Top 12 Free Accounting Applications, Suitable for Business People

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Are you a beginner businessman? Free accounting applications can help you manage business finances. 
Managing financial reports is very crucial in business, accurate and efficient calculations are two things that are needed by all lines of business.

If you still manage your finances manually, unwanted human errors often occur. Now, there are many free accounting applications available that you can use. This free digital accounting application can have various features that manual money management doesn't have.

For example, financial reports can be generated automatically, can be accessed on various occasions, reducing human error and much more. Because the features above really help your business, you don't need to worry if you don't understand business accounting issues.

Tips for Managing Online Business Accounting

12 Free Accounting Applications, Suitable for Business People

Online business is currently one of the promising opportunities in the digital era. In online business, you also need to pay attention to managing financial accounting properly and correctly. For this reason, managing accounting well is very necessary to facilitate financial management and business transactions.

1. Record transactions regularly

Discipline is the main thing in doing business, including recording all existing accounting transactions. This record includes income costs and expenditure costs. Some examples are income costs that come from sales profits, injections from investors, commissions or bonuses from suppliers and so on. Meanwhile, one of the expenses is billing costs, such as internet quota, electricity and others.

You can record these costs periodically. Starting from daily, weekly and monthly transactions. Not only that, to make it easier for you to track all transactions, you should save existing evidence, such as invoices, receipts and other evidence.

2. Separate personal finances from business

Even though this point is actually important, it is often overlooked by online business people. In any business, including online business, make it a habit not to mix personal money with business money. This could become a bad habit for you if you continuously use money from your business for personal interests.

You will definitely experience difficulties when managing business accounting when you want to do bookkeeping. To prevent this from happening, you can create a separate bank account. For example, an account at bank A is for business transactions, and bank B is focused on personal needs. 

Apart from making it easier for you to manage online business accounting, this separation can also make it easier to organize subsequent business strategies.

3. Calculate profit and loss carefully

The essence of managing accounting in an online business is that you need to ensure profit and loss. The simple way is, you can calculate it by subtracting the sales results from your online business from the production costs. However, if you want your profit percentage to increase, you need to make extra effort to increase sales.

You can also increase profits by reducing production costs. Therefore, you need to be more creative in how to reduce operational costs and increase sales results. You can also evaluate profit and loss within a certain period of time during the sales period. If your business tends to experience losses, you need to look for other strategies and alternatives to increase sales again.

4. Keep good bookkeeping

Apart from calculating profit and loss, the most important thing in managing your online business accounting is making good and easy to read bookkeeping. This bookkeeping covers all transactions during a certain period, starting from income costs and expenditure costs. The function of bookkeeping is as financial control to monitor business developments.

Making bookkeeping is not easy, if you feel inadequate, you can use the services of a professional accountant. Now, to make it easier, you can use the best accounting software because it can save time and minimize errors made when doing manual bookkeeping.

List of the Best Accounting Applications

12 Free Accounting Applications, Suitable for Business People

If you are interested in using a free electronic accounting application, here are recommendations for a free digital accounting application to make managing your business money easier.

1. GnuCash

The first recommended free accounting application is GnuCash. This accounting platform is very suitable for MSME businesses or other personal businesses that you can use on Apple and Windows computer devices.

GnuCash is designed to make it easy for you to carry out business activities, such as tracking income on bank accounts, expenses and shares and many more services are available.

One of the main attractions of GnuCash is that this platform can create standard financial reports and can be made in graphical form which makes it very easy for any type of business. You can enjoy this digital accounting application for free and can be used without an internet connection.

2. ZipBooks

Another free accounting application that can help manage your business money is ZipBooks. This accounting platform is widely used by small and medium businesses because of the convenience it offers.

If you are still confused about how to operate this free accounting application, you can use the live chat service on the official ZipBooks website to answer all the questions you have. The main attraction of ZipBooks is the four main features provided, namely Accounting, Billing (billing), business intelligence, and, Expenses (expenses).

The Accounting feature will support all accounting processes for your business, the billing feature can send bills and receive payments automatically, the business intelligence feature can provide financial reports that you can use as a benchmark in your next business steps, and the expense feature can manage financial expenses.

You can use ZipBooks for free or you can take advantage of more complete features by upgrading to the paid version.

3. Wave Accounting

A free accounting application that will make your next business accounting matters easier is Wave Accounting. This platform is very suitable for small and medium entrepreneurs to develop their business and better financial management.

Wave Accounting has two main features, namely Accounting Software and Invoice Software. The accounting feature can track income and costs, financial reports, journal transactions, and much more. Meanwhile, the invoice feature has the ability to create invoices with various currency exchange rates, automatic payments, due notifications, can send them easily, and so on.

Wave Accounting will not charge you any subscription fees. So, you can enjoy all the available features without worrying about additional expenses for using this free accounting application.

4. Bokio

Small and medium entrepreneurs, aka MSMEs, who have a minimal budget for accounting matters, can try one of the free accounting applications from Sweden called Bokio. Bokio can make your business activities easier because it has complete features, a design that is easy to use.

Bokio has features for automatic financial reports, creating invoices, expense management, and you can take advantage of the live chat feature if you want to ask about the available features.

Even though you can use Bokio for free, there are also two monthly paid versions which are quite affordable, namely the Balance version for IDR 167,000 and IDR 297,000 for the Business version and enjoy the additional features available.


The next free accounting application that you can try is Accounting platforms are able to benefit buyers and suppliers because they can receive payment bills on time from customers and are able to pay suppliers using various methods. is able to create quotations, aka official price offers, with product logos and VAT, send invoices via WhatsApp, create automatic receipts and financial reports. The best features above can make billing and managing your business easier, which you can use for free forever with certain limitations.

If you are interested in using without restrictions, you can subscribe for just IDR 82,300/month. Cheap, right?

6. Accounting

12 Free Accounting Applications, Suitable for Business People

You can use this one of the best accounting applications for free and has been downloaded by more than 270 thousand users in the world. Accouting is able to issue invoices, monitor expenses, and manage financial reports all at once.

Accouting supports more than 50 languages, including Indonesian, so you don't need to worry if you don't understand a foreign language. You can view your finances online so you can monitor them on many occasions

7. BukuKas

The next recommended free accounting application is BukuKas. For those of you who are just starting a business, it will be very suitable to use this accounting platform. BukuKas has a simple appearance so it is easy to understand for both beginners and experts.

BukuKas has been downloaded by more than 5 million users in Indonesia, especially small entrepreneurs and MSMEs because the features presented are able to help small to medium businesses.

The main features in BukuKas help you to record transactions, receive and send money via bank without admin fees, send invoices via WhatsApp or SMS, financial reports, and much more.

8. Kledo

The list of free Kledo accounting applications can help you carry out business activities quickly, efficiently and easily. This accounting platform has main features so that you can easily carry out invoicing, purchasing, inventory, and can analyze your business performance.

Because it is cloud-based, you don't need to download and install Kledo again and you can access it via Windows, iOS and Android software. Practical, right? In the free version of Kledo, you can experience the available features, but there are some features that you cannot enjoy.

If you want to get all the features without certain limitations, you can try the Pro and Elite versions of Kledo. You only need to pay IDR 129,900/month for the Pro version while IDR 189,900/month for the Elite version.


In the Wave accounting software, there are several features that can help you in managing your business, namely financial bookkeeping, creating invoices, and online receipts.

You could say this application is quite trustworthy because many people already use Wave accounting software. Plus, one of the advantages is that you can check or scan receipts online only via Android or iOS.

If you want to know more about the features of the Wave application, you can directly visit the website at this link.

10. Zoho Invoice

Next there is Zoho Invoice, where you can access and use this software only via smartphone or the version of the website used on a computer. Apart from being able to access it via cellphone, another advantage is that it is available in Indonesian and you can access it anywhere and anytime.

Unfortunately, if you want to use the full features you have to subscribe to the paid version and you only need to pay in dollars.

11. Accurate

One other accounting software that is quite popular in use is Accurate. One of the advantages is that Accurate has a user friendly UI. For novice business owners, Accurate can be used easily without special knowledge. 

With this application, you can manage inventory according to business needs and create financial reports in real time. There are more than two hundred financial and operational reports that you can get at Accurate. 

The report can be accessed anytime and anywhere without waiting for a report from staff. Apart from that, the Smart Link Internet Banking feature is also available. The costs that need to be paid start from IDR 220,000 per month

12. Xero

Another option for the best online accounting application is Xero. The advantage of Xero accounting software is that you can integrate it with hundreds of other applications and can use transactions in different currencies.

Xero also uses a cloud computing system so you don't need to install it. You can access company financial reports in real time. Apart from that, you can access Xero accounting software via PC or smartphone from anywhere and at any time. You can be more efficient in monitoring and supervising the company's financial reports.


These are recommendations for free accounting applications that will help you minimize errors if you do calculations manually. Because the features provided are different, you can try each application and find which one is more suitable for your type of business.

Those are some online accounting software that you can use. After knowing the basic guide to managing online business accounting above, you should start implementing it as best as possible right now.....

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