What is Duplex Printing? Explanation & Ultimate guide

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What is the Function of the Duplex Printing Feature? how is the explanation here is the topic that the printer arena wants to discuss and share with all visitors, In this era of rapid technological development that is increasingly sophisticated, there are many conveniences available for its users, this also happens to technology on printer machines. One technology that is very important in its function is the duplex printer feature.

At this time this feature has been widely applied in various printer printer devices issued by various printer companies. This can make printer machine users more leverage in using it. The term Duplex printing itself is actually quite popular and well known among printer users. Even so many new users who do not understand the term.

Many also don't know the difference between a printer and duplex printing and a printer that is not equipped with this feature.

Even though the Duplex feature has very important uses and is also related to print problems that will be spent in printing documents. Therefore, this time we will discuss further about the meaning and function of the auto duplex printing feature.

What is Duplex Printing?

Explanation & Understanding of Duplex Functions on Printers

What does the phrase “duplex printing” mean? The definition of duplex printing is quite simple, namely, printing on both sides of the paper. 

Why is it called duplex printing or duplex printing?. Because, if we use a printer that can print two sides automatically, then this printer is equipped with a duplex unit that can turn a sheet of paper after the first side has been printed.

Duplex printing is very different from regular printing in that, most inkjet and laser printers are only set to print on one side of the paper. If you use Duplex, it will make it easier to print Microsoft Word or PDF documents because they print on both sides of the paper. 

Duplex printing is gaining popularity among offices in order to save on daily operational costs in various aspects, one of which is reducing printing and paper costs.

With many new environmental and economic concerns emerging, the duplex printing trend is gaining popularity in offices and small businesses, even universities in many countries. Because many people have started to realize that duplex printing uses half the total amount of paper, the costs will be less.

This double sided printing will also have an impact on fewer trees to be cut down, which logically will tend to support environmentally friendly programs and is good for humanity, because more trees means more oxygen for us to breathe. 

In the duplex printing feature, there are two types that we usually hear, namely manual duplex and automatic or auto duplex printing.

Basically, manual duplex printing is exactly what it sounds like: i.e. if we want to print two sides, then we have to manually flip the paper over after printing the first side so that we can then send the document print command through again to print the other side. 

In general all printers have features that help with manual duplex printing. Manual duplex printing requires us to sacrifice our time and energy turning the paper over. If the document to be printed has a very large number it will take longer. However, now printer manufacturers are increasingly releasing products on the market that have auto duplex printing features.

How do I print duplex on my printer?

Basically all types of printers can print back and forth manually, but printing on both sides of the paper manually will take quite a long time because you have to flip the paper manually. However, now more and more printer manufacturers are releasing printer products equipped with the auto duplex printing feature. So with the auto duplex printing feature you no longer need to turn the paper manually so that it prints on both sides.

The settings made on the printer can also be said to be easy. Here we use the Epson WF – C5790 printer, for the Epson series the series is the same, for other brands such as Canon, HP and Brother there is a possibility that the method is slightly different. The method itself is as follows:

  • Open the document that you want to print back and forth.
  • Then press Ctrl + P or you can also click file and click print.
  • Then click printer properties
  • After the properties appear as in the image above, click auto on 2-seded printing and click OK
  • Then click print to print.


So with the duplex printing feature, we no longer need to turn the paper manually so that both sides of each sheet can be printed in one print command, because it already has a duplex printing feature that will automatically print documents on both sides of the paper at once.

That's what erzedka.com can summarize and share about information about the meaning of Duplex on printers, hopefully the reviews above can be useful for you, thank you...!!

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