Canon G3060 Printer Review for Home and Office

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Review of the advantages and advantages of the Canon G3060 printer which is suitable for home users and for small businesses. For those who are in need of a good printer, you can use this Canon-made printer.

So, in order to be more determined when buying this printer, before buying it, we must first know what are the advantages and disadvantages of this advanced Canon G3060 printer.
The Canon Pixma G3060 is a type of printer that is designed for personal use as well as for office use with a small to medium capacity scale. As a modern printer with the latest technology, of course, it is equipped with multi-function facilities that are not only for printing.

For other purposes such as scanning and photocopying can also be done properly through this Canon G3060 series printer. So for those of you who are in need of a multi-function printer, whether it's for a small business or homework, you can use this G3060 printer.

Canon G3060 printer review

Canon G3060 Printer Review for Home and Office, Perfect!

If we look at this printer at a glance, the design of the printer unit is almost the same as other Canon inktank G-series printers, with the unit model in the form of a fairly standard design with the ink tank part fixed on the right front side, and in the color variant the unit retains color. black as usual.
But even so, let's look at the completeness of this Canon printer first. In every purchase for one unit, you will get equipment like this in the box:
  • G3060 Printers
  • Black and Color Printer Head
  • Power cable
  • USB cable to printer
  • CD with drivers
  • Instruction Manual
In addition, for printing needs, it is equipped with 1 set of ink for filling at the beginning of printing
  • Original Black Ink Bottle x 1
  • Original Cyan Ink Bottle x 1
  • Original Magenta Ink Bottle x 1
  • Original Yellow Ink Bottle x 1

Canon G3060 Printer specifications

  • Multifunction (Print, Scan, Copy)
  • Print speed 10.8 sheets
  • Photo print speed 4×6=45 seconds
  • Maximum resolution 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • 3,000 sheets printing capacity
  • Suggested print capacity /month 150 to 1,500 pages
  • Cartridge Type MC-G02
  • Wireless connectivity: Wireless LAN, Mopria, AirPrint, Direct Wireless
  • USB 2.0 Connectivity
  • 2 Years Official Warranty
  • Safe Shipping
  • Canon G3060 printer price

Still with the advantages of its facilities which are more complete than some of the Canon G3600 printer series, the price of this printer is still stable in the market, both online and offline markets at computer & printer shops, here is detailed price information
  • Price: Around USD$198.61 – USD$219.52

Canon G3060 printer

Canon G3060 printer design review

The outer body of this printer has dimensions of 445 x 330 x 167 mm which is of course very suitable to be placed anywhere. The weight of this printer is approximately 6.4 kg which is still fairly normal for a modern printer class.

The screen and buttons are all placed on top for easy access. It also has a 5.08 cm LCD screen for easy navigation and confirmation of print settings. The G3060 printer has a monochrome display that supports two lines. Below the screen are the navigation buttons. You will also find various buttons like power, menu, copier scanner, WiFi etc.

The ink tank with a new wall-covering concept design is more stable and sturdy, and has a hole cover color that matches the color of the ink inside. This is given with the aim of making filling easier and avoiding mistakes, so that even beginners can know how to fill printer ink according to color.

In terms of design, there is something new that is offered in this Canon G3060 printer type series, which has the advantage that on the back side there is an ink cartridge that is easy to carry out maintenance and replacement.

Every user of this printer can easily access the back of the printer to replace it if there is a problem. For example, if there is paper slipping or there is dust, you just need to clean it easily.

How to use the Canon G3060 printer

It's actually very easy to set up this new printer from the Box for the first time to be connected to a computer or other device. As much as possible take the time to read the manual that is available when purchasing the Canon printer, to simplify all the processes that you will do, it is available there.

For those who have their own printer for the first time, don't worry because it's not at all difficult to do the initial configuration.
  • Place the printer on a table or other parallel position
  • remove the entire protective film (blue plastic)
  • Then just fill the ink bottle that you get into the hole in the ink tank.
  • Also make sure that in the printer unit there is no pinched ink hose so that when the printer operates, the ink can flow and run properly.
  • And here you are ready to use the printer for your printing needs

With a system that is already so sophisticated, you no longer need to worry if an error occurs in the printer settings. Just read the error message and follow the instructions so that it can return to normal operation.

Printer canon inktank multifungsi G-series

Connectivity and Features Canon G3060

Apart from the USB cable connectivity, the G3060 already features WiFi and provides intelligent wireless connectivity for printing needs.

It also supports remote printing via Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY. This feature is especially useful both at work and at home, where multiple users or family members can print without having to log in to a connected computer.

The G3060 does not have an automatic two-sided printing option, so if you want to print one paper with two sides, you have to do it manually.

Apart from that there are also many features for copying like zoom in, zoom out, print intensity, etc. The Printer screen also offers many useful features to access directly from the printer.

How to connect Canon G3060 printer to Wifi

Because there is a WiFi feature, we definitely have to make good use of it. This printer can be connected to your Wifi router via the wireless connection button or by the WPS push method or manually.

Now, to connect the printer using WiFI, consider the following steps:
  1. Press and hold the connect button wirelessly for 3 seconds
  2. You will get a prompt on the screen
  3. Then go to your mobile Wifi settings, select Temporary Wifi Canon Wifi which will be visible, select it and connect to that Wifi
  4. Open Canon Printer App, it will detect non printer and will ask you to add device. Add that.
  5. After adding, the screen will ask you to add a home Wifi network, add it again.
  6. The printer will show it is connected and finally press the OK button to complete the setup.

That's a little review about the Canon G3060 series printer review which is one of the multifunction printers with complete facilities that exist and enliven the current market, this printer is suitable for personal use at home or in the office with a fairly high printing scale of up to 20-100 pages per day, if scale below it is actually not a problem but it is better if the circulation of ink in the tank continues to run every day.

Hopefully useful and can help provide new knowledge for all readers, thank you.

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