How to Grow an Online Business in 10 Steps

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Online business is a new opportunity that is developing very fast, especially since it was triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic. As we know, there are lots of home based online business ideas that can be done even with small capital. This of course makes it easier for some people who want to make or earn extra money even from home.

Because starting an online business is not easy, of course we have to learn from those who are experienced. Well, this is just right! This time we will discuss some home online business tips to be successful quickly.

Starting an online business is also not difficult, but it takes consistency and a number of things for a successful online business. Then, how do you start an online business? Of course, you also need to start thinking about making your business successful. Come on, learn online business right now! Check out the following article.

What is Online Business?

Successful Online Business, Follow These 10 Steps!

Online business is a way of promoting or offering goods or services that are carried out using the internet network. For easy understanding, online business is selling or promotion carried out online or using the internet by communicating with each other.

Online media such as websites, blogs, social networks and online stores can be used as digital business drivers. Ordering activities, transactions, payments, confirmations, consultations can now all be done easily online.

This is very different from offline business, where if we want to get goods we have to go to the seller of the goods. Online and offline business activities support each other in an effort to achieve business goals. Online business is a potential business that can be applied to every business. Easy internet access and free online media services can be used by people who want to start an online business.

Online business can be done in various ways, including with Dropship, which means a sales system where the seller or dropshipper only needs to market and sell goods belonging to other parties without the need to buy them first (stocking goods).

With a simple business scheme, the dropship business can also be done anywhere as long as it has an internet network connection. Various products that provide dropshipping sales for their partners include cosmetics, food and beverages, medicines, clothing, and electronics.

In addition, online stores or online shops can also be a way to build an online business. An online store or online shop is basically the same as a store in general because you sell products or services to consumers. The difference is the media used.

To create an online shop, you can take advantage of social media, starting from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp. In addition, there are also leading marketplaces that can be used, such as Shopee, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and

Why Need to Start an Online Business?

For those of you who currently have a business but have not yet switched online, you should move online now. Want to know the reasons why you should start an online business starting today? Come on, see the following reasons!

1. Reaching a Wider Audience

Online business can bring your business to a wider audience. Anyone with an internet connection can view your product or service online. You can get customers from various other cities, even from abroad. However, this still has to be accompanied by the right strategy, such as maximizing the use of social media and search engines.

2. Smaller Relatively Capital

Starting an online business requires relatively lower capital when compared to other businesses. You don't need to rent or buy a place for a shop, you don't need to incur operational costs, if you have a small scale you also don't need to pay employees. 

In fact, to sell certain products, you can become a reseller, meaning you don't need to spend money on production costs.

3. No Time Access Restrictions

In contrast to offline stores, which are limited in opening hours, if you sell online, your online store will be open 24/7. Because online business runs 24 hours, even when you sleep you can take orders.

4. Promotion Made Easier

Promotion for online business is relatively easy. You can use social media, or e-commerce which is growing so rapidly. You can take advantage of social media and e-commerce as a means of promoting your online business for free, or advertise it for free. It all depends on your choice and the budget you have.

5. Practical & Efficient

When running an online business, you only need a smartphone, laptop, and internet connection. You can run your online business anywhere and anytime, without having to worry about many things. You only need time at home when you want to pack the items you want to send to buyers. Currently, expedition services are also very easy to find.

10 Steps to Starting a Successful Online Business

Are you interested in this online business? Now, let's see, the steps you need to pay attention to when you want to start a successful online business!

1. Defining Products or Services

Before starting an online business, it's a good idea to determine what products you want to sell. Currently, everyone can sell a variety of products to be marketed via the internet. If you are just getting into the world of online business, choose products that are easy to market and have a broad target market.

2. Determine the Online Business Platform

After you determine the product, the next step is to choose and determine the appropriate online business platform. It will be very wise to determine which platforms will be used to promote your online business.

That way, you can develop the right strategy for the products to be sold in the online business that is being pursued. Various platforms that can be used include blogs or free sites, buying and selling forums, marketplaces, social media, or websites.

3. Knowing the Target Market

Next, you also have to determine the target market. This is actually quite important to do. Because even though the online business market is very broad, not everyone might want to buy products from you. Because there are so many people who have an online business. Do a direct survey, so you know the field conditions and target market and can determine the appropriate steps.

4. Using Stable Hosting

You can run your website with the free version of hosting, but of course it will be temporary. For those of you who want to do business for a long time and will manage this business well. We recommend that you look for website hosting and rent the service with the premium version, because all the features you need to optimize your business are available on the hosting provider's site.

5. Honest and Attractive Product Photos

Since you sell products online, you should make your product photos as attractive as possible. This is done in order to attract buyers. But still pay attention to honesty and try to photograph the product as it is as the product you have.

6. Give Promotions and Discounts

Providing promotions and discounts is something that is very vital in business. Promoting your business products functions to attract customers to get to know, be interested, and after that make a purchase. Promotion of this business can be done on the website and social media that you have created.

7. Conduct Competitor Research

Getting to know competitors in depth is an important choice that must be made. You can do this competitor research by opening an online marketplace platform, find out as much detail as possible about the advantages and disadvantages of your competitors. 

So you can concoct a strategy to compete with them and maybe even beat them. In research on the online marketplace, you can see what they offer, consumer comments, ratings, and reviews.

8. Setting Revenue Targets

Don't forget you also have to have an income target. You can start from the lowest nominal, but it must be achieved. Because having a target will certainly motivate you to further maximize and develop your business. Making the atmosphere in business more lively and not easily influenced in fighting business competition.

9. Prepare for the Worst Scenario

The worst scenario always has to be prepared in running any business, be it in-person business or even online business. Because running a business also means running a life full of risks.

Therefore, as a precautionary measure, make a business plan or plan that also includes projections for the sustainability of our business, at least for the next year. For example, projections in terms of business income, spending levels, continuation of capital and so on.

10. Be Consistent

People who are successful in business, on average those who do the job consistently. In the beginning, your efforts may not produce the results you expect. This is where you are required to be patient and stay consistent with it. Continue to do routines in a disciplined manner to get the best results so that your business can grow.


So, that was an explanation of how to start a successful online business and also the steps you need to take before starting! Maybe after reading this article it looks easy, but in reality you need more effort to run your business. And you also need to be consistent to create a successful online business.

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