Easy Ways to Get Money from the Internet

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There are actually a lot of ways to get money from the internet, and almost all of them are easy enough for you to try in the digital era like today. The online world opens up lots of opportunities for you to make money via the internet, or earn extra income online.

Want to know the steps? Read on as we'll cover how to make money online in more detail, along with the tools or platforms you need to get started. Try a way to get money from the internet which has the potential to provide unlimited money every time, let's take a peek in full here!

Let's take a peek at various ways to get money from the internet! Getting money from the internet is difficult, difficult, easy, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Especially in the digital era like today, along with the increasing activities that people do online.

How to get money from the Internet

20+ Easy Ways to Get Money from the Internet

Actually, how to get money from the internet is no longer new. Many people have succeeded in achieving success, for example by building an online business, becoming a Dropshipper, product reviewer, content creator, and others.

If this is the first time for you to try ways to get money from the internet, of course it's never too late. So, here are some ways you can try to make money using the internet:

1. Join Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are becoming more and more popular as more and more platforms provide them. You may already be familiar with the term TikTok affiliate or Shopee affiliate. Well, the term is a designation for those who join the affiliate program.

For example, by registering to join the TikTok affiliate program, you will become a TikTok affiliate. Likewise, when you are interested in joining affiliate programs offered by other parties, such as Shopee or other companies that provide similar programs.

This way of getting money from the internet is increasingly popular because of the promising results. Affiliators will get paid if they succeed in attracting buyers or consumers through the links they share. The amount of payment varies greatly, depending on the terms of the affiliate program maker.

2. Selling Photos and Videos Online

You can also use selling photos and videos online as a way to earn money from the internet. The trick is to find a potential place or platform where you can find potential buyers who are interested in the photos or videos that you offer.

So, if you have a hobby of taking pictures or recording interesting videos, there's nothing wrong with offering your work online. The more photos or videos you sell, the more money you can get, right?

3. Become a Freelancer

Who says that work must always leave the house from morning to evening? Currently, there are more and more opportunities to be able to get money from anywhere, even just from the room. Yes, you can become a freelancer by offering services according to your expertise.

For example, you are an expert and experienced in video editing, you can become a freelance video editor. Or if you are used to building websites, you can become a website developer.

Being a freelancer can also add to the coffers of money, you can even get paid work in various currencies. It depends on the agreement between the employer and you as a freelancer.

4. Offers Graphic Design Services

Have graphic design skills? So, that means, you can make this skill a way to get money from the internet. Apart from taking advantage of online platforms that house service providers, you can also offer services by building your own website.

If you don't want to bother building a website, just contact Exabytes to get a professional website creation service. That way, you can immediately reach potential clients even in various countries.

5. Become a Content Creator

Content creator, a term that sticks in the memory, even small children. Yes, this one profession gives you the opportunity to earn money. So, you don't need to be confused anymore in determining what way to get money from the internet which you should try.

You can choose to focus on one social media, for example TikTok and start creating interesting content. It is better to focus on one niche so that it is easier to attract an audience. Many young people have succeeded in becoming content creators and have become TikTok celebrities.

Other platforms that can also be used to share interesting content resulting from your ideas are YouTube, Instagram, and others.

6. Selling Products As a Dropshipper

20+ Easy Ways to Get Money from the Internet

Want to do business but have no capital? In fact, in the digital era like now, businesses can be started without having to have capital. Armed with a supporting device and an internet connection, you can sell products as a dropshipper.

This is one way to get money from the internet that is so easy and fast. Being a dropshipper means that you sell products without having to own the product. Namely by offering the products of other parties or sellers to the audience or potential buyers in various ways.

If you are active on social media, you can become a dropshipper by offering various products to your social media users or followers.

7. Become a Blogger

Like to share positive things, in the form of ideas, inspiration, and experiences? If so, why not try a way to get money from the internet by becoming a blogger? This method has been practiced by many people for a long time, but it is still running today.

This means that you still have the opportunity to earn money from the blog content that you share.

8. Watching video

Hobby lying down and spending time watching videos? So that internet quota is not wasted, you should take advantage of this hobby as a way to get money from the internet. Watching videos is an opportunity to earn money because there are many platforms that offer payments for those who watch videos.

9. Take Paid Online Surveys

Apart from watching videos, taking online surveys also has the opportunity to get paid. In other words, you can make it a way to get money from the internet.

Just find a trusted platform that will pay for every survey you fill out. Survey organizers generally determine certain characteristics as participants. So, if you feel like it's right for you, you can immediately take part in the survey so you can get money right away.

10. Open an Online Course

Today, almost anything can be obtained online, including honing certain skills through courses. Armed with abilities such as mastery of foreign languages or others, why don't you open an online course?

Offering online courses is certainly an opportunity and can be a way to earn money from the internet. You can determine who is the target audience according to ability or expertise.

11. Become a Freelance Writer

Do you have a hobby of writing or maybe you have often published various writing works? That means, you can expand your wings to be able to earn more income without having to leave the house.

Being a freelance writer nowadays can be a way to earn money from the internet. You can work and still get paid even when you just woke up and haven't showered yet. This one job is suitable for various groups regardless of gender and education. The most important thing is that you can produce quality and interesting writing.

Of course, the writing must be your own work, not the result of plagiarizing other people's work so that more and more people will hire you as a freelance writer.

12. Opening an Online Store

Starting to feel bored sitting alone in the store but always empty of buyers? This could be a sign that it's time to open an online store. Yes, this way of getting money from the internet is not new, but it still provides promising opportunities and results.

Without worrying about the many competitors out there, you can open an online store and implement the most effective marketing and promotion strategies. That way, you can reach and attract more potential buyers. In an online store, you can offer one or more types of products that are always in demand and sought after by many people.

13. Share purchase

Currently, there are many platforms that allow individuals to invest in stocks online, namely through the internet. That way, the greater the opportunity to be able to earn money without having to leave the house, right? However, you have to make sure that the stock you choose has the potential to provide returns in the long term.

That way, buying and selling stocks can really be one of the right ways to get money from the internet. Adjust the investment capital with the financial capabilities of each. Allocate a special investment fund with a percentage that you can adjust from the fixed income you get each month.

14. Trying Your Luck in the Crypto World

20+ Easy Ways to Get Money from the Internet

You can also use crypto or digital currency as a way to get money from the internet. Why? Present as an investment instrument, cryptocurrencies are increasingly in demand. So, there's nothing wrong with trying this method so you can earn money which will increase your coffers of money.

15. Build a YouTube Channel

A way to get money from the internet that is no longer foreign to many people is to build a YouTube channel. Have you tried this before?

If you have an interest or interest in something, for example games, skincare, or food, there's nothing wrong with trying to build a YouTube channel with the aim of earning money. Make sure to focus on one niche so you can reach an audience that has an interest in that niche.

The more YouTube content connoisseurs, the higher the chance of being able to earn money from the channel. However, YouTube channels can only be monetized by adding ads after reaching a thousand subscribers. So, make sure the content you share is always interesting so you can bring in more viewers and subscribers.

16. Starting a Dropshipping Business

By becoming a dropshipper, you can get money from the internet without capital. Simply sell products to customers directly from suppliers, without having to stock these items first in the warehouse.

The steps are also quite easy. After placing an ad and the buyer transacting on your ad, then you only need to contact the supplier to order the item. The delivery process will be carried out by the supplier. It's easy, right?

However, you still have to pay attention to several factors to start a dropshipping business. One of them is tough competition and unreliable suppliers. So, before starting this method of getting money from the internet, be sure to do some research and surveys first.

17. Become a Web Hosting Reseller

The next way to make money from the Internet is to become a web hosting reseller. For example, you can try the Hosting24 service. Like Hostinger.com, this provider also offers web hosting services, but they do have a web hosting reseller program.

This program provides an opportunity for anyone who wants to earn income by becoming a hosting reseller.

Basically, reseller hosting providers will provide dedicated server space for their users to build their own web hosting brand. Later you can:

  • Create a web hosting account that has cPanel.
  • Set resource limits (for example, disk space and bandwidth).
  • Manage all accounts using WHM.

You don't need to deal with technical aspects related to server management even though you act as a reseller hosting. Your main task is just to acquire users. If you have any questions, you can contact the Customer Support team 24/7 for assistance.

If you already understand how web hosting works, you can definitely do it. Who knows, right, in the future your hosting business will grow and grow bigger?

18. Buying and selling Websites

Buying and selling websites is the same as buying and selling houses, but you can do this without direct transactions as a way to get money from the Internet. Houses that have a high investment value are bought, then repaired, then sold at high prices in order to get as much profit as possible.

Even though buying and selling websites looks easy, you can't close your eyes to the level of risk. Don't buy a website that you already know won't make any sense.

Here are tips on buying and selling websites:

  • Look for websites that you think have selling points and can still be developed. To find a list of websites that can be purchased, please check marketplaces, such as EmpireFlippers, Flippa, and We Sell Your Site.
  • Conduct research on revenue and traffic figures, backlinks (link profiles), and reasons why websites are sold.
  • If numbers one and two have been answered, immediately buy the website.
  • Improve site quality and optimize it so that the amount of traffic increases and revenue increases.
  • Sell websites at competitive prices.

19. Become a Film Subtitle Translator

If you master a foreign language, try to become a freelance translator for film subtitles (subtitler). However, there are some things to watch out for.

You must have good foreign language skills, like watching movies, keep abreast of developments in the film world, not get bored easily when you sit for hours because you have to listen to the storyline, and most importantly, be able to work quickly under pressure.

So, if you are interested in this field, you can try applying through sites like Jobstreet, SribuLancer, or Upwork.

20. Corrector or Proofreader

The corrector or proofreader's job is to check the quality of the text. A proofreader's job is to ensure that the text is free from typos, grammar, punctuation, spacing, and writing formatting.

This profession is generally offered by book publishers. You can send your application through the official website or visit the office in person. However, if you want to work from home, you can check the Freelancer Indonesia and Scribendi sites. Both of these sites will connect you with clients who need proofreader services.

21. Rent Advertising Space

20+ Easy Ways to Get Money from the Internet

Many sites place ads in the middle of content. Some look boring and don't match the content, but some are in harmony with the website content.

Usually the rental of advertising space is carried out by websites that already have high traffic. If your site's traffic figures continue to grow, this way of getting money quickly from the internet can be considered.

In addition to advertising network policies, payments are also based on total impressions or clicks. The ad network that is quite popular among bloggers and website owners is Google AdSense. To use it, you need to register yourself. If accepted, ads can be placed on your site.

Apart from Google AdSense, there is also Ezoic and Media which will evaluate websites that are registered. Use these two networks to optimize and maximize ad revenue.

One of the ways to make money from the internet you can also do without the need to join a special network. If you already have an audience, try renting advertising space to other similar businesses. For example, suppose your site contains various information about sleep management. To earn income through advertising, you can offer advertising space rental services to mattress companies.

Another option is to create paid content. Companies will pay you to write sponsored content. This content is later posted on your site. Some sites that implement this method are Buzzfeed and Millo.

22. Offer a Membership System

Membership sites have recently attracted a lot of interest. The process of making it is also easy even though the number of audience visiting the website is the main factor.

For example, Mark Manson maintains a self-development-themed blog. On its website, it offers a membership system so readers can access additional online courses, videos, and articles. It can be seen that the audience visits the site or blog because they like the content discussed and the way it is delivered. These people will most likely become loyal visitors to your blog.

Well, this is where you can try a way to get money from the Internet by offering a membership system so that visitors can access premium content.

Not everyone will be interested in your membership promo. However, this promo will be a special offer for those who like the content on your blog.

This membership system depends on the type or theme of the website and the amount of premium content you want to create. If you are interested in one of the ways to get money from the internet, please read the tutorial on how to create a membership website on WordPress.


Apart from the ideas above, there are many other ways to get money from the internet that you can try according to your interests and abilities. If you want to maximize your business so that it can be more visible to internet users who are the target audience, use a trusted digital marketing service.

Opportunities to get income from the internet is actually wide open. So, maximize your efforts and make up your mind to start immediately. That way, the rupiah coffers will be increasingly filled so you no longer need to be busy applying for jobs and waiting for job interview calls.

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