How to Clear the Cache and Cookies on PC & Labtop

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What is cache? Cache is a component in hardware or software that is used to store data so that when there is a demand for the data, the service will be carried out faster. This cache itself is able to speed up the running of an application either on a laptop or smartphone because the data from the application is already stored in the cache.

Typically, cached data may be the result of previous computations or copies of data stored elsewhere. Although, cache can help speed up the process of running an application, but the accumulation of too much cache that overloads the hard disk can make the laptop, smartphone, or tablet that you use slow or slow.
Therefore, we should delete the cache that is very piled up to improve processes on the computer / laptop. Of course, it will be very annoying if your laptop becomes slow when you are using it because not only is it a waste of time but your work will also become ineffective.

Well, in this article I will explain how to clear the cache on your disk. For further explanation, let's see the explanation below.

How do I clear the cache on my laptop?

2 Ways to Clear Cache on a Laptop / PC for Beginners, Very Easy!

How to clear cache on laptop/PC? The method is very easy and simple. Here, I will explain 2 ways to clear cache on a laptop, namely through the CCleaner application and the Disk Clean up tool (default Windows 10).


1. CCleaner

The following are the steps for clearing cache on a laptop using CCleaner.

a. Install CCleaner

  • First download the CCleaner application Here.
  • Then, double click on the CCleaner installer.
  • Wait until the loading process is complete.
  • Then, click the Install button.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Finally, click the Run CCleaner button to run CCleaner.

b. Delete Temporary Files

1. Click the Cleaner menu (on the left side of the CCleaner window) to display a screen as shown below. There are two panels, namely Windows and Applications on the left side then on the right side there is an empty box that will display information or the results of the deletion.

2. Then, select the items you want to delete in the Windows and Applications sections. Then, click the Run Cleaner button to start deleting the temporary files.

3. Click the Continue button.

4. Wait for the deletion process to complete.

3. Clear Free Space on Disk
  • Click the Tools menu >> Drive Wiper.
  • Then click Wipe, then select the item Free Space Only or Entire Drive (All data will be erased). Here, I chose Free Space Only.
  • Click Security, select the desired option, for example here I choose Advanced Overwrite (3 passes). If deleting a file doesn't overwrite the actual data, then the solution is to use the overwrite option.

The more passes you choose to overwrite the more likely it is that the data cannot be effectively recovered in any way. Generally, one pass is sufficient for overwrite (Simple Overwrite).

4. After that, select the disk to be cleaned in the Drives section.

5. Finally, click the Wipe button to start the wipe.

6. Wait until the cleaning process is complete.

Disk Cleanup

2. Disk Cleanup

Apart from using the CCleaner application, you can also use the built-in Windows tools to clean the disk. The following below shows how to clean a disk using Disk Cleanup.
  1. Open File Explorer on your computer and click the This PC menu.
  2. Then, right-click on the disk to be cleaned and click Properties.
  3. In the Properties window, click the Disk Cleanup button.
  4. Next, check the files that you want to delete. Then, click OK.
  5. Click the Delete Files button to continue disk cleaning.
  6. Wait until the process is complete.
  7. Finally, click the OK button to close the Properties window.

That's a discussion about how to clean cache on a laptop / PC through CCleanner and the Disk Cleanup tool. Well, hopefully the discussion about how to clear the cache on a laptop / PC that has been described above is useful and good luck. Thank You!

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