9 Myths About SEO You Need to Know

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In order for a website to rank in the top search results on search engines like Google, proper optimization techniques are needed. Well, this technique is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The purpose of SEO is to make it easier for search engines or search engines to find pages or websites so that later they can be placed on the first page of search engines using keywords that internet users specify. Therefore, many people are starting to try to get to know the basics of SEO for beginners.

Regarding the use of website optimization techniques, it turns out that there are many myths circulating. Curious? Let's find out what are the myths about SEO that are still believed by many people.

Did you Know Facts about SEO?

Did you Know Facts about SEO

You may already be familiar with the basics of SEO, but did you know that there are some interesting and entertaining facts about this field that you might still need to know? In this article, we will learn five interesting facts about SEO that will pique your interest and give you an edge in the competitive world of digital marketing.

1. Google processes more than 8.5 billion searches per day.

Google is the most popular search engine globally, processing more than 8.5 billion searches every day. This figure highlights the importance of optimizing your website to rank well in Google search results. Ranking well in Google search results is crucial for businesses looking to drive organic website traffic.

2. More than 25% of people click on the first Google search result.

Research shows that the first result on the first page of Google search results receives 25% of all clicks. Businesses should aim to rank as high as possible in search engine results to attract more organic traffic to their websites. 

Ranking well in search engine results can also help establish a business as an authority in its industry.

3. YouTube is the second largest search engine.

YouTube is the second largest search engine globally, with more than 2.68 billion monthly active users. Businesses that optimize their video content for YouTube can increase online visibility, attract organic traffic to their websites, and establish themselves as authorities in their industry.

4. Mobile optimization is very important

Mobile optimization has become important for SEO as more and more users access the internet via mobile devices. Google's mobile-first indexing policy means that websites that are not mobile-friendly may experience a decline in search rankings. 

Businesses must optimize their websites for mobile devices to attract and retain mobile users and improve their search rankings.

5. SEO continues to evolve

SEO is a field that is constantly evolving. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms and technological advancements, which means SEO strategies must adapt and evolve to keep up with the latest trends and best practices. 

Businesses that want to succeed in SEO must stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices and be willing to adapt and evolve their strategies.

6. Mobile Site Search is Superior to Desktop Search

Did you know that mobile searches now outperform desktop searches? Google announced in a blog post from 2015 that now mobile-friendly websites in search results will improve search engine rankings. This mobile friendly search update has been a game changer for SEO on websites.

Common SEO Myths And Facts You Should Know

8+ Myths About SEO You Need to Know

These myths surrounding SEO tend to prevent content marketers and bloggers from increasing search traffic and rankings. Some SEO experts claim that they are affiliated with Google. This is a big myth because Google does not reveal who their SEO partners and affiliates are.

So if an SEO consultant or agency promises top rankings for a low price, it is a scam. No one can guarantee a top ranking on Google. Without further ado, here are the SEO myths that you need to leave behind, as well as tips and advice that you need to follow.

1. The Use of Many Keywords Gives Good Results

Have you ever heard of the myths about SEO on this one? Some people think that the more keywords you use, the better the results will be. That means, Google and other search engines will be able to easily increase the ranking of content from websites that apply this method.

It is true that keywords are one of the factors in determining a website's ranking position in search engines. However, the number of keywords in one content is not the determinant that the content will appear in the top search results.

Maybe there are still many who don't know that Google has an algorithm that focuses on the user experience when visiting websites. If you want to use keywords, you should not overuse them on one page.

You can focus on the visitor experience when they are on one page of the website that you manage. In other words, the user experience must be given the best possible care. Well, this can give Google the possibility to assess your website as having the potential to be in the top search results. Because indeed Google considers that the website deserves it.

2. Being in the First Ranking of the Search Engines is the Most Important

Basically, SEO experts try their best to get the best results. But that doesn't mean that your website has to be in the first ranking position in search results. In fact, this position cannot be used as a guarantee that the website will always get good clicks. However, you can use this as a start to carry out a digital marketing campaign.

Compared to only focusing on ranking first on search engines, especially Google, it would be better to always pay attention to changes and developments in Google's algorithm. Why?

The algorithm that Google determines will affect the results of your SEO efforts or techniques. Websites with relevant content and user-friendly listings on search engines generally perform well. So, even though it's not in the first position, the website still has the potential to get a lot of clicks, for example your website is in third or fourth position.

3. Using the Same Keyword and Domain Name

What other myths about SEO have you heard? What about using the same keyword and domain name? At first glance, it may seem to provide benefits for your SEO efforts. However, have you ever thought that this actually makes it sound odd to the users' ears?

This can even provide losses for the business or brand. The domain is generally a brand that you introduce to the public. That's why domain owners try to make it stand out. The choice of keywords does not have to match the domain name but can be a support that will further strengthen the brand.

That way, the brand will be more familiar and remembered by internet users. Don't have a domain yet? Get a cheap domain that Exabytes provides for you!

4. Unimportant Meta Tags

Have you ever heard someone say that meta tags are not important? Webmasters provide information about websites to search engines through meta tags. Meta tags will display preview snippets of website pages via search results on the user's or information seeker's screen.

The meta tag consists of a title, description and keywords. Even though meta tags are not that important, they can make search engines interested in a website so that they can bring in more clicks from internet users who are doing searches.

This article is suitable for anyone who is looking for information or wants to know what meta tags are complete with their functions and how to install them.

5. SEO Optimization is Enough to Do Once

The myths about SEO that say that SEO optimization is enough to do once may sound tempting. That means, without spending time and effort, they have the opportunity for their website to appear in the top search results.

Unfortunately, SEO results cannot be obtained instantly. SEO provides long term results so it needs constant effort. Did you know that website optimization is a job that has no end point?

Have you ever imagined what will happen to your website if you have more and more competitors? That's why you have to optimize your website on an ongoing basis. That way, you can stay ahead of your competitors. Google is a search engine that updates frequently.

Apart from Google, you can also do other search engine optimizations that are also widely used by the target audience. Let's get acquainted with search engines and their various types!

6. SEO Does Not Require Keyword Research

SEO actually requires keyword research. So, if you still find statements that SEO does not require keyword research, this is wrong, even myths about SEO that need to be avoided.

Keywords are an important factor in website optimization. Please note that Google update never removes it. The use of the right keywords will allow the website to get more clicks from the search results that are displayed and seen by users.

So that the results of using keywords are optimal, avoid excessive use of keywords. As a beginner, you can find an easy way to research blog keywords through this article.

7. SEO Has Nothing To Do With Social Media

The next myth about SEO that you should know is that SEO is not related to social media. Even though search engines give special ratings to social media. So, backlinks from social media will affect SEO results.

As social media advances, Google continues to innovate and develop. So that this one search engine prioritizes relevant content that comes from trusted sources.

Content on social media is considered more reliable. That is, the social media content that you post is of course related to SEO results that cannot be separated. Want to maximize online business through social media? Find out what social media for online business can be the right choice!

8. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Provides a Permanent Ranking Impact

When talking about myths around SEO, you may be wondering what search engine marketing has to do with ranking on search engines. Basically, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) helps to increase website ranking. However, it does not have a direct impact on the optimization technique that is currently running.

Search engine marketing makes websites appear in search results using targeted keywords. When someone searches for information on a search engine using these keywords, Google and other search engines will display relevant websites. This makes someone remember websites easily, especially when they are looking for information using the same keywords repeatedly.

SEM also contributes in increasing website traffic. However, the impact was only temporary while the campaign was running. So, the thought of SEM having a permanent impact on website rankings is definitely a myth.

Start studying SEM through the search engine marketing guide in this article so you can get a better understanding of SEM and how it differs from SEO.

9. Content Length Determines Ranking in Search Engines

Indeed, there are so many myths about SEO circulating. Unfortunately, beginners are prone to believing these myths because there is still a lack of understanding about SEO, one of which is around content. In website optimization, long content is good. 

However, content that is too long is generally not of interest to website or blog visitors because it is considered too boring. If you want to create quality content, you should not focus too much on the number of words or the length of the content. Make sure you create and present interesting content. 

That way, the higher the chance to appear in the top ranking position of Google search results. Find tips and ways to create quality and interesting content so you can generate lots of clicks.


With the myths about SEO that are often found, of course you have to be wiser in sorting and selecting information. Even though you want to get optimal results, that doesn't mean you will trust everything related to SEO.

So, those are some interesting facts about SEO and the SEO industry. If you want to become an SEO specialist or improve your website's SEO, make sure to keep your knowledge up to date on the latest trends and practices in the industry.

Remember that SEO is not an instant process, but with patience, hard work and the right knowledge, you can improve your website ranking and attract more potential customers.

Finally, I hope this article is useful for those of you who want to understand what SEO and the SEO industry are. Don't hesitate to seek help from an SEO specialist if you need help optimizing your website. Thank you for reading!

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