How to Significantly Increase Page Authority of Your Website

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a complex and not easy process. There are many factors that influence and need attention so that search engine optimization can be successful so that web page rankings improve and their visibility increases. A well-optimized web page is expected to appear on the first page and at the top of the search results (SERP) so that it has a greater chance of being clicked and visited.

How do you know if a web page is well optimized? You can use SEO metrics to find out how well a web page has been optimized. One metric that was previously widely used was PageRank (PR) by Google. However, PageRank is no longer available to the public. Another SEO metric that can be used and considered a replacement for PageRank is Page Authority by Moz.

Those of you who have studied SEO for a long time certainly know what Page Authority (PA) is. Page Authority is a score that predicts how well a particular web page will rank in the SERPs. 

Page Authority was developed by Moz and is a score between 1 - 100. Page Authority uses the same data as Domain Authority (DA) with the difference that Page Authority predicts at the page level, while Domain Authority is at the Domain level.

How to check the Page Authority?

How to check the Page Authority?

If you want to check the authority of this page yourself, you can do it with the help of a number of free tools, as follows.

1. Website SEO Checker

Website SEO Checker is a free online tool supported by a page checking feature. This tool itself has a very simple interface, so its use is quite easy to understand.

If you want to check PA using this tool, you only need to enter the URL address of the page you want to check into the analysis column provided. Next, verify "I'm Not a Robot" and wait a few moments until this tool presents the analysis results.

2. Ahrefs Website Authority Checker

Another tool that you can also use to check page authority is Ahrefs Website Authority Checker. This tool made by Ahrefs allows users to check the authority of certain websites or pages instantly.

If you want to use it, you only need to enter the URL address of the page you want to check and click “Check Authority”. Next, this tool will provide information regarding the authority of the page you are checking.

How to Increase Page Authority

Page Authority is a comparative measure, not an absolute measure so it is not correct to say there is a good or bad Page Authority score. A higher Page Authority score gives an idea that the page has more strength or an important link profile compared to others. Thus, Page Authority scores are actually relative.

The Page Authority score has important value for those who optimize web pages to rank better so that their visibility increases, for example bloggers or business people who want to build a coherent system to win the competition. They can do many optimization methods, one of which is by building links, both internal links and backlinks.

There are many factors that determine the ranking of web pages. Every factor taken into account can influence the score. You cannot directly influence the score. However, there are several (5) ways to increase Page Authority significantly:

1. Build links to optimized pages

You can build links to optimized pages through internal links and backlinks. Link building occurs at the page level and this should be your focus. Because Page Authority predicts how well a particular web page will rank in search results (SERP), building direct links to optimized pages is very important.

Every link, whether on the same website (internal link) or on a different website (backlink) is considered a vote for the page being optimized. This vote indicates that the page is important and valuable to other pages. Links can also direct visitor traffic to optimized pages if they come from pages that have lots of visitors. Pages with lots of visitors are a good signal for search engines.

2. Distribute link juice to optimized pages

What is link juice? Link juice or link equity is the SEO value that is passed on or transferred from one web page to another web page. This link juice is one of the factors that can influence the ranking position of a web page in search engine search results (SERP). You can forward or transfer link juice (SEO value) to optimized pages via internal links and backlinks.

So that optimized web pages receive lots of link juice, make sure that internal links and backlinks come from web pages that have a higher Page Authority score, dofollow value and have relevant topics. The relevance of the topic can encourage the strengthening of other signals such as spending longer time on the website, reducing the bounce rate, increasing the number of page views and so on.

3. Create quality content

Content is King. This expression is not wrong. Content is the reason visitors visit a blog or website. Therefore, you need to present quality content to visitors. Content should be an in-depth and comprehensive review of the topic, meaning it covers every angle of the existing topic. Such content can have a better chance of ranking.

Quality content can provide a better user experience. Quality content can also generate natural backlinks because people will willingly use it as a referral. Text content should be in sufficient quantity. Many people try to determine what the ideal word count is so that content can rank better. Some estimate 1200 words, others 1500 words and others 1600 words.

4. Build Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority and Page Authority are two metrics developed by Moz with different emphases. Page Authority predicts ranking at the web page level, while Domain Authority is at the domain level. This applies especially to Page Authority, that when you build overall Domain Authority, Page Authority automatically also increases.

5. Remove malicious links

Spam links and low-quality links can reduce page ranking or authority and even be penalized by Google. Malicious links like these may lead to the page you are optimizing and can damage or render existing quality links useless. 

You can specifically check links with irrelevant anchor text or links from prohibited sites such as gambling sites and others. You can also carry out regular link audits by identifying links using tools such as Meet Link Explorer, Majestik SEO and Google Search Console

To remove a malicious link, contact the webmaster or admin of the website from which the link originates and politely ask for it to be removed or you can use Google's disavow tool to remove the malicious link from your link profile.


In short, Page Authority is a value parameter that reflects the credibility of a page in the eyes of the Google search engine. The higher the authority value a page has, the higher the possibility of that page getting a top ranking on Google SERP.

However, you need to know that PA is not the only factor that influences website page rankings on SERP. There are many other factors that you must optimize to make your website page appear on page one of Google. One of them is the loading speed of website pages.

In order to maximize website page loading speed and maintain its credibility in the eyes of search engines, many webmasters turn to cloud hosting services.

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