Digital Marketing Trends You Can Apply in 2024

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Digital Marketing Trends You Can Apply in 2023

Digital marketing trends are always changing along with the changing algorithms for each marketing channel or tool. Likewise in 2024, changes in digital marketing trends are adjusted to the post-pandemic market behavior situation.

Therefore, as someone who works in the digital marketing field, you must follow the latest trends to be able to develop a more measurable company marketing strategy.

Of course, the marketing strategy or campaign that is carried out will be effective when you plan digital marketing concepts that are relevant to current marketing trends. Intrigued by digital marketing trends in 2024? Check out this article to the end, ok!

Digital Marketing Trends in 2024

In 2024, the development of digital marketing trends is quite varied, both in social media and in the use of various tools for marketing. Most recently, ChatGPT had made a splash because of its ability to provide comprehensive enough copy to support a brand's marketing strategy.

Here are eight digital marketing trends in 2024 that can help you optimize your marketing strategy.

1. AI Tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a set of artificial intelligence tools that are currently trending and are used to create content for various purposes. AI has the ability to complete user requests in a short time with sufficiently detailed information coverage. Therefore, AI is widely relied on in various sectors of business activity.

Digital marketing also participates in taking advantage of this trend of using AI tools. Like to find ideas, write content, and make copywriting. Some of the AI tools that are widely used for digital marketing purposes are ChatGPT, Jasper.AI, and Copy.AI.

However, as a Digital Marketer, you should not rely entirely on AI tools in producing promotional content. Because, content created by AI allows it to be detected as spam on Google. You can make these AI tools a brainstorm media for marketing ideas that you will do. So that later you can create quality content that is relevant to your target market.

2. User Generated Content

User generated content is content created by users as consumers of products from the company where you work. This marketing trend utilizes users to create content about products and later post them on the company's social media.

You can ask users to create content that reviews and tells about experiences and when using products from your company. The form of content created can be in the form of video product reviews directly from the user or in the form of writing that is published on the website.

The goal is to provide concrete evidence and testimonials that the product is useful and has guaranteed quality, which can be seen from the satisfaction of users who create content. This will certainly increase public awareness of the product being promoted and strengthen the brand reputation that you have.

3. Youth-Centered Marketing

Youth-centered marketing is a marketing trend targeting the younger generation. Promotional content created specifically targeted at young people in the age range of 15-25 years. You can carry out this digital marketing trend by producing content, campaigns, and promotions that are relevant and according to the tastes of Gen Z. 

For example, soft selling content is in the form of experiences or daily stories by inserting product promotions. Keep in mind, that usually Gen Z doesn't really like hard selling content or that clearly states that you're advertising a product.

4. Audio-First Marketing

The podcast trend that is currently mushrooming is also an opportunity for you to create content for digital marketing. Social media users also like unique audio or sound content that can make your promotional content even more interesting. 

For example, on the TikTok platform, you can find that the sound on the video has a big impact on attracting user attention. When carrying out this audio-first marketing trend, make sure the voice you use has a friendly tone and intonation so that it can be fun and attract user sympathy for the content you are producing.

5. Interactive Marketing

Interactive marketing is a digital marketing trend that implements and provides interaction services with potential users. One of the places to implement this interaction is the website page. You can develop websites that have interactive features that can help users. The goal is to help answer all user problems and questions regarding the product you are promoting.

For example, if you sell fashion products, provide features that make it easier for users to find out the right size for clothes. That is, with a direct calculator that matches the user's weight and height to determine the size of the clothes to be purchased.

6. Email Marketing Personalization and Automation

You can apply the trend of personalizing email marketing to reach users based on previously collected data. Later, based on user activity on the internet, you can send emails automatically about your product.

You can apply this email personalization with the aim of getting users closer to your business. For example, by mentioning the username directly in the opening sentence. Then, provide a description of the problems and solutions you offer with the products you have.

7. Short Video Content

The increase in TikTok users and the reels feature on Instagram prove that internet users are in demand for content in the form of short videos.

For that, you can take advantage of the short video content trend to promote your company's products. Make sure, in this short video content you can explore creative and interesting content ideas to increase your social media insights.

8. Highlight Brand Values

You can immediately highlight the brand value of the product to be promoted. This aims to attract the attention of the user by directly showing the virtues of the product. For example, when promoting skincare products, you can immediately highlight that the brand supports differences by presenting skincare products for men and women that are suitable for all skin types. 


So, digital marketing trends that you can run in 2024 focus on content that is relevant to user needs. And as a Digital Marketer, you have to consider the types of trends that will be used in designing digital marketing strategies.

How? Are you still confused about determining the right type of trend for the digital marketing strategy of the company where you work? Or are you still confused about determining the right promotional content to attract users?

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