11 Retargeting Strategies to Help your Business Increase Sales

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Strategy in running a business is vital and crucial. The business will not run optimally and cannot survive long in the market if the marketing and customer acquisition strategies are not mature.

One business strategy that is considered capable of increasing sales conversions is "Digital Marketing". The term digital marketing can also refer to "Content Marketing", "Video Marketing", "Social Media Marketing", and others.

The way to build a digital marketing strategy so that you can increase Lead Generation, sales conversions, and brand awareness is through Retargeting. Retargeting strategies carried out through paid advertisements (ads) can attract potential customers who have previously visited your website to buy and subscribe to products.

So, in this article Erzedka Friends will specifically learn about the Retargeting Ads strategy, its important role in online business, to the right strategies and tips for carrying out Retargeting. Come on, continue to follow the next discussion, OK!

Before digging deeper into the tips for implementing the Retargeting strategy, it is better for Erzedka Friends to get acquainted with the ins and outs of Retargeting.

What is the meaning of retargeting?

What is the meaning of retargeting

According to The Balance SMB, Retargeting is a strategy for online marketing that is useful in getting back potential customers who have previously known and interacted with our website.

In essence, the Retargeting strategy is carried out to target potential customers who already know our brand. Prospective customers who are prospected through Retargeting Ads are those who really have the potential to become buyers.

Through the Retargeting strategy, it is hoped that the conversion rate can increase so that future business prospects remain bright and brilliant. The Retargeting Ads strategy is carried out through customer data that has interacted with the website. In other words, the Retargeting Ads strategy applies the "Pixel-Based" working principle.

Are Erzedka Friends already confused and guessing about what Pixel-Based is? Therefore, continue to follow the next discussion about how Retargeting works, okay!

How do retargeted ads work?

It was mentioned in the previous discussion that the Retargeting strategy works using a Pixel-Based system. For those who are not familiar, Pixel-Based is a system that uses Javascript code (Pixel) to find out website visitor data. So, Javascript code (Pixel) will be placed on the website to insert anonymous cookies in the web browser used by visitors.

To further strengthen Erzedka Friends' understanding of how Retargeting Ads work, here are a few illustrations. Let's say User A visits your website. Because your website has previously been installed with Javascript (Pixel) code, you can see all the activities carried out by User A on your website.

So, when User A leaves the website, Pixel will notify you about the right time to show ads again to User A. So, when User A visits another website, they can still see your brand ad appear through the Retargeting Ads strategy.

In general, the Retargeting Ads strategy is carried out through Google Ads or Facebook Ads. The two types of digital ads are actually equally interesting to use for retargeting strategies. It's just that the fundamental difference between Google Ads vs Facebook Ads lies in the costs required.

If Erzedka Friends is looking for types of Ads with flexible costs, then Facebook Ads is deemed more suitable. In addition, Facebook Ads has also been equipped with a special Facebook Pixel code that can assist in carrying out Retargeting strategies.

Tools for Retargeting Ads

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are the two most popular and widely used retargeting tools. But apparently there are many other tools such as AdRoll, Perfect Audience, Criteo, SmarterHQ, OptiMonk, Bizo, Retargeter, and many more.

If you choose Google Ads as a Retargeting tool, then you must understand the PPC (Pay Per Click) payment system. The costs incurred by Google Ads users are adjusted according to the number of clicks on the ads posted on the Google SERP.

The way Google Ads works is by optimizing certain keywords according to the advertiser's brand or business preferences.

Meanwhile, if you choose to use Facebook Ads, the Facebook Ads costs incurred are more flexible according to the advertiser's respective brand budget. In addition, Facebook ads also have a sharper and more targeted target audience.

How can I improve my retargeting?

How can I improve my retargeting

Well, we have come to the main discussion of this article. In the following, several tips will be presented in Retargeting Ads so that this strategy can maximize business sales. Happy reading!

1. Know the Consumer

It is important to know who your “Target Market” or potential customers are. This is very useful for outlining the marketing strategy that will be implemented. Ads displayed to potential customers should also be in accordance with their segmentation.

For example, for the segmentation of female consumers, they prefer to see and observe advertisements with attractive visuals and color combinations. Therefore, for potential female consumers, you can add beautiful visuals and color combinations to the ad video.

Another example is if your target market is men of mature age who are usually very busy and have little time. So, you can display ads that are straight to the point without being wordy so that potential customers don't feel like they are wasting time when reading the ad.

In addition, by identifying and segmenting consumers, companies can create a persuasive advertising experience through product or service highlights that consumers have previously seen when they visited your website.

2. Using a Specific Period

As we know, the Retargeting Ads strategy that is implemented cannot immediately produce high sales conversions. It takes some time for this strategy to be accepted by consumers and able to prospect them to buy or subscribe to our products.

Setting the duration of Retargeting Ads for 30 to 90 days can be one of the preferences that can be selected. Now, after this time period, an assessment can be made of what types of Retargeting Ads generate the most sales conversions on the website.

3. Conduct Ad Experiments

Advertising experiments are urgently needed so that the Retargeting Ads strategy can run optimally and continue to grow better in the future. Erzedka Friends can start placing advertisements regularly with a period of 2-3 days for each advertisement.

If the results of implementing the Retargeting Ads strategy with that time period show positive results, then for the same type of ad you can increase the duration in the future. Conversely, if the results shown are not very good, then you can change the type of ad according to consumer segmentation and preferences.

4. Using Interesting CTA (Call to Action).

In a marketing strategy, CTA (Call to Action) has an important role because it is used as a medium in obtaining direct feedback from the consumers or customers we are targeting. Therefore, adding attractive CTAs to ads is a must. 

We recommend that Erzedka Friends place CTA in a location that is easily visible to the eye and use striking colors and designs so that it is easier for potential customers to recognize the CTA. It is hoped that by adding CTA to the ad, more and more potential customers will enter the website link and eventually subscribe to the products we offer.

5. Planning an Advertising Budget

As you know, placing ads through Facebook Ads or Google Ads is not free. And of course Erzedka Friends doesn't want the advertising costs to go to waste, do they? So, therefore, careful advertising budget planning is needed so that the costs incurred are in accordance with the expected results.

For Retargeting Ads, you can start by setting an advertising budget from the smallest first, then increase it to a larger budget based on the sales conversion results obtained.

6. Choose the Appropriate Visual Ad Format

Currently there are many visual formats from Retargeting Ads that you can choose according to your audience segment and marketing goals. Some of the visual ad formats that are often used are:

a. Collection

The ad format in Collection form presents many (more than 2) visual objects such as photos and videos for each ad view.

b. Carousel

The visual ad format in the form of a carousel displays 2 or more photos and videos with scrolling behavior in the form of swipe left and right.

c. Single Image or Video

Well, the last ad visual format is Single Image or Video. This format presents only one photo or video in one ad upload.

7. Implement an A/B Testing Strategy for Each Ad

For Erzedka Friends who are still wondering what A/B Testing is, here's a brief explanation. A/B Testing is a method for comparing two choices of display ads before they are officially uploaded.

10+ Retargeting Strategies To Increase Business Sales

In fact, A/B Testing can also be carried out again after the ad has been uploaded via Facebook Ads or Google Ads for the purpose of assessing the effectiveness of the ad. Of the two ad options tested through A/B testing, it can be seen which ad can increase the number of visitors and sales conversion rates on the website.

8. Using Persuasive Copywriting

Ads displayed to potential customers through a retargeting strategy must have an attractive and persuasive description. Erzedka Friends can apply copywriting with solid, prominent, weighty words, but still contemporary and interesting.

For example, you can apply one type of copywriting, namely "Claim Headlines". Claim Headline uses words that are a bit hyperbolic to show claims for a product. One example is “Erzedka Offers the Best and Cheapest Hosting Service for Your Website”.

9. Determine Ad Placement (Placement Ads)

If Erzedka Friends chooses Facebook Ads as the Retargeting Ads tool, then you can place ads through two options, namely Automatic Placements and Edit Placements. What is recommended is to select the Automatic Placements option.

Meanwhile, if Erzedka  Friends uses Google Ads tools, then you should place an ad at the very top next to the title. This position has the highest level of readability so it is hoped that the percentage of clicks and CTR will increase.

10. Determine Goals or Campaign Objectives

Every business must have a different long-term plan and vision and mission. Likewise with a "Campaign Objective" which cannot be generalized for all types of businesses. Therefore, before carrying out the Retargeting Ads strategy, Erzedka Friends should first determine the goals to be achieved, whether to increase Traffic or Conversions (sales conversions).

If the main purpose of implementing a retargeting strategy is to increase traffic, then the CTA can embed a link that directs the landing page on the website's homepage. However, if the goal to be achieved is to increase conversions, then CTAs can be directed to lead potential customers to the purchase page or product storefront.

11. Monitor Ad Conversion Results

Monitoring and recording all progress and achievements of the Retargeting strategy is very useful for improving future performance. To obtain reports on advertising results, Erzedka Friends can use Google Analytics tools.

Or if you advertise on Facebook Ads, then to track each Ads performance you can do it through the "Measure and Reports" menu.


Retargeting is a strategy for online marketing that is useful in getting back potential customers who have previously known and interacted with our website. The Retargeting Ads Strategy targets potential customers who already know the brand and have interacted with your business website. To implement the Retargeting Ads strategy, Erzedka Friends may choose to use the popular Facebook Ads or Google Ads tools.

If you want to take advantage of Facebook Ads as a Retargeting tool, then you can directly visit the Erzedka page as a Facebook Ads service provider offering very affordable fees. But keep in mind that to be able to run Retargeting optimally, you also have to understand and understand Digital Marketing Metrics to monitor the performance of the ads being run.

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