How to Create a YouTube Channel for Business

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Do you know how to create a YouTube channel? YouTube is a video-based social media that is widely used by people from all over the world. Through YouTube, you can share videos about your products and business. Therefore, you need to know how to create a YouTube channel.

As one of the most widely used social media, YouTube opens up enormous opportunities to develop business. In fact, you can earn income without needing to sell anything. You only need to upload an interesting video.

To be able to upload videos, you must first have a YouTube channel. Apart from that, you also need to create video content that is original and attracts users' attention. That way, you can get lots of subscribers and viewers.

Maximizing YouTube for small and medium businesses or MSMEs is a challenge in itself. Because, consistency is needed in producing quality videos. This is in line with the benefits you will get.

So how do you create a YouTube channel? What are some tips for making interesting videos? Check out the following explanation!

What is YouTube?

Nowadays, it seems quite commonplace that people know what YouTube is and what its uses are, but it seems that not many people know the story of its emergence to become as big as it is today. YouTube is a media sharing site, which is a type of social media that facilitates users to share video and audio media. YouTube has become one of the most popular video viewing platforms today.

People use YouTube to view the latest news, search for information, and even for entertainment such as watching films, listening to songs or watching various tutorials.

YouTube was designed as a video sharing site that is very popular, especially among the younger generation. Most of the younger generation uses YouTube in their daily lives.

Reporting from, 93.8% of Indonesian people use YouTube as one of the frequently used social media. Through YouTube, you also have the power to connect with a large and diverse audience. More than 1.9 billion people log in to YouTube every month.

YouTube is an open platform. Reporting from the official website, YouTube shares the values they have. YouTube has values based on four main freedoms: freedom of expression, freedom to obtain information, freedom to use opportunities, and freedom to have a place to create.

YouTube believes everyone has the right to express their opinion, so the world will be a better place if we are willing to listen, share and build community through our stories.

How to Create a YouTube Channel

How to Create a YouTube Channel for Business

Reporting from YouTube, there are two ways to create a YouTube channel. YouTube channels are divided into personal channels and business channels. Here's how to make it.

1. How to create a private YouTube channel:

  • Log in to the YouTube site via a computer or mobile device.
  • Click the profile image in the top right corner, then click "Create Channel" or "Create a Channel".
  • Next you will be asked to create a YouTube channel.
  • Double-check the detailed information, such as name and profile photo. Then confirm to create your channel.

2. How to create a Business YouTube channel:

  • Log in to YouTube via computer or mobile device.
  • Open your channel list.
  • Choose to create a new channel (create a new channel) or use a business account that you have (use an existing Brand Account).
  • Create a channel by clicking “Create a new channel”.
  • Create a new channel using your business account. If your business account already has a channel, you cannot create a new channel.
  • Fill in the requested information, such as your channel name. Then click “create” to create a new channel.
  • To add a channel manager, follow the instructions for changing channel owners and managers.

That's how to create a YouTube channel that you can try. Having a YouTube channel for business also has several benefits. What are the benefits?

Benefits of YouTube Channels for Business

Benefits of YouTube Channels for Business

After knowing how to create a YouTube channel, next you also need to know what benefits you can get. Summarized from Eclincher, here are some of the benefits of YouTube for business.

1. Make it easier for customers to find your business

YouTube is part of Google. When you search for a topic on Google, sometimes the search results that appear are videos from YouTube.

Having a YouTube channel for your business allows your products to be easily found by potential customers.

As a businessman, of course you have to make the best use of social media.The easier it is for customers to find your business, the greater the possibility of sales.

2. Reach a Large Audience

YouTube is visited by more than 30 million active users every day. YouTube also has a local version available in 88 countries with 76 languages.

YouTube users are very diverse and come from various walks of life. People of all ages, education levels, occupations, and income levels all use YouTube as a medium of entertainment.

It is very possible for your channel or video to be watched by people from various backgrounds and from any location. Your business will be known quickly.

3. Video Content is More Interesting

Video content is much more interesting than images and writing. That is why video-based social media is visited by many active users. Instead of making monotonous visual promotional media, you can try making more interesting videos.

With YouTube, you can make videos with unlimited duration. Of course, you can express your creativity more freely.

4. Take advantage of YouTube Ads

One feature that is useful for businesses is the advertising feature. YouTube advertising works through Google Adwords. YouTube ads are different from ads on other social media.

Imagine how many people use and spend their time on YouTube. YouTube can organize and send your ads only to potential users. So your advertising will be right on target and have a significant impact on your business.

5. Get Income Through Video

The specialty of YouTube compared to other social media is that you can earn income without needing to sell anything. Sources of income can come from advertising and sponsorship.

For example, you must have seen advertisements that appear before YouTube videos play. This advertising is a source of income.

To earn income from YouTube, there are several conditions that must be met, namely:

  • Have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.
  • Live in an area that is included in the YouTube Partner program.
  • Follows YouTube policies and does not violate copyright.
  • A minimum of 4,000 hours of video content has been watched in a year.
  • Connect with Adsense.

How to upload videos and develop a YouTube channel

How to upload videos and develop a YouTube channel

  • Upload video files from a computer or mobile device.
  • Then add descriptive details that can help people find your video. Before clicking Publish, you need to add some information such as title, description, and thumbnail. These details are called metadata and have an impact on video discovery. Therefore, use words and images that provide an accurate and engaging glimpse of what the audience can expect.
  • People watch your videos. YouTube's search and discovery algorithms work in the background, to match viewers with videos they are most likely to watch and enjoy. Many factors influence this, such as what videos have been watched, not watched, liked, disliked, and so on by each viewer.
  • Fans come back for more. When someone enjoys a video, they can subscribe to your channel and share it with friends and family. Viewers leave comments on videos and you can reply to them. Learn more about community interactions.

Before becoming a YouTube creator, there are several general terms and a number of differences between YouTube compared to other platforms that you must understand, namely:

  • Watch time is how long viewers watch your content. Watch Time plays an important role, because YouTube can show your content to more people based on their viewing patterns. Learn more.
  • Subscribers are viewers who have said they want to watch more of your content, and clicked the Subscribe button on your channel. Subscribers play a big role in your success on YouTube, because they tend to watch your channel more often than viewers who don't subscribe. If they have Notifications enabled, they will be notified when you post a new video. They can also see your newly published videos in the Subscriptions feed.
  • Community refers to connecting with an audience on a deeper level. You can do this by interacting with viewers in the Comments section of a video, hosting a live stream for loyal fans, creating videos requested by the community, or sharing additional content via the Community tab (in beta).

How to Upload videos on YouTube on Smartphone

Before you upload a video, the first thing you have to do is log in using your Google account to create a YouTube Channel. Usually the YouTube application is synchronized directly with your Google account if you have previously registered a Google account on your smartphone or laptop/PC.

  • Tap “Create” or click the “+” logo.
  • Record a new video or select an existing video in your gallery.
  • Optionally, you can make improvements and select “Next”:
  • Trim the video by dragging the edge of the light blue box below your video.
  • Add filters to your videos.
  • Add video details, then select “Next”.
  • Select “Yes, this content is Made for Kids" or "No, this content is not Made for Kids" to select your audience. Learn more about Made for Kids settings.
  • Select "Yes, limit my videos to viewers 18 and over" or "No, do not limit my videos to viewers 18 and over" to select an audience. Learn more about age restrictions.
  • Finally, click “Upload” to publish your video.

How to upload videos on YouTube on a laptop/PC

  • Click the “Create” button
  • Record a new video or select an existing video in your gallery.
  • Add video details, then there is an option that offers whether the video you uploaded was made for children or not. Select according to your video category. Then click "Next"
  • After that, YouTube will carry out a copyright check. YouTube will notify you if your video does or does not violate copyright. Then click "Next"
  • Click Publish to complete the process of uploading a public video to YouTube. If you set your video's privacy settings to Private or Not Public, just click Done to complete the upload, or click Share to share the video privately.


So, those are some of the benefits and ways to create a YouTube channel for business. You definitely need to make the most of YouTube's presence. Come on, create your own business channel!

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