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MOZ is one of the tools or tools to help the work of SEO Specialists (SEO Services) or world SEO experts who have lots of users. Apart from MOZ's many features, MOZ can also be used for free. Although, of course the data you can get if you use MOZ for free is less than if you subscribe.

MOZ is designed to increase website visibility in search engines. The main features that are highlighted and become "mainstays" are the link explorer, keyword explorer and also the rank tracker. Apart from that, MOZ software is also able to increase traffic, rankings and website visibility on SERPs if managed properly.

Moz is one of the tools in keyword research and SEO analysis that is usually used by SEO practitioners. This is because this SEO tool offers convenience and complete data that is useful for SEO optimization strategies. For more details regarding this Moz keyword tool, here is the explanation.

What is Moz?

What is Moz?
What is Moz?

Moz is an effective SEO tool designed to increase website visibility in search engines. The main features of this tool are link explorer, keyword explorer, and rank tracker. So, this tool is SEO software that helps you increase traffic, rankings and visibility in search results.

Simply, Moz is a digital platform that provides various SEO tools with the aim of helping businesses increase visibility in search engines.

Founded by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig in 2004, Moz was originally a blog called SEOmoz, then developed into a consulting company. In 2013, SEOmoz rebranded its business to Moz and began to focus on providing SEO services and tools.

Moz offers deep insight into how a website performs in organic search, with a focus on link analysis, keyword research, and site audits.

One of the superior features of this platform is domain authority, a metric developed by Moz to predict how likely a website is to rank in search engines.

What are the benefits of Moz?

Some of the benefits when you choose Moz as an SEO tool for website analysis are:

1. Domain Authority

This SEO tool has Moz's Domain Authority metrics. This means that this metric collects and measures website data from its score and you can use it to compare your website's chances of ranking on SERP with your website competitors.

2. The data provided is complete

The data displayed using the Moz tool collects a lot of data, making it easier to compare many websites that are important for you to study and analyze. The data held by the MOZ tool is considered quite complete. 

With the data displayed by MOZ, it is easy for us to compare our website and competitors' websites. In this way, it will be easier for us to determine future strategies.

This is just a small part of the benefits provided by MOZ. In fact, there are many benefits provided. To find out more about MOZ, below are the main features that you can use for SEO purposes

3. There is a Moz Bar feature

The Moz bar allows you to create regional search profiles so you can see how results will look when searching for data from different regions.

What are the features of Moz?

What are the features of Moz?
Features of Moz

Now that you know some of the benefits of using Moz tools, let's find out what features are in this SEO tool.

1. Link Explorer

The first feature in Moz is the link explorer. This feature is useful for those of you who want to find out more about various data on a link. For example, if a domain link is included in this feature, you will know their various important data, starting from domain authority to data on the amount of incoming traffic.

Apart from that, there is also a spam score feature in Moz. This feature will allow you to find out the spam score that a website link has. If the link you are trying to search for information on in the link explorer has a large score, this indicates that the level of spam on the website is quite large.

Link explorer is a feature for analyzing links on a website. The data obtained when using this feature is such as the domain authority of a website link, how many linking domains, inbound links, and ranking keywords.

Domain authority is a feature of how to assess the authority of a website by checking the total number of website pages. So it's not just individual pages. So the more quality links on a website, the higher the value.

For example, if website A has a domain authority of 67, then what you need to do is check with websites B, C, D, etc., namely as competitor domains, so that you can compare which score is bigger.

Then now on linking domains.

Domain linking is a quick and easy way to compare your website with your competitors. What can be compared here is the number of top pages on a website.

Now in the top pages metric, you can see which website pages have the most page authority.

So if you want to see what type of content your competitors have successfully implemented (backlinks), this top pages feature will be very helpful.

Apart from that, Moz's Link Explorer also provides a "spam score" feature. Spam score is a feature to find out how much spam links on a website are worth. So a website that has a large spam score means that the website has a lot of spam links.

2. Fresh Web Explorer

Fresh Web Explorer is basically a tool for monitoring or monitoring tools for mentions of a brand. So Fresh Web Explorer can be useful for content promotion and link building.

3. Keyword Explorer

Keyword explorer functions as a tool that can be used to research search keywords. Then in this keyword explorer you also have the potential to find new keyword ideas that can be used to add keywords to your website.

In this keyword explorer feature, you can see:

  • Monthly volume is how large the search volume for that keyword is in a monthly period
  • Keyword difficulty is how much competition the keyword has with competitors who have used the keyword
  • Organic CTR is how big the CTR is for that keyword
  • Priority Score is a score that shows the combination of search volume, Organic CTR, and competition.

4. Site Crawl

Site crawl is a feature that is different from previous features. Whereas the previous feature was still related to basic SEO, this site crawl feature has led to technical SEO. With this feature, Moz can identify whether there are problems or not in terms of technical SEO on the website.

This feature also allows you to find out which content you feel is not optimal according to Google standards, such as too few words, duplicate content, and slow websites that can be identified using this feature.

So site crawl displays reports such as “content issues” where you can find out about content that has little content, duplicate content or content that has slow page loading.

5. Rank Tracker

Rank tracker is a feature on Moz that makes it easy for you to see your ranking on Google. Apart from that, it can also provide reports in the form of keyword positions in increasing or decreasing positions. Then there is also "search visibility" which is an estimate of how many clicks the keyword ranking position will get.

Almost the same as other SEO tools, Moz also has a feature to track the ranking of websites or website pages in Google search engine search results. This feature will be very useful for finding out whether the content or website pages you create have been well optimized or not.

Apart from that, by using this feature you will also know whether the SEO strategy you are implementing is optimal or effective for your website or not. Where if your website has not produced maximum results as expected, that means you need to overhaul your SEO strategy again.

6. Page Optimization

Another feature that Moz has is page optimization. This feature will be useful for those of you who want to optimize a page on a website. By using this feature, you will find out a score to indicate how well the page is optimized for the targeted keywords. The higher the score obtained when optimizing using this feature, the better the page.

Using this feature will indirectly contribute to increasing the ranking of the page or even the website. So this will also affect the traffic you will get. 

Page Optimization is a feature provided by this SEO tool to optimize a desired page. In this page optimization, you can find out the "page score" which is an estimated score in estimating how well the page is optimized for specific keywords. For example, when you analyze a page for optimization such as "SEO tips", you will get a score.

7. MozBar

Mozbar is a chrome extension that displays data such as domain authority and page authority in the SERP. MozBar is available in free and paid features. However, in free features, of course the data displayed is not as detailed as in paid features.

Then Mozbar also provides complete data regarding links and on-page SEO metrics.

8. Insights

Insights is a to-do list that you can do to improve SEO on your website. This can give you an idea of what steps you can learn and apply to your website.

With insights, you can increase organic traffic on your website by following the priority list displayed in this feature.

9. Moz Pro Campaigns

Campaigns can pull all data from Moz accounts into the dashboard. This can help you manage SEO for many different clients so you can monitor their SEO performance.

10. Moz Pro Pricing

This SEO tool has different paid packages that are tailored to the features the user gets. The package consists of:

  • Standard plan costs $99/month
  • Medium plan costs $179/month
  • Large plan costs $249/month
  • Premium plan costs $999/month

For more details, you can see the list of packages and their superior features in Moz Pro Pricing.


Moz is a useful tool for you to use as a tool for SEO analysis on your website and competitors' websites. This is in line with the benefits and features presented in this article which are useful for you to use.

After knowing various information about Moz, starting from the meaning, benefits and features in it, you should already understand how much this tool will contribute to website performance in the future. For this reason, if you want to improve website performance through SEO strategies, we recommend that you try using Moz directly. Hope it is useful…

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