How to Fill Epson L3156 Printer Ink with Original and Regular Ink

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How to fill the Epson L3156 printer ink with original and regular ink. We all know that other L Series printer products are official Epson products that include the manufacturer's infusion.

So the original ink includes an infusion kit in the form of a bottle, if I'm not mistaken it's around 75ml and for the L3156 series it includes 40ml ink.

How to Fill Epson L3156 Printer Ink with Original and Regular Ink
How to Fill Epson L3156 Printer Ink with Original and Regular Ink

If you always use original Epson ink when refilling the ink, of course it won't be a problem, because the ink design will definitely match other Epson L Series. printer in terms of color brightness, ink viscosity, and so on.

How to Fill Epson L Series Printer Ink

Here are some easy steps you can follow if you want to refill Epson L series printer ink correctly:

1. Prepare Refill Ink

The first thing that must be done in refilling printer ink is to prepare refill ink first. The L series printer has a fairly large ink capacity that can last up to 2 years.

Even though it is considered durable, you still have to make sure the ink filling does not exceed the minimum limit. Try to always have spare ink ready, especially if the remaining ink is running low. 

The type of ink chosen should also be high quality ink which is recommended for quality printers such as the Epson L Series. The quality of the ink used will affect the print results. Like E-Print Ink which is equivalent to OEM Ink.

2. Open the Ink Cap Cover

The next step is to open the ink cover on the Epson L series printer. Also make sure you turn off the printer first so that the ink filling process remains safe and comfortable.

Avoid filling ink while the printer is still on because it will be very dangerous. You must unplug the printer from the power source when you want to open the cover. Next, just stretch the ink tube to make the process of pouring ink into the tube easier. To make it easier, you can put the tube in a sleeping position.

3. Filling Ink

The next way to fill ink for the Epson L Series printer is to fill in the ink according to the description. It is not difficult to fill refill ink into the tube. Refill ink comes in a bottle designed for easy pouring. You just insert the tip of the bottle of new ink into the opening of the tube that has been opened. Don't change the ink content or color because then the printer will not produce appropriate color accuracy.

In this process you have to be careful because if you don't fill it slowly, the ink in the bottle can come out or spray out. Avoid filling it too full and causing a lot of ink to be wasted. Stop charging immediately if enough is enough. 

After filling ink into the printer, then close each ink tube as usual. To prevent ink from spilling, you can place a paper pad under the ink cartridge. Make sure that you close the ink tube tightly so that no ink comes out or air gets in. Ink cartridge caps that are not closed tightly can cause the ink to become damaged or harden.

4. Printer Ink Selection

To use L Series printer ink, you can use e-print ink. Printing with L Series ink from e-Print provides maximum print results, print results are denser than OEM and of course at an economical price.

With 14% more ink content than OEM, the L Series e-Print ink printing results can reach 9,000 sheets of text documents. So you can be sure that it is very cost-effective.

How to Fill Epson L3156 with Original ink

The question is what if we use refill ink using ink? REGULAR AND NOT GENUINE?

In other words, we use non-original refill ink that we buy in the market, what product is not from Epson? Can I? Therefore, we provide a guide on how to fill the Epson L3156 printer ink with original and regular ink on this page to help your needs.

After we did the analysis and asked the printer spare part distributors, they have been researching for a long time, from the results of research on printheads, motherboards, ink pump/system assemblies and others, whether to use non-original ink.

You also need to know that the printer unit cannot recognize or detect whether the ink used for refilling is genuine or not. But if you use ORIGINAL ink, it will be safer for our printer. The print unit can be more durable, the print head is also more durable.

Immediately, here is how to fill the Epson L3156 printer ink with original and regular ink:

  1. First of all, you need to make sure that the other brand of ink you want to use is of good quality.
  2. Second, always use the same brand (don't change ink brands frequently), for the sake of preserving our printheads, because each brand of ink has a different level of viscosity.
  3. Choose a non-genuine ink that has good color brilliance or is close to the original ink.
  4. The next tip is usually to use a printer to print, my advice is to use the printer at least twice a week, even if only to print test pages so that the print head remains wet and not dry.


Thus the conclusion of the analysis or how to fill the Epson L3156 printer ink with original and regular ink. How? It's easy, right? May be useful.

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