties offer jobs as writers for various needs, including website content, blogs, and book writers.

8. Through the App Referral Program

Sounds weird but it's true, the application referral program provides a cash opportunity for those who are looking for ways to make money from cellphones. The method is also quite easy, you only need to invite people to install and use certain applications through the referral code that you share.

You can share the code individually via private messages or through various social media. It's not uncommon for creators to share referral codes through videos they share on social media. So, for those of you who have lots of followers or friends on social media, of course there is a greater chance of being able to earn money in this way.

9. Sell on the Marketplace

Selling doesn't have to go around from house to house, right? In this digital era, you can start selling on the marketplace or on your personal website. This is also a way to make money from a promising cellphone.

By determining the product you want to sell, then you can register by creating a seller account on the marketplace. If you feel that it is better to have your own online store, immediately create an online store using Erzedka's website creation services as soon as possible.

10. Enter the Giveaway

14+ Ways to Make Money From Smartphone, Without Big Capital

When accessing Social Media, it's not uncommon for us to see giveaway offers from various parties, both in the form of products or some money. If you are interested, of course you can make it as a way to make money from Smartphone.

However, don't neglect main obligations and activities just for the sake of following the giveaway schedule. This means that you still have to prioritize the important things in life even if you want to get the chance to win the giveaway.

11. Selling Social Media Accounts

Have a social media account with lots of followers? Well, this has the potential to be a way to make money from Smartphone. Today, there is a lot of need for using social media, especially accounts with a large number of followers.

If you are interested in getting easy money, sell your social media accounts and money is ready to fill your dollars coffers. However, you should still be careful and selective in choosing a potential buyer. You must ensure that the social media account will not be used for crimes or other risky actions.

It would be better to sell social media accounts to parties who will use them for promotional and business needs, namely to attract more target audience and potential customers.

12. Offers Video Editing Services

Currently, both products and services can be accessed easily and quickly via the internet. This is an opportunity for anyone who wants to earn money without having to spend a lot of capital. One way is to offer video editing services.

To be able to find potential clients, you can use a cellphone, namely by offering video editing services on various social media platforms. Give examples of video edits you've done and get ready to earn money easily and quickly.

13. Become a Dropshipper

The dropship program is certainly no longer foreign. Why? Many people are happy to get money from this way of making money from Smartphone. Yes, you don't need capital and you don't have to have stock, but you can sell.

Dropship means, you sell goods offered by certain stores or sellers. Where you can exaggerate the price so you can get a profit. Then, offer the item or product to potential buyers. When a potential buyer matches and orders the product you are selling, the seller will send the item to the destination address.

In this way, of course getting money doesn't need a lot of capital, right? Most importantly, there is an internet connection so you can become a Dropshipper.

14. Reading news

So, for those of you who want to stay productive even if only through a smartphone, you can try how to make money from this cellphone, namely by reading news or articles. Usually, there are platforms that offer fees for those who read news or articles.

The more people read, the more money can be collected through coins which can be cashed out later. This easy method is certainly suitable for anyone, including housewives or even students. So, you can still make money without forgetting your main obligations.

15. Unlock Paid Promotions on Social Media

14+ Ways to Make Money From Smartphone, Without Big Capital

Still need more ways to make money from Smartphone? Why not open paid promotions on social media? This method is mostly done by those who have a fairly large number of followers.

Parties who need your services to promote certain products or services will pay for the promotions you do. Even if you're not yet a big influencer, there's nothing wrong with trying this method to earn money.

16. Become an Online Game Jockey

The way to make money from a cellphone while carrying out a hobby is to become an online game jockey. Well, you can look for people who want to reach a certain game level that need to be jockeys.

Those who are too busy or always fail to rise to a certain level in online games usually use other people's services to play their favorite games. For those who have expertise in playing online games, this can be an opportunity and a fun way to make money.

17. Fill in the Captcha

The next way to get money via a popular smartphone is to fill in captchas. What is meant by a captcha is, a security test that must be completed to distinguish between humans and bots.

Some platforms like 2captcha.com offer an opportunity for users to fill in captchas and get rewarded in the form of money or points. The working mechanism is fairly easy, you can enter as many captchas as you can. Every 1000 captchas you input can get a reward of $ 1..

18. Offer Copywriting Services

One way to make money from a cell phone without capital is copywriting. For those of you who don't know, copywriting is the science of writing persuasive text designed to influence readers to take certain actions.

In the context of digital business, copywriting is very important for creating advertisements, sales materials, website content, and even email messages that can convince the target audience to buy the products or services you offer.

Why do you have to try how to get money from this cellphone? This is because copywriting is now one of the most sought-after skills in the online business world. Many companies and individuals need writers who are able to produce effective persuasive texts.

If you have mastered copywriting techniques well, you can immediately start offering this service. You can get clients from freelance platforms or promote a portfolio featuring your copywriting work. If not, you can learn copywriting techniques first. Starting from how to make attractive headlines to writing persuasive body copy.

19. Become the Narrator of an Audiobook

In this digital era, the demand for audiobooks continues to increase, so many writers and publishers are looking for narrators to present their work in audio format. That's why audiobook narrator is one of the popular ways to make money from cell phones.

One website that provides this service is acx.com. This one website will provide monetary rewards for those of you who qualify as the audiobook narrator. You only need to create an account and register first. Typically, project owners will ask you to provide sound samples while reading a book manuscript for a few minutes.

If you pass, then you can start working with the project owner. The payment system is different for each project, it can be full payment up front or payment with a royalty of 50% per audiobook sale.


With so many ways to make money from a cell phone, of course there's no longer any reason it's difficult to find a job that keeps you from being unemployed, right?

If possible, you can run many ways at once so that more money can be generated every day. Those are 26 recommendations for how to make money from cellphones that you can try. In essence, making money nowadays is easy to do because of the sophistication of smartphones that can do various jobs.

So, if you want to get a big income from how to make money via cellphone. For example, becoming a freelancer, joining affiliates, or becoming an online tutor. Of course you need more vigorous promotion with good personal branding.

One way to make this happen is to have your own portfolio website. Of course your website should not be made haphazardly, aka your website must always have good performance.

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