13 Best Email Clients, Make Work Easier

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Every company or business, whether operating on a micro or macro scale, certainly needs email to make it easier to connect with their consumers. Email can bridge the communication between brands and potential customers.

Through email, companies can send product promotions, surveys, content, newsletters, and various other information to consumers. In addition, having a professional business email can also increase brand awareness, credibility, introduce a company profile, and give a professional impression.

Business email is certainly different from personal email. The most striking difference between business email and personal email is the email domain used. To facilitate business email, Erzedka Friends requires an “Email Client”.

So, in the paragraphs of this article, we will discuss and discuss about Email Clients, starting from their understanding to the best recommendations for Erzedka Friends to use...

What is an Email Client?

13 Best Email Clients, Make Work Easier

Does Erzedka Friends still open email via browser? This is indeed very reasonable. However, checking email manually through a browser will cause some important emails to be tucked away. Therefore, there is a solution for business owners or companies to use the Email Client application so that communication via email can be easier and more practical.

Simply put, an Email Client is a desktop or website-based application that functions to send and manage business emails. Email Client really helps you in managing email aimed at multiple audiences at once.

In the past, the onboarding process for Email Clients was still relatively complicated and convoluted. Users are expected to register by entering data such as a personal email address, password, POP3 address, SMTP, and email port number.

However, along with advances in technology, the configuration process and how to create an email client are even easier and less complicated. The advantage of an Email Client besides making it easier to access email is that it has a responsive design display and is facilitated with a large storage capacity.

The Best Email Clients

In the following, we will present some of the best Email Client recommendations selected by Erzedka to accompany you in managing and compiling business email.

1. Apple Mail

For Erzedka Friends users of the macOS operating system, of course they are already familiar with Apple Mail. This desktop-based Email Client application is the default email application that is automatically installed on your Mac.

13 Best Email Clients, Make Work Easier

Erzedka Friends can manage various e-mails at the same time via Apple Mail, starting from iCloud, Gmail, AOL, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook, and other accounts. One of the advantages possessed by Apple Mail is that it can be connected automatically with Google Calendars, Notes, and Contacts. So you can easily schedule meetings on Google Calendars and send invitations via Apple Mail.

In addition, because Apple Mail is connected automatically to Contacts, you can add VIP recipients easily and practically. By adding an email list for VIP recipients, Apple Mail will arrange synchronization every 1 hour to send notifications to you regarding important emails coming from the VIP recipients list.

So even though you are busy and don't have time to open email continuously and periodically, you can still find out if an important email has been received. Another interesting feature that Apple Mail has is “Mail Drop”. Mail Drop makes it easy for you to quickly send email attachments with a large capacity of up to 5GB.

Apart from that, through Apple Mail you can also convert emails into PDF format. For Erzedka Friends MacOS users, don't miss taking advantage of this Email Client to make your email management work easier!

Operating System: MacOS


For Erzedka Friends, users of Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems can use the Thunderbird application for free. This email client is an open source and multi-platform based application that can help you manage and configure your business email.

13 Best Email Clients, Make Work Easier

Thunderbird is an Email Client made by Mozilla that offers various advantages and attractive features. Thanks to the completeness of the features it has, a giant company like Ubuntu uses Thunderbird as their default Email Client application.

The advantage of Thunderbird is that it has the "Filter Message" and "Send Later" features. In addition, another feature that is no less interesting is the "Setup Wizard". The Setup Wizard allows you to configure email accounts without requiring IMAP, SMTP, or SSL information.

Some of the other excellent features offered by Thunderbird are Tabbed Email (to make it easier to access multiple email accounts at once), Offline (access email offline), Chat, Calendar, Tasks, and FileLink (send attachments or email attachments with large capacity).

If Erzedka Friends feels they need other features or functions from Thunderbird, they can install the Addons available in Thunderbird. You can choose Addons with functions according to your preferences.

Operating Systems: Windows, MacOS, and Linux

3. Spark

The next Email Client recommendation is specifically for users of the macOS operating system. Spark is one of the best free Email Client choices for macOS users. This email client is suitable for personal and business needs.

One of Spark's mainstay features is “Snooze”. Snooze allows Spark users to set notifications for incoming emails on drafts. So if Erzedka Friends is working on an important email but can't finish it right away, the Snooze feature will remind you to continue the email the next day.

Not only that, Spark also has a feature called "Send Later" to automatically schedule email sending. The Send Later feature can also be set to monitor whether the email sent has actually been received and read immediately by the recipient.

What is no less interesting for Erzedka Friends to try is the Shared Draft and Smart Inbox features. Smart Inbox is used to group emails based on several categories such as Personal, Feed, Notifications, and Seen.

Meanwhile, Shared Draft allows users to work on email simultaneously with teammates or work partners.

Operating System: MacOS

4. Windows Mail

If the previous recommendation discussed an Email Client specifically for macOS users, this time we will recommend an Email Client specifically for Windows. Windows Mail is a desktop-based application that comes installed by default for Windows 10 users.

Windows Mail allows you to manage multiple email accounts at the same time from various services such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and others.

One of the mainstay features owned by Windows Mail is Focused Inbox and Sync Settings. The Focused Inbox feature can help group important emails into “Focused” categories. So that spam or other emails will go to the "Other" tab and will not interfere with you managing email.

Meanwhile, the Sync Settings feature is useful for adjusting incoming email synchronization every 15 minutes. That way, you won't be left behind in responding to important emails. You will also receive a notification every 15 minutes if an important email arrives.

Operating System: Windows

5. eMClient

The next Email Client recommendation is eMClient. eMClient supports users with both Windows and macOS operating systems. This email client also has complete features and services, starting from Backup Tool, Snooze, Deduplicator, Automatic Replies, Archive, and others.

13 Best Email Clients, Make Work Easier

eMClient can be used to manage personal e-mail and business e-mail from various services such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Exchange and others. Apart from that, eMClient can also be connected to other Email Client services such as Windows Mail or Thunderbird.

The “Snooze” feature in eMClient functions to set the time (time and date) so that incoming emails in the Inbox can reappear at the top. Snoozed incoming emails will temporarily disappear from the inbox for a specified amount of time.

eMClient also has a Deduplicator feature (performs certain actions such as deleting emails when there is an inbox of the same type as specified) and Automatic Replies feature (to send email replies automatically and on a scheduled basis).

Operating System: Windows and MacOS

6. MailSpring

MailSpring is a very user-friendly Email Client because it can be accessed through the macOS, Windows or Linux operating systems. Before changing its name to MailSpring, this email client was known as “Nylas Mail”.

MailSpring supports various types of email services such as Gmail, GSuite, Yahoo, iCloud, GMX, Yandex, FastMail, Outlook, and Office 365. The free version of MailSpring already supports multiple accounts with a limit of up to 4 different emails that are managed simultaneously.

Some of the interesting features possessed by MailSpring are Snooze, Link Tracking, Labels, and Spell Check. The Spell Check feature owned by MailSpring can make it easier to translate emails and perform spell checks. But the weakness is that the Spell Check feature still doesn't support Indonesian.

Operating Systems: Windows, MacOS, and Linux

7. Mailbird

Currently, Mailbird has been touted as one of the most popular Email Client choices. This fact is not unfounded, considering that Mailbird users alone have reached more than 2 million people globally.

13 Best Email Clients, Make Work Easier

Mailbird can be used for free through a 3-day trial version or a paid version. The excellent features that are the mainstay of this Email Client are the Unified Box, Customizable Layout, and Apps Integration. The Unified Box feature makes it easier for users to configure and manage multiple email accounts from various services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and others.

Meanwhile, the Customizable Layout feature functions so that users can customize the appearance of the design according to their individual preferences (for example, it is more comfortable to use light or dark mode).

Another authentic feature of Mailbird is Apps Integration as application management so that the Email Client can connect with WhatsApp, Dropbox, Todoistm and Asana easily and quickly.

Operating System: Windows

8. Kiwi for Gmail

When you hear the name “Kiwi for Gmail”, Erzedka Friends will surely have guessed that this Email Client is specifically for users of the Google Mail service. Simply put, Kiwi for Gmail is the desktop version of Gmail.

By using Kiwi for Gmail, the process of managing email will be easier because it can be connected automatically to Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slides.

Kiwi's mainstay feature is Multiple Windows, which allows users to manage multiple Gmail accounts at once. However, the lite version or the free version of Kiwi only limits 2 Gmail accounts that are managed simultaneously.

But unfortunately, for now the free version of Kiwi for Gmail is only limited to users of the macOS operating system. Another great feature of Kiwi that is able to attract the attention of many users is that it can be quickly integrated with GSuite. This makes it easier to attach large files using Google Drive.

Operating System: Windows and macOS

9. Spikes

“Instant Messaging” is the mainstay benchmark from Spike. This Email Client application highlights the ease of communicating between e-mail users (conversational e-mail).

Some of Spike's mainstay features are Notes, Tasks, Archived, Snoozed, Scheduled, as well as the ease of configuring accounts and adjusting the appearance of the design according to personal preferences.

In addition, Spike is also equipped with an encryption feature that can ensure the data security and privacy of its users. The type of encryption applied by Spike is AES256 (Super Stealth Encryption) which can guarantee the confidentiality of important data such as passports, account numbers, or other financial data.

Another excellent feature of Spike is Priority Inbox. By utilizing Priority Inbox, you can group incoming emails based on several categories. This is very useful for business owners to support work efficiency and ensure that important emails from clients or customers will not be missed.

Operating System: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Website

10. Twobirds

Twobird is an Email Client made by GingerLabs (the company that makes the macOS application, Notability) which features the Notes and Reminder features. Even though it was created by a technology company that makes many applications specifically for macOS, Erzedka Friends doesn't need to worry because Twobird can also be used on Windows.

13 Best Email Clients, Make Work Easier

Twobird's Unique Selling Point (USP) is a user-friendly interface design. The clean and simple design appearance of Twobird makes its users feel at home and comfortable.

One of the superior features of Twobird is the "Chatty Design" so that users can send emails as if they were chatting. In addition, there is also a "High and Low Category" feature to group email inboxes based on priority and importance.

Operating Systems: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android

11. Inky

Inky is one of the best Email Client recommendations in 2022. The technology applied to Inky is very sophisticated because it uses collaboration between AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning.

The main service from Inky focuses on security. Inky really guarantees the data security and privacy of its users in managing business email on a large scale. Through a feature called "Inky Phish Fence", users can perform a thorough internal and external scan of the email inbox to prevent "Phising".

Because Inky is a type of Email Client that focuses more on security features, other features outside of security are inadequate or even almost non-existent. For Erzedka Friends' own expenses, you don't need to worry. Inky offers a free trial so you can try using it for free first before deciding to pay a subscription fee.

Operating System: Windows and MacOS

12. Postbox

Postbox is one of the reliable Email Clients recommended by Erzedka . Present in the free version, Postbox already has very complete features and services to help you manage your email.

In addition, Postbox can also be integrated easily with other Email Clients such as MailSpring and Twobird. Some of the excellent features presented by Postbox are Assign Topic, Quick Post, Reminder, Indexing, To-Do, categorizing incoming email according to "Topics", and creating Email Threads.

In addition, another interesting feature that is the main attraction of Postbox is that it can be connected to various popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs, and Friendfeed. Erzedka Friends can even easily “tweet” on Twitter via Postbox.

Operating System: Windows and MacOS

13. Airmail

Apart from Apple Mail, Airmail can be another interesting option for using a special macOS Email Client. Airmail comes with a very user friendly and flexible interface design. Erzedka Friends can easily customize the appearance of the design.

13 Best Email Clients, Make Work Easier

For example, when you want to make the interface look simpler, you can drag the sidebar on the left to be even smaller. In addition to excellence in the field of UI/UX, Airmail is also superior in terms of completeness of features and services.

Some of the authentic features that Airmail has are Compose Mail (complete with editing and markdown), Reminder, Scheduling Email, and various other features. Access speed from Airmail is also very light so it won't burden your desktop memory.

Operating System: Windows and MacOS


Email Client has a very important position in helping Erzedka Friends to manage business email. Apart from that, you can also take advantage of various superior features and services from the Email Client to make your work easier and more organized.

Through this article, Erzedka Friends have learned what an Email Client is and recommend the best and free Email Clients that you can try, starting from Apple Mail, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Spark, eMClient, MailSpring, Mailbird, Kiwi for Gmail, Spike, Twobird. , Inky, Postbox, to Airmail.

Apart from using an Email Client, Erzedka Friends can also increase the prestige and professionalism of the business through the Email Hosting service. The benefits of Email Hosting are very broad, one of which is to increase email storage space.

Well, that's enough discussion this time regarding the best Email Client recommendations. Hopefully useful, yes!

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