The 14+ Best AI Marketing Tools to Help Marketing Tasks

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AI for Marketing is a marketing strategy that utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology which automatically collects data, analyzes and processes it for marketing purposes. Previously, these tasks were done manually, which took up a lot of marketing time.

Quoting from PR newswire that around 63% of marketers stated that they spend time on tasks that can be automated. For example, some respondents spend up to 25 hours a month compiling reports.

Based on these facts, it shows that the presence of AI technology is very important for business needs. Apart from increasing productivity, AI technology also helps analyze consumer needs which makes it easier to create more efficient marketing strategies.

What's the best AI for marketing?

What's the best AI for marketing?
Best AI Marketing Tools

The capabilities of these AI tools help businesses run effective marketing campaigns. Therefore, we recommend the 15 best AI marketing tools that you can use. Come on, find the best choice in the following article.

1. Flick

Flick is an AI marketing tool that produces different content concepts. This tool has the ability to create custom text, and convert long content into easier-to-understand pieces.

The Flick app was developed specifically for social media offering 24/7 support with an easy setup process. This tool has helped marketing teams save time, improve results, and increase engagement on social media.

Flick app subscription prices start at $10 per month.

2. is an AI tool that helps automate outreach efforts via email. This AI tool for marketing can generate personalized emails, including personal subject lines to attract customer interest.

Additionally, also allows integration with other tools and platforms. This capability helps businesses expand their target customer reach via email efficiently.

3. GrowthBar

GrowthBar leverages GPT-3 artificial intelligence to automate the content creation process. GPT-3 is an artificial intelligence technology that successfully passed the Turing Test, which ensures that written copy will sound authentically similar to human writing.

GrowthBar can provide keyword suggestions, exact word count, links, images, and many other elements. This online AI marketing tool also has the ability to generate extensive backlinks and helps in creating content outlines for blog posts.

4. InstaText

InstaText is an AI tool that provides basic functions such as checking spelling, grammar, rewriting sentences to make them better read. The advantage of this marketing tool is that it can ensure that the writer's tone and style are maintained even if the sentences are rewritten.

Another interesting feature of InstaText is its ability to maintain multiple predefined keywords. When you use this program, this online AI marketing tool will retain these keywords without changing them, thereby saving time in the copy editing process.


The 14+ Best AI Marketing Tools to Help Marketing Tasks is a platform that has Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist in content writing. This platform provides various features and tools to help users produce creative, interesting and effective texts.

With, users can generate text for various purposes, such as advertising writing, blog content, product descriptions, titles, social media text, and more. This platform uses AI technology to generate text based on input provided by the user.

Copy AI provides a free plan. However, for paid services, a Pro plan package is available starting from $36 per month.

6. Mekari Qontak

Mekari Qontak offers the best AI chatbot in Indonesia. Mekari Qontak chatbot is able to reply to customer messages automatically, including sending promotional messages to many numbers at once.

Apart from that, Mekari Qontak also has the best omnichannel application that connects popular applications (Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and others). This integration maximizes chatbot functionality that can be used across channels.

7. Acrolinx

Acrolinx is an online AI marketing tool for improving content quality to match brand image. Using this software, you can set the style, tone, grammar, and even add custom words to suit your company.

Through its artificial intelligence, Acrolinx will analyze content and provide suggestions to improve it. Thus, this marketing tool helps ensure that your marketing content reflects the company brand well.

8. is a platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) for sales analysis and training. The platform allows users to record and upload recordings of their sales calls, both audio and video. The platform also uses AI algorithms to analyze the content of these calls, identify patterns, and provide insights into sales performance.

Additionally, also provides in-depth data analysis, including sales trends, lead trends, and developments in the sales cycle. This helps the sales team understand the patterns that influence sales success and take appropriate action to improve sales results.

9. ChurnZero

The 14+ Best AI Marketing Tools to Help Marketing Tasks

ChurnZero is a generative AI platform for generating on-demand content in minutes. These online marketing AI tools can create call scripts or ideation strategies to facilitate interactions with customers, meet their needs, and drive long-term retention.

With the help of ChurnZero, you can also create training documents, internal messages, meeting summaries, and so on. The price of using ChurnZero can be up to $12,000 per year and is better suited to customers from mid-level to enterprise.

10. Optimov

Optimove is an AI-based marketing tool that focuses on customer data. This platform helps businesses collect data from various platforms and present it in a single dashboard. With Optimove, businesses can analyze data, share information, and make strategic marketing decisions easily.

Optimove can provide actionable insights based on customer data analysis. For example, optimove can suggest campaigns that should be canceled based on the harm they cause, or alert a business to customers who may be too receptive to company communications.

11. MarketMuse

MarketMuse is an AI marketing tool that helps users create high-quality, SEO-optimized content. This allows businesses to produce relevant, engaging and effective content to achieve their marketing goals.

Initially, AI technology will research in depth on a topic. Based on this topic, the business marketing AI tool will generate a first draft to help users start writing content. The draft also includes KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and a content summary as a guide.

12. Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense is an artificial intelligence (AI) based email marketing campaign tool. With this personalized service, users can engage with their audience better, as they can ensure that emails will be opened at the most optimal times.

Seventh Sense is able to send messages at the most effective time for each customer. With improved email deliverability and a better understanding of customer behavior, businesses can increase the success of their marketing campaigns.

13. CHatGP

Chat GPT is a GPT-3.5 natural language model developed by OpenAI. GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a deep learning model that is trained on various texts on the internet to understand and generate text naturally.

ChatGPT is specifically designed to interact with users through text-based conversations. This model is able to understand questions, answer questions, provide explanations, and discuss various topics. This model is also able to understand context and pay attention to information that users provide in conversations.

14. SurferSEO

Surfer is an SEO tool that functions to increase your site's ranking in search engines. This marketing tool starts operating after you enter your chosen keywords into the content editor. In no time, this tool will analyze existing articles on your chosen topic.

Surfer also has a content score feature that measures the quality of your articles. You can see the content scores for articles that rank highly and work to improve them.

Additionally, the platform has an AI growth management feature that regularly analyzes your website and provides weekly suggestions on improvements that need to be made. Surfer's basic plan is available for prices starting at $49 per month.

15. Phrasee

Phrasee is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool focused on “brand language optimization”. This marketing platform uses artificial intelligence to improve the company's use of communication styles in each of their responses.

Phrasee can generate copy for various types of communication such as email, Instagram, Facebook, and push notifications. The result is copy that sounds human, on-brand, and effective in achieving marketing goals.


These are the best AI marketing tools that you can use for company marketing activities. Of course, each application has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, it would be better if you had an application that suits your company's needs.

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