PBN vs Content Placement, Which is Better?

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There are PBN (Private Blog Network) providers who say that PBN is better than Content Placement. Cheaper too. Ok calm down first. Let's review it slowly so that everyone understands. In my opinion, PBN could be better, but it could also be that Content Placement (CP) is better.

How come? Because of course the score from the website is not the same. Between PBN 1 and other PBNs it is different, between CP 1 and other CPs it is also not the same. Therefore, before judging which one is better, it's best to first check the website where we will place the link.

What is PBN (Private Blog Network)?

What is PBN (Private Blog Network)

PBN (Private Blog Network) is an SEO technique in the form of creating a network containing several websites managed by the same person. The purpose of creating this website is to provide backlink directions that lead to the main site.

The more websites that are managed to direct backlinks to the main site, the authority of the website will also rise to the top position on Google, which will help increase website traffic.

So, how do you differentiate between PBN blogs and main blogs? Websites that are specifically used to create PBNs usually have expired domains, while the main blog uses first-hand domains.

The expired domains used are those that have been indexed by search engines but have no longer been renewed by the owner. However, not all expired domains can be used for PBN, because the domain may have been penalized by Google for having content that does not comply with the rules.

Even though this link building technique tends to be ancient, even now many people still use it to help improve their main site.

What is the use of PBN?

Apart from the benefits, there are several advantages if you use PBN as an SEO strategy. Despite the existing controversy, PBN is a quality backlink technique to boost the main site. With good PBN management, the right keyword placement and a good domain reputation, you can make the backlinks coming out of the PBN quality.

However, this cannot happen if it is not balanced with quality or organic content. Even though it's a PBN blog, you also have to fill it with quality content or articles, not just copy-paste. To compete on SERPs, most blog owners usually buy backlink services.

However, if you have your own PBN then you don't need to bother spending money to buy backlinks. In fact, from here you can open your own backlink service so you can increase your income.

What is Content Placement?

What is Content Placement

Content placement is a marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, build reputation as well as link building in business. In terms of terms, content placement is referred to as the publication of content in the form of articles on other people's websites or blogs, to build a brand image online to the audience.

So it is not surprising that several companies use this strategy to introduce their brand. This promotional technique also functions to build backlinks or link building which is very important in website SEO.

Of course, not all websites can use content placement. There are several conditions that must be met so that your website can be used and which you must pay attention to if you want to use this promotional strategy on other websites, namely:

  • Websites or blogs have high blog traffic
  • Websites or blogs must regularly update posts
  • Websites or blogs are not counted as spam by search engines
  • The website or blog is busy with visitors
  • Posts, works or content on blogs are original works and do not plagiarize other people's work
  • Posts, works or content in blogs have qualified PA and DA
  • Posts, work or content on the blog must be in line with the company that will advertise

This promotional strategy itself is preferred by business websites or institutional websites because it is considered more attractive than advertisements which are not liked by many internet users. You could say that content placement is a user-friendly soft promotion technique where promotion is carried out through a different presentation concept, namely through articles.

Apart from that, this strategy sometimes does not mention the name of the brand or openly recommends readers to buy directly, resulting in a softer impression and not as pushy as display advertising. However, content placement is not limited to promotional strategies through articles or other free works on other parties' websites, but can also be on your own website.

What are the Benefits of Using Content Placement?

Before you want to use this strategy. Pay attention to the following benefits of using content placement for businesses

1. Building a Business Image

Business image or business image is other people's perception of your business when they hear the name of your business. A business image consists of information, events, personal stories, promotional activities that are intertwined and work together to give a positive impression to the public. 

You can improve the positive image of your business by creating articles or free writing. For example, create articles related to customer testimonials or articles containing social activities or programs carried out by your business.

2. Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a marketing term to assess the extent to which consumers recognize a product by its name. With this strategy, you can increase customer or public awareness about your product. You can create articles or free works related to your products. 

For example, an article with the title "What is the Right Hosting Service for MSMEs?" where apart from explaining the right hosting services, you can include a discussion about the hosting products you have at the end.

3. Add Backlinks and Website Traffic

You can optimize your website by creating content that is original, interesting, has hot topics and lots of benefits and adds backlinks so that more visitors come to your website. That way, your website traffic will also increase so you can generate more conversions. 

Apart from creating articles, you also have to optimize the features on your website so that there are no interruptions or other problems such as long loading times when visitors visit your website.

4. Save promotional costs

As previously stated, content placement is a marketing promotion strategy. This means that the content or articles created are promotional materials that can last quite a long time because their effectiveness can last longer than other conventional promotional strategies such as display advertising.

This of course depends on the website where the content or article is uploaded. As long as the website domain is still valid and can be accessed, the articles or promotional content can still be accessed by other users and become an effective promotional weapon until they are finally withdrawn/deleted. This is what allows you to save on promotional costs.

5. Make promotional strategies more varied

In general, there are many promotional strategies that you can apply to your business. Starting from traditional advertisements on TV or billboards to face to face promotions. The existence of technology also adds variety to promotional strategies, such as using social media to soft promotions such as content placement.

The advantage of this strategy compared to other strategies is that the promotional costs are less (especially if you decide to upload articles on your own website) and the offers that can be given can also be more diverse because the presentation of promotional content is different compared to other strategies.

6. Improve website position in search engines

By using this strategy, you can improve your website's position in search engines. This is also in line with increasing web traffic. This means that the more people visit, the higher your web traffic will be.

In order to achieve this, the promotional content or articles that you create must be in accordance with SEO techniques such as using the right backlinks and keywords that are currently trending. If your website or content is positioned at the top of search engines, the greater impact you can feel.

Check Metrix Score

PBN vs Content Placement, Which is Better?

1. Page Authority and Domain Authority

Page authority is a score that shows how likely a website page is to rank high in search engines. You could say page authority is the domain authority version of the website page. So, all characteristics are the same, the score is calculated on a scale of 1 to 100.

Page Authority and Domain Authority are score metrics provided by Moz.com. You can use this value to see and compare how good the score is for PBN or CP.

2. Trust Flow and Citation Flow

Trust Flow and Citation Flow are score metrics provided by Majestic.com. TF states how high quality the backlinks to the website are. Meanwhile, CF shows the number of incoming backlinks.

3. Domain Score

The domain authority score is a number shown on a scale of 1 to 100. The higher the domain authority score obtained, the better your website management will be. This DS or Domain Score can be checked on Ubersuggest.

4. Domain Rating

Domain Rating (DR) is a metric used to measure the authority and strength of a domain. Understanding and improving DR can have a positive impact on search engine rankings, credibility and user trust.

You can check the Domain Rating at ahrefs.com. Compare all matrix scores provided by each website. What is clear is that the bigger the value, the better. From these comparisons, you will be able to judge which backlinks from PBN or CP are better?

Price Issues

Then about price. Most blog CPs that understand SEO cost around $10 – $15/web. Many bloggers still accept it for $10.

Meanwhile, PBN costs Rp. $75, for example, for 10 websites. This means that 1 backlink from a PBN costs around $10. This could be less or more depending on the prices of each PBN provider.

It looks like PBN is cheaper, right? It is true. However, PBN is not necessarily better for its metric score value. So to be fair, you have to check everything.

Other Things to Note

Apart from the score and price, there are several other things such as

1. Former Web What?

You must know that most PBN websites use aged domains. Namely a domain that has been around for a long time and has not been renewed, then has backlinks from high authority sites.

So, for example, your website is in Indonesian. Think about it. Is it better to get pure backlinks from websites in Indonesian or used websites in other languages?

2. High Authority Backlink

Are you sure all PBN websites have backlinks from high-authority sites? Even if there are, how many?Or we made another question, is getting backlinks from sites that have High Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) enough to increase the site's ranking?

We answer, NO! Backlinks from sites with high Domain Authority and Page Authority do not guarantee that the backlinks are quality.

The reason? Search engines not only assess backlinks in terms of DA and PA, there are also many factors that influence them. We can see this from the information on the Links menu on the Webmaster of each search engine, not all links that we link to sites with high DA & PA are displayed, because they are not considered worthy of being backlinks.

Even if you are more careful, many sites with high DA & PA have high SPAM scores. You can check the SPAM value of a site using Moz's free online check tool.

Google itself does not consider DA & PA as an SEO signal, and does not publish information on the criteria for good and quality backlinks. Bing and Yandex webmasters are the same. They only provide an explanation of creating backlinks that are considered worthy.

3. Traffic

Does the PBN have organic traffic? I'm sure most of them don't have any traffic. It's different from a personal website that provides content placement. There must be traffic because the articles are regularly updated.

4. OBL

OBL is OutBound Link, namely outbound link. I'm sure most PBNs have an outgoing link in every article. Because generally PBN is only used as a source of backlinks or cash cows.

This is different from CP provider websites which of course minimize OBL. Lots of informational articles. And even though there are outgoing links like in this article, of course they have been arranged towards a large and natural web according to the topic of discussion.

5. List disclosure

I mean here, most PBN providers don't disclose their PBN list. So in my opinion there is less open information for prospective backlink buyers. So you can't check the metrix score of each PBN website.

There is also a description of having a backlink from the high-authority CNN, Hufingtonpost, etc. site. However, it turns out that not all PBNs have links from there. Doesn't the buyer feel cheated?

It's different, for example you want to collaborate on content placement with this anam.my.id website. You can first check the updated metrix score. More open and really able to make decisions after careful thought.

For example, if you are a PBN provider, don't be offended yet... maybe you can learn something from what I'm conveying here to be more open. Expensive cheap a service is actually relative. I also often buy PBN services for my sales website.


So, now you understand more about the meaning of PBN? Private Blog Network or PBN is a group of blogs that are managed with the aim of planting backlinks to the main monetized site (moneysite).

PBN can provide many benefits, including helping to increase rankings on Google SERP. However, don't forget to pay attention to the risks you will experience, namely penalties from Google and the costs are not cheap.

So, that was an explanation of PBN and content placement. In short, content placement is a soft promotion technique in digital marketing in the form of content or articles that you can apply to other parties' websites or your own business website. Generally, institutional websites or business websites use bloggers/influencers as talent and the targets of this soft promotion are more specific with long-term effectiveness.

Ok, from here maybe you can draw a conclusion. I also don't feel that everything I wrote is correct, there could be mistakes. What is clear is that there are many factors that need to be considered if you really want to compare the good of PBN or Content Placement. Well, hopefully you will be entertained by this content..!!

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