How to Check Your Website Ranking on Google

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Nowadays, of course, everyone wants their website to have a good ranking on the Google search engine. It is common knowledge that having a good website ranking, especially for keywords with very high traffic numbers, will make your brand more recognized, the amount of traffic will increase and can lead to increased revenue.

You need to do optimization to get a good website ranking. But after doing optimization, how do you find out the ranking of the website?

If you want to know how to see how your page ranks on Google, this article is perfect for you and we recommend reading it all the way to the end. On this occasion, we will discuss what tools can be used to see website rankings along with a guide on how to find out article rankings on Google. Happy reading.

Why is Google Ranking Important?

How to Find Out Website Article Ranking on Google

Ranking first on the Google search engine is not an easy thing to get, especially since the targeted keywords have many competitors. The way that you can get first rank on Google is by optimizing websites such as on page optimization, building backlinks and so on.

So, before you optimize your website, you need to know in advance the ranking of the page or article you want to optimize. The goal is so that you can see whether the optimization that has been carried out has a good impact or not. This is important so you can find out what strategy to use next. 

Generally, many people manually check website rankings by writing keywords on Google and searching for them. It is a method that is less effective, inaccurate and tiring because it takes a lot of time.

Therefore, here are some tools that you can use to make it easier to find out your website's ranking on Google.

Which is the Best Tool to Check Website Ranking?

The following provides several tools that you can use to determine website rankings on Google, ranging from free to paid.

1. SERP Robot

SERPRobot is a free website-based tool that functions to analyze SERP or is called Google search results. You can use this tool to find out page rankings based on the keywords you enter with accurate results.

You can specify a specific location for the search results. Here's how to use SERPRobot:

  • First enter the SERPRobot website
  • Then determine the “Region” or target audience for your website.
  • After that enter your website domain name.
  • Enter the keywords you want to analyze (maximum 10 keywords)
  • Press the "Check SERP Now" button at the very bottom

How to Find Out Website Article Ranking on Google

After pressing the Check SERP Now button, you will see on the right side of your website's ranking page along with the top 10 websites according to the keywords entered.

2. What's My SERP

How to Find Out Website Article Ranking on Google

What's My SERP is a free tool and almost the same as the previous tools that we discussed. You only need to enter your domain, then enter the keywords you want to analyze up to 10 then press the Check All button. After that, your website ranking will appear based on the keywords entered

3. SERP Checker

SERPChecker is a tool for monitoring search results which can be considered quite complete compared to other tools. You can use these tools for free but with limited features. 

You can only do analysis 5 times per 1 day. The way to use it is that you first register SERPChecker.

How to Find Out Website Article Ranking on Google
After that verify your email..

You can choose SERPChecker tools to analyze keyword search results. But you can also use SERPWatcher to find out website rankings.

Choose according to your wishes and needs.

You only need to enter the password along with the location and the device. After that press the Analyze SERP button. The result will look like below.

How to Find Out Website Article Ranking on Google

You can also make comparisons with competitors by entering the name of the competitor's website at the bottom and clicking Compare.

4. GoogleSearchConsole

How to Find Out Website Article Ranking on Google

Google Search Console is a free tool provided by Google to help website owners find out website performance in search results. Apart from that, these tools can also help you find out if there are errors on your website and optimize based on the data.

Even though many have installed these tools, it turns out that there are still many who have not been able to maximize these tools. You also need to know that with Google Search Console you can see the position of your website or page on Google or you can also find out which pages entered for certain keywords.

5. Ahrefs

How to Find Out Website Article Ranking on Google

Ahrefs is a paid SEO tool that is quite widely used by companies and people in the marketing world. This tool has a display that is user friendly or easy to understand even by new users.

You can use these tools to get all the data you want regarding SEO, SEM, social media and others about marketing. You can find out the page rank for certain keywords, you can see the number of searches, keyword density, and much more.

6. SEMRush

SEMrush is a paid tool that is similar to Ahrefs with its function, namely viewing accurate data about SEO, SEM, social media, brand monitoring, what content is recommended to write, website ranking, backlink analysis and many other features offered.

What are the Benefits of Search Ranking?

What are the Benefits of Search Ranking

Ranking high on Google search results can bring several benefits for your website and business:

1. Increased Visibility

Ranking high on Google means your website is more likely to appear on the first page of search results. This increased visibility exposes your brand to a larger audience, increasing the chances of attracting organic traffic and potential customers.

2. More Organic Traffic

Higher rankings lead to more organic traffic to your website. Users tend to click on the top search results, so appearing in those positions can significantly increase the number of visitors to your site.

3. Credibility and Trust

Ranking high on Google lends credibility and trust to your brand. Users often perceive websites on the first page of search results as more reputable and trustworthy, which can positively influence their perception of your business.

4. Competitive Advantage

Outranking your competitors on Google positions you as a leader in your industry. Being prominently displayed in search results can give you a competitive edge, attracting customers who are actively searching for products or services similar to what you offer.

5. Increased Brand Awareness

When your website consistently appears at the top of search results, it enhances brand visibility and awareness. Users who repeatedly see your brand listed are more likely to remember and recognize it, leading to potential brand loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.

6. Higher Conversion Rates

Ranking high on Google for relevant keywords increases the likelihood of attracting highly targeted traffic to your website. These visitors are more likely to convert into leads, subscribers, or customers, resulting in higher conversion rates and improved business outcomes.

7. Cost-Effective Marketing

Organic search rankings are earned through SEO efforts and do not involve direct advertising costs. While SEO requires time and effort, achieving high rankings on Google can provide long-term and cost-effective visibility and traffic compared to paid advertising.

8. Long-Term Results

Unlike paid advertising campaigns that stop once you stop paying, ranking high on Google can provide ongoing benefits. If you maintain your SEO efforts, you can enjoy sustained visibility and traffic over an extended period, providing a consistent stream of potential customers.

It's important to note that achieving and maintaining high rankings on Google requires continuous SEO efforts, adapting to algorithm updates, and staying ahead of your competition. Monitoring your website's performance, optimizing your content, and maintaining a user-focused approach are essential for reaping the benefits of ranking high on Google.

How do I Find the Rank of an Article on Google?

First you enter the Google Search Console website. Select the Performance tab, then select New-Page. Enter the URL of the article or page you want to analyze.

How to Find Out Website Article Ranking on Google

After that, the average position of the article on Google will appear for all the keywords that appear.

How to Find Out Website Article Ranking on Google

But if you want to see the ranking of website pages for 1 keyword, you can add a query by clicking New-Query. Enter the keywords you want to analyze. Then the page ranking will appear for the keywords entered.

How to use GSC for SEO?

How to use GSC for SEO

Apart from understanding the basic concepts of GSC, you also need to practice directly so you can monitor the performance and optimize your website. In this guide, we will explain how to use Google Search Console. Pay attention and follow these steps:

1. Adding a Site to GSC

The most important thing is that you have to add the site to GSC. To complete this action, you need to log in using email to the Google Search Console page. After successfully logging in, click the "Add property" option, then you will be asked to enter the domain address in the field provided.

Next, you need to verify the domain. Here are 4 ways to verify your site on Google Search Console:

  • HTML File: You can choose the HTML File verification method via GSC, then download the file by clicking the file in the download the file section. The next step is to upload the HTML file to your domain then return to the GSC page and click Verify.
  • TXT Record: You need to add a special TXT Record to your domain settings to verify the website.
  • HTML Tag: Select the HTML tag verification method in GSC, then copy the tag's HTML code snippet into the <head> tag of your site's page code.
  • Google Analytics Tracking Code: You can also verify with Google Analytics. The steps are quite easy, open Google Analytics then select the Property Settings menu. Then click Tracking Info and copy and paste your tracking code into the <head> tag of your website.

2. Set Target Country

You can set which countries you target to instruct Google to display your site in search results in the countries you choose. The way to use Google Search Console to set the target country is to select the Legacy tools and reports menu, then click the International Targeting sub-menu and open the Country tab.

Next, determine which country is your target market. Setting target countries aims to help Google better understand your main target audience. However, your site may appear in other countries' search results if it is still relevant to the user's search query.

3. Connecting GSC and Google Analytics

The way to connect GSC and Google Analytics is by pressing the Admin menu on the Google Analytics dashboard, then selecting Property Settings then pressing the "Adjust Search Console" button.

Google Analytics will direct you to the Google Search Console page along with the entire list of websites that you have monitored. Select one of the websites you want to connect with Google Analytics, then press the "Save" button and Google Analytics will be connected to your GSC account.

4. Added Sitemap

The larger the size of the website, the more pages and content it has. Large websites usually have more than 100 web pages. If your site is a large website, of course you need to add a sitemap to Google to make the crawling and indexing process easier.

5. Performing Request Indexing

With Google Search Console, you can also make indexing requests. The method is quite easy, click the URL inspection menu then enter the URL address of the web page you want to index. After that, GSC will display detailed information on whether the URL you entered has been indexed or not.

If the URL you entered has not been indexed, you can send a re-indexing request by pressing the "Request Indexing" option.


So, that was the discussion about tools for checking website rankings and how to find out article rankings on Google.

While you are analyzing your website's page rank on Google, it's a good idea to continue to optimize your website. An important factor that is often overlooked when optimizing is website speed. So make sure your website has a fast page load, one of which is by using quality hosting.

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