What is the Function of a Web Browser? Types and Benefits

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We know a browser as a browser application that provides internet browsing services to internet users. Apart from that, the browser is equipped with features that we know as plug ins and add ons installed in it. Extensions on browsers function as software that allows users to add various certain features when browsing the internet.

The question is, why is the browser extension necessary? Because basically browsers are only used as search engines to find information. However, each user has different needs from each other, so they need additional functions which we know as addons and plugins.

The function of a web browser is to help us surf the internet! Of course, you are familiar and know about web browsers or website browsers. Because, a web browser is an application used to surf the internet.

However, do you know the meaning, function and types? If not, you can read this article completely. Because we will discuss together regarding web browsers, especially the function of web browsers is the main topic.

By knowing the function of a web browser is important, you will more or less understand how the internet works. All this time we use the internet, but don't really know how it works.

What is a Web Browser?

What is the Function of a Web Browser? Following are the types and benefits

It is true that the function of a web browser is important. However, if we immediately jump to discussing function without discussing its meaning, it will be useless.

By discussing the meaning, you will understand web browsers, how they function, what types they are and their benefits. Therefore, we will first discuss the meaning of web browser first.

Reporting from Tutorials Points, a web browser is an application or software used to surf and search on the internet. Not just surfing, we can also provide content and information sources on the internet.

The web browser will provide all the information we are looking for, whether in the form of text, video, images or other content that we need. Apart from that, we also often use web browsers when surfing using a laptop, PC or smartphone.

You often use it, but don't know the exact meaning.

How many types of web browser are there?

Hold on, before discussing the function of web browsers, it is important for us to know how many types of web browsers there are. The following are several types of web browsers that you usually use every day:

1. Mozilla Firefox

One of the legends in the world of web browsers, Mozilla Firefox is a web browser that still exists today. The advantage of Mozila is its high level of security.

Implementing double security makes Mozila the choice of many internet users. Especially PC-based internet users.

2. Google Chrome

The function of a web browser is to help us surf the internet. One of the web browser applications that is currently widely used is Google Chrome. The question is why? Because, Google Chrome is a web browser released by Google.

Google itself is the main OS used by Android smartphones used by the majority of the world's population. It's only natural that Google Chrome is currently the web browser application that is widely used in the world.

3. UC Browser

Even though every Android smartphone already has Google Chrome, users usually download UC Browser too. This is due to the attractive advantages of UC.

UC Browser is known as a web browser that has advantages in terms of downloading. Be it files in the form of images, sound or video. Therefore, many users are comfortable using UC Browser.

4. Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a web browser application that emerged from the beginning of the internet trend. Opera Mini has many advantages, one of which is that it can save data and can download as many files as needed. Especially video and image files.

5. Safari

Safari is a type of web browser based on iOS and MacOS, or a web browser developed by Apple Inc. Therefore, every gadget released by Apple will automatically use Safari as its web browser.

However, that doesn't mean iOS and MacOS users can't use other web browsers. However, usually the default web browser will be easier to use.

6. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the next type of browser, an upgrade from Internet Explorer, the web browser previously released by Microsoft. Unlike Apple users, Microsoft users rarely use Microsoft Edge. Most of them use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

What are Function of Web Browser?

Web Browser Function

Now, let's get into the main discussion, namely that the function of the web browser is important. The following are some of the functions of the web browser itself:

  • The first function of a web browser is to ensure or verify the security of a website. If the website is not secure, the web browser will block the website.
  • The function of a web browser is something that is important to know. The second point that is the function of a web browser is to make it easier for users to access website pages. This is also the main function of the web browser itself.
  • The function of a web browser is to collect data, including text, images, video and audio.
  • As internet users, we access the internet to request the data and information we are looking for. One of the functions of a web browser is to support our requests as users. This function will make it easier for us to surf the Internet.
  • Search engines will make it easier for us to access information, finally the function of a web browser is that it can synergize with search engines to make it easier for users to get all the information they are looking for and want.

Benefits of Web Browsers

After knowing the function of a web browser is an important thing, no less important than that, you also have to know several things that are the benefits of the web browser itself.

Let's discuss in full about the benefit of the web browser. The functions and benefits of a web browser are not limited to its extensions, but there are still several important elements of a browser which we can discuss below.

1. Support user information needs

In general, the Internet is known as a place to search, store and exchange information. That's why many electronic device users choose the internet as an information medium in their daily activities. That's why the role of the browser as a link between the virtual world and the real world is so crucial for internet users. Because apart from its function for searching and downloading information, the presence of a browser is also used as a means to access digital storage media such as Google Drive, MEGA Cloud Storage, and the like.

2. Supports search engine function

For those who don't know, search engines are search engines that we often use on websites to search for certain information. Examples of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and others. Search engines work when users enter commands or keywords they want to search for through the search field. 

Then the search engine will search and match data from many websites to suit the information needs that the user is looking for. Search data displayed by search engines will be sorted according to the relevance and popularity of the information being searched.

On the other hand, the existence of a browser also supports the function of the search engine itself, because without one of the two you will not be able to enjoy digital information services at all. With this search engine, the browser can also be used to collect web data, categorize data from the web and then create algorithms, so that it becomes easier for users to find relevant information from a website.

3. Open a web page

Apart from supporting the function of search engines, the browser itself also has other functions in opening website pages. Without a browser, the application media used to display URL links is also not available. You yourself must have experienced an incident that required you to open a browser application when opening a link from your smartphone, right? That's more or less its function.

4. Internet browsing data management

What is the Function of a Web Browser? Following are the types and benefits

As someone who is involved in the digital world, you definitely already know about the Bookmark and History features installed on your favorite browser. These two features are built-in browser functions that play an important role in managing user browsing information. 

For example, like Bookmark, this feature functions to mark and save favorite web addresses that users access while on the internet. So you no longer need to bother memorizing site address data if you want to visit it again.

And what is no less important is the History function, this feature works as a medium that stores all traces of the user's browsing when visiting a website. The History feature can also be used if you forget the web addresses you have visited. 

However, if you don't routinely delete browsing data in history, there is a possibility that your browser will slow down and can also cause several problems when used, for example the browser cannot be opened or may experience not responding.

5. Integration with Google services

Currently, Google really pampers the needs of its users through the services they provide. Starting from Google Drive, Google Meet, Google Maps, Google Classroom, and so on. Users can enjoy this service through services on a verified Google Account. 

With this account, users can access all services provided by Google in a comprehensive and personal manner. In this case, the browser acts as an access medium that connects users to Google services by logging in to your Gmail account. 

A Google account that has been synchronized with the browser application will automatically open access to all Google sites and services that require authority over the user's account. For example, YouTube, Amazon, Google Drive, Canva, Graphicriver, and so on.

6. Available on various electronic platforms

Having more than one electronic device is a common thing nowadays. Moreover, since the internet has become a basic need in the field of information and communication, every gadget and computer user is forced to stay connected 24 hours a day. 

Browsers are one of the media among the many browser applications that support information services. Because of this factor, almost every electronic device supports browser application compatibility on their system, one of which is Google Chrome. 

This application, developed by Google, has become one of the favorite browsers used throughout the world, because apart from having good integration services. Chrome also provides a simple and clean appearance and a fast data management process.

7. Available for free and practical to use

The seventh factor makes many users want to use the browser as their information medium, because it is available for free. Apart from that, the browser is designed to be as practical and simple as possible so that it is easy to use by various groups. 

For example, the provision of a voice search feature in the search section, this function is embedded so that users can enjoy internet services more freely. Using it is also quite easy, you just need to press the microphone logo in the search corner and say what you want to search for.

8. Offers additional extensions

The browser itself is not an application with perfect features, because basically the browser is made only for information browsing needs. Therefore, this browser application is equipped with addons and plugins. These two functions generally have similar functions, namely components whose job is to add additional features or software to the browser system. Examples include VPN, Adblocker, Page Translator, Download Manager, and so on.

With this feature, users can further explore things that were previously limited or impossible to do. For example, such as breaking through blocked site access, avoiding adware and phishing, understanding different languages on a site, downloading videos, streaming music, and much more.

9. Can be used as a test for developers

Those who work as developers certainly understand the advantages of a browser. The reason is that browsers can provide users with a suitable work environment for developing work. 

For example, if you are a web developer, you definitely need a browser that functions to test the responsiveness of sites developed on different electronic devices. It is not uncommon for developers to use browsers to test the latest APIs for web-based platforms in real time.

Following is a list of benefits:

  • Web browsers make it easy for users to access any information and data quickly and concisely from the internet.
  • A web browser will also make it easier for us to download files from website pages to our personal PC.
  • Web browsers also provide benefits for surfing the internet, and selecting and sorting safe and useful sites. How Web Browsers Work

After knowing several important points above, your understanding of web browsers will be complete when you know how the web browser itself works.

The following is the sequence and list of how web browsers work, namely:

  • Users access websites by typing the address in the URL in the address bar on the website, for example Google.com
  • The web browser automatically accepts our request as a user and will process the data to the DNS server.
  • The IP address is obtained from the server based on orders from us as users.
  • Next, the web browser can gain access to the target server by using the IP from the DNS server.
  • The content data will be provided by the server in the form of other files, for example HTML
  • The web will display content as requested by us as users


Browsers have become one of the important elements used as information media in modern times. With the ease of accessing the internet available now, it's a good idea for you to be more careful in sorting information. 

Because as we all know, the internet is a free medium that can be accessed and written by everyone throughout the world. If we are not careful in filtering information, we will be the ones who suffer the most harm.

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That is a complete discussion regarding web browsers. From the explanation above, you know that the function of a web browser is an important thing that allows us to surf the internet without many obstacles.

Hopefully the explanation above can increase your knowledge regarding the internet and knowledge about the digital world.

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